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Dana Vespoli: The Official Adult DVD Talk™ Thread
I have two questions, the first is Dana still making films? Second, what is the answer to the question "what happened to this beautiful, voluptuous woman?" She will always be hot, but i remember her in Big Butt Brotha Lovers as a wonderful, sensuous curvy girl, and now she is about the size of Little Miss Kitty or Lolita Young. Anyone ...
Dana Vespoli Reveals ‘Lesbian Public Sex Fetish'
VENICE, CA – Dana Vespoli directed three movies that release this month and the final comes out this week and it taps into one of her favorite fetishes: public sex.Lesbian Public Sex Fetish (Dana Vespoli/Evil Angel) stars Kimberly Kane, Ava Addams, Dana DeArmond and Dana, who would never be able to resist getting into a movie like this.“ ...
MHM director Dana Vespoli New Porn Blogger
MILE HIGH MEDIA DIRECTOR DANA VESPOLI WRITES A FEATURED BLOG ON XCRITICThe Director of Sweetheart Video’s New “Lesbian Adventures – Older Women, Younger Girls 2” Takes Readers Behind-the-ScenesMONTREAL, Quebec (June 25, 2012) – Mile High Media director Dana Vespoli was recently brought on by XCritic as a featured blogg ...
Dana Vespoli's Directorial Debut-Sweetheart Video
“LESBIAN ADVENTURES – OLDER WOMEN, YOUNGER GIRLS: VOLUME 2” FEATURES DANA VESPOLI’S MILE HIGH MEDIA DIRECTORIAL DEBUTCover Girls Julia Ann & Dani Daniels Promise Genuine Lesbian Passion in the New Release from Sweetheart VideoMONTREAL, Quebec (June 6, 2012) – Mile High Media announces the directorial debut of Dana ...
Any Dana Vespoli fans know what movie this clip is
IWAdult Interviews Dana Vespoli In March Issue
INTERIVEWDirector and Performer Dana Vespoli Returns to the World Of PorncAgainI had a chance to sit down with the former co-captain of the Varsity Rowing team at Mills College to talk about her return, directing and girl on girl sex.Read the Dana Vespoli interview HERE: Dana Vespoli InterviewHEADLINE NEWSGen Padocafs Triumphant Virtual ...
Dana Vespoli vs. Mika Tan
Which one of these ladies turn you on the most?Who really does it for you?Mika Tan! - Bottom fucking line!
2/15/2012 Dana Vespoli to quit porn 4/06/2004 Dana Vespoli Falls In Love And Moves To France Rumors are flying but this one appears to be true. This years best new female performer, the uber hot Dana Vespoli, is said to have fallen in love with none other than uber male performer, Manuel Ferrera, and quit porn to be with him. From what I hear she has m ...
Dana Vespoli
On the - tugjobs site - they post a new Dana Vespoli scene today. Boy has she gotten skinny. She was so full-bodied before - I thought she was out of porn anyway.
4/12/2009 interviews Dana Vespoli in New Issue
The March 15 issue of is now posted.In this issue we have an interview with the lovely and talented DANA VESPOLI about her sexual libido, directing and being married to one of the biggest men in porn.Also our DVD Review Pick of the Week is Jake Malone’s BITCHCRAFT 2 from Evil Angel.NOT SO INNOCENT has been asking a ...
Lovely Dana Vespoli's best scenes? I'm looking...
for recommendations; this woman is absolutely incandescent, and as naturally sexy and confident in her god-given perfection as they come. but I'm looking for something that leans mellow/a bit more couples oriented; one-on-one only, little or no flailing/pounding by the guy, lots of licking of her, cowgirl position, anal is quite welcome (that is on ...
Lovely Dana Vespoli's best scenes? I'm looking... (topic moved)
for recommendations; this woman is absolutely incandescent, and as naturally sexy and confident in her god-given perfection as they come. but I'm looking for something that leans mellow/a bit more couples oriented; one-on-one only, little or no flailing/pounding by the guy, lots of licking of her, cowgirl position, anal is quite welcome (that is on ...
Dana Vespoli boxcover that made me buy....
Dana VespoliThis is my favorite boxcover. When I first saw it, it was almost worth buying the movie just because the boxcover was so good. A great view of Dana Vespoli in her early years, the face and butt just perfect. Do you have a similar favorite boxcover shot?
