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Boxcover for Return to the Hotel
Return to the Hotel 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Will Clark, Peter Wilder, David Thompson, Vince Bandero, David Pierre, Brad Davis, Jordan Austin, Crawford, Michael, Thom Southern
Studio: Vivid Man

Release date: 2/15/2002
Return to the Hotel reviews:
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This film is a sequel to the earlier "The Hotel". The hotel is a place somewhat like Brigadoon that appears and disappears. It is a place where one can fulfill one's sexual fantasies. "The Return" finds humpy Michael Crawford in an asylum. He was found wandering about in the desert nude and appears to be in a state of shock. He has lost his lover Paul at the hotel. His psychiatrist Thom Southern has an erotic dream about Michael in which he makes passionate love to him. (Foot lovers will be ecstastic to see the way he sucks on Michaels toes.) The plot now kind of goes fuzzy, but the sex remains top of the line. There is a hot sauna scene with Vince Bandero topping the director, David Thompson. A bondage scene with Michael. A hot threesome with David Pierre, Jordan Austin, and Brad Davis in which David gets a champagne bottle inserted into his rectum and Brad gets double-fucked by Jordan and David. The final scene with Thom Southern and Will Clark cannot hope to keep up with the preceeding, but they go at it like Bulls in heat.
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Return to the Hotel By Vivid Man Staring Michael Crawford Will Clark Vince Bandero Thom Southern Peter Wilder David Pierre David Thompson Jordan Austin Brad Davis & Alex Nixx Highlights *A Champagne Bottle Foot/Toe Sucking Light Bondage A Daisy Chain Dildos A Threesome     When this arrived in the mailbox my first thoughts were something along the lines of..."Hmm, a gay flick eh? Sure, I'll review it. :-) I have to say I really enjoyed this one. The sets were minimalist to the extreme, the props pathetic and the acting not worth mentioning but WoW, the sex made it all O.K. The Run Down -Return to the Hotel by Vivid Man -100 Gay, man on man action.
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Boxcover for Full Up
Full Up 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Vince Bandero, Rex Ruben, David Pierre, Blake Harper, Brad Davis, David Bradley, Nicholas Clay, Marc Stewart
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 11/30/2001
Full Up reviews:
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The Details Title: Full Up! Studio: Jocks/Falcon Director(s): Chi Chi LaRue Videographer(s): Max Phillips Editor(s): Delta Productions Cast: Spike, David Bradley, Marc Stewart, Blake Harper, Nicholas Clay, Peter Wilder, David Pierre, Brad Davis, & Vince Bandero Date of Production: December 9, 1998 Running Time (h:mm:ss): 1:29:31 (4 chapters: 1:21, 22:38, 42:01, 60:04) Extras: n/a (Not even so much as a PREVIEW!) Packaging: Nicholas Clay on the cover with a layout of several of the stars in the film on the back. The Story David Pierre introduces us to the INNdulge in Palm Springs and let's us know about the action that goes on around the place. Each scene has a basic story around it that he shares. "You Shouldve Been Here Last Night (Nicholas Clay & Brad Davis) Seeing Nicholas Clay on the cover of the DVD, I had anticipated this scene to be really hot. He looks so fine on the cover, and I just could only imagine how he would be on screen.
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Boxcover for Iron Will
Iron Will 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David Pierre, Jason Branch, Scott Matthews, Marcus Iron, Chip Noll, Billy Kincaid, Trace Hansen, Marc Nemeth
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 8/14/2001
Iron Will reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Jeff Russell Cast: Marcus Iron, Jake Andrews, Jason Branch, Billy Kincaid, Chip Noll, Mark Nemeth, Scott Matthews, Trace Hansen, David Pierre Story: Iron Will doesn't have any story connecting it's scenes, though I've read in other reviews that it has a older-guy paired with a younger-guy theme. I can kind of see where they're coming from... The age difference between the guys in scenes 2 and 4 is fairly apparent. No so much in the other two scenes, though. Scene One Starring: Jason Branch, Scott Matthews, Jake Andrews Scene 1 starts out with just Jason and Jake, two guys I really adore: Jason for his rugged good looks, and Jake for his extra thick cock. After a little sucking action, Scott joins the party (though, I would have been just as happy had this scene starred only Jason and Jake). In a nice twist, everyone ends up bottoming in this scene. Jake fucks Scott, Scott fucks Jason, and finally Jason fucks Jake.
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Boxcover for Jock Strap
Jock Strap 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Scott Davis, Paul Carrigan, Johnny Thrust, James Perry, Doug Jeffries, Zach Richards, David Pierre, Brian Anger
Studio: Vivid

