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Boxcover for Boot Camp 2 (Ari)
Boot Camp 2 (Ari) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Tony Davis, Rod Garetto, Matt Windsor, Danny Brown, Lee Jennings, Danny Bliss, Brad Weston, Kevin Glover, Vincent Gionini, Alan Lambert, Rick Sands, Les Stone
Studio: ARI

Release date: 6/4/2003
Boot Camp 2 (Ari) reviews:
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This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD and is a sequel to Boot Camp I. It is not necessary to see part one, however, as this one is just a series of unconnected scenes. BOOT CAMP II: THE TRENCHES begin with a solo jack off by the by the overused Rod Garetto. My advice is to fast-forward. When Boot Camp I ended, Tim Lowe, the cute twink with the bent dick, was just begining to join Tony Davis and Les Stine in the bunk below for a last-night-in-the-barracks suck and fuck. Tony, whom I described as a feral-looking twink in Boot Camp I, is sucking on Stines dick. Les Stine is so furry that it looks as though hes wearing a hair shirt. Tim hops down from the upper bunk to offer Les a dick to suck and later face-fucks him. Tim then goes down on Les dick as Tony sucks him. Soon both Tony and Les are both giving their attentions to Tims bent boner. Tim sticks it to Stine. Feeling left out, Tony climbs up to the upper bunk where his dick will be on a level with Tims mouth in order to feed him some cock.
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Boxcover for Boot Camp (ARI)
Boot Camp (ARI) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Tony Davis, Rod Garetto, Matt Windsor, Danny Brown, Lee Jennings, Danny Bliss, Brad Weston, Kevin Glover
Studio: ARI

Release date: 3/26/2003
Boot Camp (ARI) reviews:
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This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD. It stars Tim Lowe a 6ft. twink with 7 in. (As Mae West once remarked, Forget about the 6 feet, lets talk about the 7 inches.) Tims 7 inches are very distinctive. The head bends sharply downward. I had a friend who had a toilet seat fall on his dick when he was little. Tims resembles his. At the start of the film Tim is about to go into the marines and is bidding farewell to his loving brother, Alan Lambert. In the 80s when this film was made, Alan was a somewhat fleshy but cute French-Canadian twink. In the 90s he bulked up from gym work to be an imposing and highly desirable specimen. After this remarkable metamorphosis he appeared in Falcons Grand Prize and Summer Buddies. He then killed himself in a park in Montreal as a protest against some government policy. [Quel domage!] Alan bids brother Tim a fond farewell by going down on his dick. Tim does the same for his brother in a nice 69.
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Boxcover for Bi-Dazzled
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sweet Williams, Kira, Chance Caldwell, Vince Harrington, Katarina, Danny Brown, Vince Logan
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Karen Dior
Release date: 7/30/2001
Bi-Dazzled reviews:
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Running Time: 83 minutes Production Date: 11/21/00 (DVD copywrite 2001) Directed by: Karen Dior Female Cast: Katarina, Kira Male Cast: Sweet Williams, Danny Brown, Chance Caldwell, Vince Harrington, Vince Logan Initial Comments: Here is another low budget Bi Now production. Scene Selection: 3 chapters with preview clips. There is also a Sub Chapters menu with selections for oral/sex/cum in each scene. Review: Scene 1: Katarina, Danny Brown, Chance Caldwell Sweet can't seem to get a date. Katarina plays the Devil and offers Sweet four wishes for his soul. There's plenty of bad acting and lame humor here. He's skeptical and wishes to see what his friends are doing. They are instantly transported to the scene where Danny and Chance play with Katarina while Sweet watches. Katarina is on the heavy side, but still attractive. Chance and Danny are good looking guys, by far the best in this movie. There is petting foreplay as Danny eats Katarina and she blows Chance. These guys have no problem being happy with each other or with her.
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Boxcover for Black Justice
Black Justice 
(0.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Bobby Blake, Ethan Alexander, Danny Brown, Buck Horse Jackson, Jonathan Christopher, Vincent Williams, Chaka Zulu
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 4/24/2000
Black Justice reviews:
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I have seen some pretty bad films in my time, and I probably have seen one that was worse than this one, but, if so, I have repressed the memory. It looks so promising on the surface: a southern prison gang that we know is going to gangbang their guard. But before we get there, we have four other truly awful scenes. In the first we have the warden interrogating Buck Horse Jackson. It is a foul diatribe using the contemptuous boy and the N word. The warden wants to swing on Bucks big dick and does. The problem is that the scene is performed in semi-darkness and for some mysterious reason switches to black and white from time to time. (Actually one can see what is going on better in the black and white sections. The color sections are shrouded in shadow and the action is almost totally obscured.) What were they using for lighting here? A night-light? But if I thought the first scene was poorly lit, I had only to wait for scene two. The second scene was performed in total darkness.
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For those of you who like big, dark slabs of meat dont get too excited, the meat is undercooked! Featuring an all black cast, except for Danny Brown, its a mediocre film at best. Black Horse Jackson, and we all know how he got his name, is in prison for stealing. Danny Brown is the warden who has his way with him and eventually the "chain gang" has their way with the warden. Lots of huge cocks that are too big to even get rock hard, scenes are grainy in spots, and Bobby Blake comes off as a dud! Hes in a couple of scenes where he doesnt even cum! So whats the point? Black Horse does jerk off in one scene and shoots a shitload of cum out of his 12-incher but that may have been the high point. Your typical suck and fuck shots and a couple of orgies but they all just seemed blasť.
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