Dana Vespoli's tattooed arm?
Last night I watched a great Dana Vespoli scene in Motorcross DP from 1st Strike. Dana has some very involved tattoos on her right arm -- one appears to be a sentence or two in English script, others appear to be Chinese or Japanese characters (forgive my ignorance in being unable to distinguish between them!) Does anyone know what these sym ...
dana vespoli
is it me or did she lose massive weight since the last time i saw her...she must be 90lbs. now....any 1 agree?
Dana Vespoli's Cock Starved
I was looking for a review of this title but found none. Specifically wondering if any of the women other than Dana herself do anal scenes, as she's the only one doing so on the box cover (she's the reason I'd buy it anyway, but I like to know.)
Has Dana Vespoli retired again?
She's gone from LA Direct Models.
Dana Vespoli's new look
Dana your opinions?! Edited by - kamp on Jan 3 2006
Dana Vespoli Signing at the Royal Dragon Booth ...
Adult Film Star Dana Vespoli to Sign Autographs and meet fans at the Royal Dragon Booth at the 2006 AEE Expo in Las Vegas Los Angeles, CA Dec 27, 2005 "For a safe, effective bedroom boost" - Tango Magazine "Perfect for spraying... and extending the length of the wonderful hard-on. And the lady doesn't need to know a thing a ...
ID a very rough scene with Dana Vespoli
I'm trying to remember what movie this scene was in. It was a pretty rough scene with Dana Vespoli. Two guys do here, with a lot of slapping and rough play. Toward the end, one of the guys holds her face right up to his and says "LOOK INTO MY EYES!." He then spits in her mouth. OK, I know it sounds horrible........but does this ring a bel ...
Look Who's Back: Dana Vespoli
Dana Vespoli -It doesn't seem like all that long ago that Dana was the talk of ADT, with various members marveling at her age (early 30s) and intensity. She got a lot of, "Now, that's how a woman fucks! Sure could teach all of these girls running around a lesson or two," type of praise. Then she reportedly fell in love with Manuel a ...
Dana Vespoli and Crystal Ray
Have Dana and Crystal left the industry, or are they just taking a break?
Dana Vespoli retired?
Is it true that the lovely Dana Vespoli quit making porn? I don't want to cause any rumours, it's just a conclusion I drew based on some comments in other threads, where people hinted at the fact that she left the business after getting married. Can anyone confirm or deny this, or does anybody have any more precise information? Thanks. O ...
Dana Vespoli in Gangbang Auditions
I read in an interview that Dana did a 5 on 1 for Diabolic's Gangbang Auditions. Anybody know if this is GB Auditions #13 which is listed as an upcoming release on there website? Or any idea of the other 2 girls? She also mentions she going to move to France with boyfriend Manuel Ferrara which really slow down the movies she's making, too bad, th ...
Drop Sex 2 - Dana Vespoli & Olivia O'Lovely
Does anyone know if Dana Vespoli and Olivia O'Lovely do double penetrations in this movie (especially doggie style)? I've been looking for a review on the web, but I haven't found one.
Dana Vespoli in Tough Love 2
Anyone has info?Here is the boxcover TOUGH LOVE 2
Holy F#*$! Dana Vespoli!
Yeah, it's weird. You see these girls in Vegas before you've seen them in a movie, and they're hot -- really, they are -- but then you finally see them in action and it's "Eureka" all over again. Dana has the sort of dark mixed blood look, a kind of dusky allure, with the full lush lips and just about perfect sort of curvy body that's ...
Dana Vespoli's scene in Cream Pie Initiations
Just watched her perform with Tony T and Marc Ashley. A very nice scene ending with her taking a huge cum load in her cunt and then in the ass. One thing though..I noticed TonyT kept ramming his dick all the way in her mouth and would then pull it out hella fast. This would leave an almost painful (or irritated look?) in Dana's face. He does it ...
Hot brunette: Dana Vespoli
This one just caught my eyes. Any info on her? She's haven't done many vids yet. Can't wait to see more of her. I got this link from her agency: Ladirectmodels
Dana Vespoli
Hey, how's it going, "TT's Reality Teens Gone Crazy" pretty much sucked, as TT stupidly tried to cram 33 girls into 139 minutes and had the balls to end the tape in a middle of a scene asking us to come back for more with the "to be continued" tag. However, on some levels parts of it were enjoyable and it introduced me to An ...