Release date: 5/1/2001
Jock Strap reviews:
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As a rule, I generally ignore Vivid releases. After all the Vivid compilations Ive seen in my day, Ive come to the realization that they generally dont have much that Im interested in. Sure, every now and then theyll have a good scene, but that seems to be the exception to the rule. That being said, it looks like Vivid found out what it would take to get me to buy another Vivid flick. Jockstraps! How could I pass up a movie called Jockstrap? Not only that, but one of the special features promised on the back of the DVD is called VR Technology experience the Virtual Reality World. That sure sounds cool! So I was actually pretty excited to get my grubby little hands of this flick. Disappointment #1: There is only 1 jockstrap in this movie! Disappointment #2: There are no football uniforms in this movie! The guys may be wearing football pants on the cover, but they sure arent wearing anything like that in the movie! Disappointment #3: There is no lockerroom scene! All the sex happens outdoors.
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Boxcover for Beach Patrol (IMD)
Beach Patrol (IMD) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Seth Black, Scott Davis, Alex Wilcox, David Pierre, Nick Steel, Ethan Marc, Christopher Young
Studio: IMD

Release date: 5/18/2000
Beach Patrol (IMD) reviews:
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I was totally caught off guard with this one, I mean I havent seen that many good porns on dvd, so I didnt expect to find such a treasure! This beach is hot!Overall the production values, actors, and sex are great! The story wasnt half-bad either except the very end character called"pimp daddy" was pretty stupid-but so goes the porn. Its basically the story of three beach patrol cops on bikes that get scammed into some steamy sex by some street hustlers. Scott Davis, David Pierre and Alex Wilcox are the cops. Id like to lie on this beach!The first scene involved David taking a young guy, Chris Young back to his place to make sure hes ok after he is accosted. Davids French accent and hard cock were a big turn on and Chris Young is a nice cute twink covered with tattoos. Chris opens up his ass for David and the sex is pretty hot!The next couple of scenes involve Scott and Alex and they are hot as well. All the actors really seem to be enjoying the partners they are with and its quite enjoyable.
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Boxcover for Exhibition (Channel 1)
Exhibition (Channel 1) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David Thompson, Logan Reed, Johnny James, David Pierre, Damian Ford, Blake Harper, Sandy Sloan, Michael Crawford, Tuck Johnson, Austin Reeves, Tony Serrano
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Drew Warner
Release date: 4/24/2000
Exhibition (Channel 1) reviews:
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Exhibition has to be one of my top ten dvds, besides the great sex, hot men, and overall high production values it also includes the most extras Ive seen on an adult film thus far.The extras include 4 previews, a model gallery; which consists of various slides of the actors, cast slide show, movie gallery-slides of various scenes in the film, and behind the scenes stills.The basic premise of the film is that it takes place during a photography gallery opening and as the guest mill about we are shown various photographs which "come to life". All of the guys are fairly exceptional and well endowed and the sex is extremely good. Whether its Blake Harper shooting his load all over Michael Crawfords balls or an awesome 3-way featuring Sandy Sloan, Tuck Johnson and Tony Serrano. This scene is especially hot when they make a daisy chain or Sandy is taking two cocks at once in his mouth.
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