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Boxcover for Bang!
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Yuri Breshnev, Shane Rockford, Enrico Vega, Daniel Reed, Gordon Gage
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 8/22/2001
Bang! reviews:
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The Director: Chi Chi LaRue The Studio: Mustang/Falcon Time Length: 1 hour 18 minutes Cast: (in order of appearance) Luke Sabre, Enrico Vega, Shane Rockford, Daniel Reed, Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Gordon Gage (misspelled in title as Gauge), Yuri Breshnev The Plot Inadvertently, Bang! doesn't start off with a bang. Rather, it takes us till scene two, before any banging actually takes place. It's almost weird to actually call it, Scene two as the whole entire movie is filmed in this greyscale warehouse with a few props placed randomly around. But anyhow, our movie begins: Scene One I liked how it kind of starts with this main title and face shots of each actor giving coy eyes at the camera. Finally, it whittles itself down to just two actors (Enrico Vega and Luke Sabre) and our scene begins. Right away, I felt the editing was a bit distracting. Everytime they switched positions, we'd get one of those montages of their faces staring sexily into the camera and then back to the scene at hand.
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Boxcover for Glory Holes of Chicago
Glory Holes of Chicago 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mike, Sunny Markham, Alex Powers, Chris Steele, Tony Acosta, Remy, Eric Craig, Kato, Daniel Reed, Blaine Cash, Tom McCarthy, Brad McGuire, Peter Meloni, Andrew Saks, Antonio Vela
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 2/23/2001
Glory Holes of Chicago reviews:
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Ah, Chicago the windy city. A few years back I visited Chicago and was in awe of BoyzTown. Big Rainbow flags all over the buildings and more hunky men then even I could handle. Regrettably, I was too shy to check out any of the local sex clubs. Luckily Chris Steele is on the case, and gives us a nice tour of the hot spots in Chicago. First up are Sonny Markham and Alec Powers. Sonny is looking pretty good this time around he seems to have bulked up since I saw him last. The director must have slapped him upside the head and told him Act butch, damnit! as his normal squeaky voice is nowhere to be found (well, at least in the scene hes butch check out the extras to hear his high pitched voice). Alec looks like he actually lost some muscle mass. He still looks buff, but I seem to remember him a little bigger than this. Anyway, they do a little glory hole sucking before Alec gets fucked in a sling. The whole thing is rather by the numbers.
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