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Boxcover for Double Your Pleasure (CalVista)
Double Your Pleasure (CalVista) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels, Bobby Astyr, David Morris, Dave Ruby, Rikki O'Neal, Herschel Savage, Jill Monroe, Ron Hudd, Jake Teague, Carter Stevens, Roger Caine, Taylor Young, Brooke Young, D. Hartman, J. Hartman, Stephine Peterson, Lisa LaGiuffria
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Carter Stevens
Release date: 11/18/2008
Double Your Pleasure (CalVista) reviews:
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"Double Your Pleasure" is a DVD re-release of the notorious late-70s title of the same name. What makes this film controversial is that it is one of the few offerings available in which true, identical twin sisters engage in a sex act with each other (they partake in an actual, incestuous act). The twins in this case are the Young twins, Brooke and Taylor, who also appeared in another film together, "Teenage Twins". The plot here revolves around the twins, their uncle (who believes that they may have stolen money from him before running away), a private investigator (who is tasked with following the twins), and a number of other characters that they encounter along the way. This is a 70s porno, so there are no condoms involved, but there is plenty of bush to go around. The scenes tend to be shorter, and the plot tends to be heavier than in most modern adult films. If you are looking for a decent 70s flick, or are interested in the novelty of twin-sex, then this film is for you.
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Boxcover for Breaker Beauties
Breaker Beauties 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Vanessa Del Rio, Bobby Astyr, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Wade Nichols, Crystal Sync, David Pierce, Jean Dalton, Don Peterson, Rocky Millstone, Alexandria Cass, Julie Hopkins, Victoria Corsaut, Sandra Rocket, Jeffrey Ian Mellar
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Steven Barry
Release date: 7/25/2006
Breaker Beauties reviews:
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Much to his wife's (Alexandria Cass') dismay, a new-to-the-road trucker (R. "Big Bear" Bolla) finds himself unable to perform sexually unless he's thinking or talking about trucking. Indeed, while "Big Bear" is a huge stud on the road and at the local hangout (the "Trucker's Haven"), he's a total dud at home. Such is the case in "Breaker Beauties", an overall-good, 1977 release from Steven Barry and Alpha Blue.
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Boxcover for American Desire
American Desire 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mai Lin, Veronica Hart, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, George Payne, Lisa Thatcher, Candice Daly, Jake Teague, Alan Clement, Ray Stuart
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Lasse Braun
Release date: 1/26/2006
American Desire reviews:
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Lasse Braun's AMERICAN DESIRE (1981, Caballero Home Video) is a marvelous fuck flick from The Golden Age of Porn. A long-time couple, Sheila and Bob, (Veronica Hart and R. Bolla) embark on separate sexual odysseys that cross paths in a strikingly shot three-way finale with a strange hitchhiker (Lysa Thatcher) along for the ride.
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Boxcover for Hot Dreams
Hot Dreams 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis, Joanna Storm, Anna Ventura, Tiffany Clark, Dave Ruby, Marlene Willoughby, George Payne, Ashley Moore, Alan Adrian, Joe Santino, Michael Bruce, Kenny Dee
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Shaun Costello
Release date: 3/21/2005
Hot Dreams reviews:
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Warren Evans writes, produces and directs HOT DREAMS (1983, Caballero Home Video) with Sharon Mitchell as Lisa Curtis, a married photographer, who finds herself having vivid sexual fantasies in this terrific 84 minute flick.
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Boxcover for Joy (Video-X-Pix)
Joy (Video-X-Pix) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Marco, Eric Edwards, Bobby Astyr, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, Gloria Leonard, Herschel Savage, Veri Knotty, Clea Carson, Jake Teague, Crystal Sync, Roger Caine, Philip Marlowe, Paula Morton, Melinda Marlow, Ellen Williams, Terry Austin, Frank Kenwood, Jay Pierce, Tony Turco, Jesse Wilson, Ursula Brooke, Lacy Thomas, Melinda Marlowe, Paul Aranas, Neil Lansing, Robert Hill, Don Milo, Bella Via, Lucia Tristao, Pamela Crandall, Margo Latham, Tony Simone, John Henderson, Philip De Hatte, Richard Dell, Helen Howell, Max Cannon, Mark Kaminsky, Gerry Baldwin, Peter Carlyle, Samantha Williams, Wendy Garvey, Hilda Golder, Jaqueline Lithman, Randall Needleman, Butchie Davis, Tony Summers
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Harley Mansfield
Release date: 5/2/2004
Joy (Video-X-Pix) reviews:
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This mysterious but excellent dirty comedy is one for every collector to own.
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Boxcover for Inside Seka
Inside Seka 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Carla, Ron Jeremy, Gino Colbert, Rita, Anthony, Seka, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, George Payne, Ashley Moore, Ron Hudd, Roy Stuart, Marc Valentine, Ken Yontz, Portia, Mike Feline, Ashley Dubois, Bobbie Burns, Bill McKean, Tara Mann, Carole Bosholm, Debbie Gukeisen, Corey Kidd, John Cockswell, John Gold, Igor Elder, Monte Marano
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Joe Sarno, Ken Yontz
Release date: 5/20/2003
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Inside Seka reviews:
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This classic Seka film revolves around Seka telling her husband, Ken, dirty stories while they fuck. It includes the famous scene where Ron Jeremy sucks his own dick. There's also a great titfuck.
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