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David Perry scene in Rio Loco
Has anyone seen the Chris Streams orgy movie Rio Loco?I saw it this week and was so surprised by one moment in the movie where a girl stroked David Perry's cock with her feet and then he came all over her feet and after that she kept stroking him with them and then David came in real extasy: his whole body was shaking!I have never seen such a thing ...
David Perry looked very old in Angel Perverse 12.
Great movie especially the first scene with Sasha Rose but David Perry looked like he was pretending to be tough in the third scene.Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Sep 22 2009
David Perry - name the scene
I am on a very difficult mission. I am looking for a certain porn movie which had a scene starring David Perry and two girls. There's not much to go on with, but here are the facts if someone can help:- A scene starring David Perry and two unknown girls (standard blonde and taller brunette with curly big hair). Doing a lot of searching I noticed Da ...
David Perry
Just wondering about David Perry, he doesn't seem to have a wiki page or any other bio that I can find online. To cut a long story short, I used to spend a lot of time in France in the early-mid nineties, and remember him from many anal euro magazines of the time,(some of these sets can still be found online)in which the girls ALWAYS had high heels ...
David Perry shooting for Private now?
It's an old habit, but I still from time to time check the Private catalogue. There I spotted long released Eurobabes take it to the Extreme. I already read howies review (thanx!) makeing me to shy away to avoid the worst, but I'd like to know wheter somebody else watched this flick. The cast looks quite fine, IMO. But I dont want to invest my ...
Please ID this scene with Lucy and David Perry
Here's the link to the scene It's first one on that page. Also if you know anything else about this Lucy I would appreciate if you would tell it. Does she have any second or other name?
How tall is David Perry ?
Does anyone know ? He starred in so many flicks and this crazy Frenchman seems rather small compared to some of the girls. Unfortunately I could find no site with any reliable info.
David Perry - this guy is a GOD!
Just seen the scene in ACADEMY, where DPERRY does 4 (yes 4, at the same time!) babes in the ASS!!!!! Is this guy powerful or what!!
David Perry To Direct For Zero Tolerance
ASSES OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH THE GAPER MAKER GAPER MAKER NEW SERIES FROM DAVID PERRY February 3,2004-Chatsworth, CA- Zero Tolerance Entertainment announced an exclusive directorial deal with popular European adult star David Perry. Perry best known for his work with Private Media, will direct a new series entitled Gaper Maker for Zero Tole ...