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Boxcover for Backstage Pass (Hot House / Bullwhip)
Backstage Pass (Hot House / Bullwhip) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Shawn Justin, Dallas Taylor, Beau Saxon, Jack Tower, Scott Baldwin, Damon Wolf, Claude Jourdan, Ray Ed Harley
Studio: Bullwhip Video

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Release date: 3/28/2003
Backstage Pass (Hot House / Bullwhip) reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Cast: Zak Spears, Jack Tower, Beau Saxon, Damon Wolf, Shawn Justin, Ray Ed Harley, Scott Baldwin, Claude Jourdan, Dallas Taylor Director: Steven Scarborough Story: Im pretty much convinced now that Bullwhip is just naming these flicks randomly. Here was have 5 unrelated sex scenes, none of which have anything to do with a Backstage Pass. Scene 1 Starring: Ray Ed Harley When the best scene is a solo, you know youre in trouble. Ray is completely gorgeous! Hes got a great build, is slightly furry, and has a wonderful cock. He strips down to a nice dirty jockstrap, jerks off, and even briefly shoves a screwdriver up his ass! Hot! Scene 2 Starring: Scott Baldwin, Jack Tower Well this is where things start to go downhill. Apparently Scott is being held after class for jerking off. Jack gives his ass a few whacks with a ruler before diving on Scotts cock. In case you missed it, Jack is Scotts teacher.
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Boxcover for Brother's Desire, A
Brother's Desire, A 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vince Rockland, Ryan Block, Dallas Taylor, Wolff, Chris Yeager, Eric Stone, Peter Bishop, Johnny Ringo
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Release date: 12/24/2002
Brother's Desire, A reviews:
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It was a clever notion to make a gay version of A Streetcar Named Desire. But thats as far as it got here. This is the DVD release of an earlier HIS Video. I dont know why they put it on DVD. Well, actually, I do know. It was to make a buck. Now, as I said a gay version of Streetcar could have been a real hoot. But this one is just Ho-Hum. And the performances, well, to call the acting atrocious, is to compliment it. We begin with Blanche (or rather Blaine) arriving to visit his brother and his lover Stan. Blaine as played by Chris Yeager should more appropriately have been named Bland as this guy has all the verve and personality of a parking meter. This is just one of the many flaws in this misfire, but its an important one. Blanche is fascinating, she is a slut, shes got spunk and nervous energy. Yeagers Blaine is uninteresting, passionless, lazy, indifferent, and the only spunk he has pops out of his dick. Peter Bishop as his brother is perfect casting. (Not for the role but for being Yeagers brother. Yawn.) and Vince Rockland is Stan. Now I was something of a fan of Vince.
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Boxcover for Boot Black
Boot Black 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tanner Reeves, Brett Ford, Matt Gunther, Dallas Taylor, Alex Wild, Daryl Brock, Zak Spears, Mark West, Steven Turro, Dirk Fletcher, David Logan, Patrick Ryan
Studio: VCA

Release date: 6/26/2002
Boot Black reviews:
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Cast: Jake Andrews, Daryl Brock, Zak Spears, Tanner Reeves, Dallas Taylor, Matt Gunther, Mark West, Wolfe, David Logan, Brett Ford, Steven Turro, Alex Wild, Patrick Ryan, Rob Costa and Dirk Fletcher. Director: Chi Chi LaRue Production date: Credits are copyrighted 1994; DVD release date was summer 2002. Length: 82 min. Extras: Director's commentary, director's biography and filmography, five trailers, catalog information for four additional titles, and a slide show with 20 photos. Audio/visual quality: The lighting in this movie is outstanding. The sets are dim and smoky, yet the action is easy to see. Skillfully directed rays of illumination accent the actors' eyes, genitals, feet and other body parts. The camera angles are equally satisfying, with an artful mix of long, medium and close-up shots. The focus is generally sharp, as well. The opening footage skips slightly, as if frames have been removed.
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Boxcover for Working Day & Night
Working Day & Night 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Karl Thomas, Tony Lexus, Rick Rogue, Dom Sinclair, Dallas Taylor, Jesse Tyler, David Cline, Karl Radford
Studio: Sunshine

Release date: 11/9/2001
Working Day & Night reviews:
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Two fairly good scenes, one OK scene, and one perfect horror make this one a dubious bargain at best. The dialogue is of the Hi, how are you? Lets fuck school of screenwriting. For example the opening scene finds Dom Sinclair folding clothes while seated on a sofa. Enter Tony Lexus. Youre doing my laundry? Sinclair: So youll have time for other things. Tony unzips Doms shorts and goes down on his brown dick. They exchange blowjobs, sixty-nine, and Dom fucks Tony. Pretty standard stuff. But the brown-skinned Dom and the slender unshaven Tony look good together. And Doms big dick disappears all the way into Tonys thin butt. Next we have Karl Thomas showing Jesse Tyler his house. Both are wearing those heavy shoes which first appeared on Frankensteins monster and are now the gay thing. As they enter the house it echoes with the clump, clump, clump of those clodhoppers. I half expected them to leave them on during sex, but they come off with their clothes. Karl sucks Jesse and plays with himself. Jesse never touches, much less goes down on Karls cock.
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Boxcover for Knight Heat
Knight Heat 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dallas Taylor, Sean Carrera, Sean Hunter, Dominik, Chad Steele, Josh Taylor, Ted Matthews, Todd Knight, Ryan Peters, T.J. Sax
Studio: VCA

Release date: 7/31/2001
Knight Heat reviews:
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For a pre-1995 release Knight Heat wasnt half bad. Overall the picture quality is fine and the music soundtrack is fine. Although the performers audio is a bit muffled at times and dubbed only so-so. But in general I would say its ok. The standard extras are included and one feature I liked was the Bios section where you could jump to the scene where that star was performing. The film features Todd Knight, mind you hes NOT on the box cover and the film has nothing to do with knights in shining armor. Its the story of a writer who is working overtime on getting his novel to print based on his past loves and memories. The story unfolds as he recounts each of these. It begins with him remembering his first love with Dominick. The two go at it in front of a fireplace that is sensual and erotic. The music adds to the feeling of the overall film with a gentle, peaceful soundtrack. Todd Knight is truly adorable! Young and boyish looking with a cute face and smile and him and Dominick make a great pair as they make love to each other.
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