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So Ice La Fox and Daisy Marie are back
I was so happy to see these two legends back in the new movie rack city xxx. From the pictures I've seen they still look as hot as ever so I can't wait to see this.Any insiders have any info on wether or not they plan to continue to do scenes? Well actually I know Daisy didn't retire but I haven't seen Ice in years so I hope she's back now.
Daisy Marie question
Hi folksI'm a huge fan of Daisy Marie and was wondering if she had worked with Dirty Harry or Dick Nasty at all? I know she did No Swallowing Allowed which included Mr. Nasty and Diary of a Nanny with Randy West.Anyone know?
Is Daisy Marie still around?
I don't see much new content with her in it these days, is she still doing porn or what? Has she ever posted here?
Daisy Marie anal scenes?
Hi all, I recently came across a blog by daisy marie that said that she wasn't going to do anal Anymore, and she mentioned that she's been doing it for the past five years. I definitely respect her decision to stop since she knows her body more than anyone else, but I was curious as to when she's actually done anal scenes. Iafd has her doing o ...
Daisy Marie got a boobjob. Damn! that is stupid! would she ruin her PERFECT natural tits. And they were indeed perfect. Hope she sees this thread and get those silicones out. Because those new boobs will get her less work then before. Because she WAS the perfect packageEdited by - Denbedste on Jan 6 2008
whats the name of the movie where daisy marie...
i heard daisy marie was in a japanese produced porn movie any idea whats it called?
Daisy Marie
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------She is pregnant. she is happy and wish her well. One of my all time favs. The boob job was unnecessary and most would agree about the back tat, but, she is still gorgeous; one who made me think, back in the day, ...
Is Daisy Marie offically done doing Boy/Girl
The most recent thing I seen from her is the Suck it Dry scene with Darkko, and I think her agent's site only has her listed for doing Girl/Girl. :(Edited by - rwmoose on Jun 15 2009
Happy Birthday Daisy Marie!
Daisy Marie, that smoking latina babe, starring in such flicks as Chop Shop Chicas, Rain Coater's POV 5, and Blow Me Sandwich 10, turned 25 today. Happy Birthday Daisy!
Daisy Marie video help!
Hello everyone, just wondering which film is this from?
daisy marie pictures from 2002 when she was 18

What is Daisy Marie up to nowadays...?
Just asking. I really like that booty and those tits...
Daisy Marie
I was wanting to get some info on this vixen bio, new projects,tidbits really anything about her. She is hot
Daisy Marie
I really love it when girls kind of "up" their game, mature a little and -- voila -- morph into superstars. Daisy Marie is one such girl who is really attracting my attention lately. You can't put your finger on exactly when the "new" Daisy Marie emerged, but her current "look" and performances are "all-of-a ...
Daisy marie?
ON it says that daisy marie swallows in Mamacitas 8. Is this true? And does anybody know other movies in which she swallows cum? Or are there no movies whit her swallowing. Thanks in advance