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Daisy Chain foot fetish types
Daisy Chain is very hot and in most of her G/G scenes she would put all the toes in her mouth and suck the girls foot. It's really hot and I can't find any other girl that does this, it's mostly just two girls going through the motions and only licking a toe or something. Daisy Chain had a genuine foot fetish and gets really into it. So I'm trying ...
<i>Daisy Chain</i>
Samantha Morton to adopt spooky autistic girlFrom Variety: ContentFilm picks up 'Daisy Chain'LONDON — ContentFilm Intl. has picked up worldwide rights to supernatural thriller “The Daisy Chain,” starring Brit thesp Samantha Morton. Aisling Walsh (“Song for a Raggy Boy”) will helm from a script by Lauren MacKenzie. Lens ...
Daisy Chains
I read somewhere that there is a film with twenty-five girls eating each other out in a furious daisy chain - does anyone know of this video or not? And is this kind of activity filmed much anymore or not? Topic Moved by - astroknight on Feb 10 2007
whatever happened to ...Daisy Chain?
Does anybody know if this blond beauty with the insane foot fetish is doing any work in the adult industry these days?
Daisy Chain doing Guys??
Okay who wants to explain how I somehow let this little fact slip by me for this long?