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Boxcover for Pick-up Girls 3
Pick-up Girls 3 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Rick Masters, Frank Gun, Tommy Gunn, Rhiannon Bray, Chanel Chavez, Cole Conners, Tyla Wynn, Heather Hunt, Jessica Sexin
Studio: Bad Seed

Directed by: Brett Maverick
Release date: 6/7/2006
Pick-up Girls 3 reviews:
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The concept of this series is that a group of guys go looking for chicks. They talk to her, get her to come back to their studio and one of them has sex with her. I only wish it was that easy in real life!
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Title: Pick-Up Girls 3 Released by: Bad Seed Reviewed by MD James There are two things that basically caught my eye on this video. The first obviously is the picture of Heather Hunt on the cover holding a $50 bill in front of her pussy. The second is the sheer simplicity of the idea. Okay, heres the plan: a group of guys will go trolling for hot babes. Theyll trick them into their vehicle. Theyll talk these women into doing a little "movie audition", maybe even show off a bit of their body. They take the women into their "studio", get them to show off a little "camel toe", then one of them will have sex with the women. Hell get off, shell get paid, and then its on to the next "audition". GREAT concept not very realistic, though, because in most instances if you walk up to a woman right off the street and ask if shed have sex on camera with a bunch of strange guys watching, your face would be SORE from the number of times itd get slapped.
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Boxcover for Flip the Switch
Flip the Switch 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jezebelle Bond, Jennifer Luv, Michelle B., Cole Conners, Tory Lane, Nicki Hunter
Studio: Vertigo Videos

Directed by: Martin Del Toro
Release date: 2/4/2005
Flip the Switch reviews:
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Flip the Switch Studio: Vertigo Videos Director: Martin Del Toro Year: 2004 Feature Time: 2:03:35 Extras: Trailers (0:08:39) Starring: Nikki Hunter (Cover Girl) Jennifer Luv Michelle Barratt Tory Lane Cole Conners Jezebelle Bond Themes: Rough, Female Domination, Spitting This is a new release from Vertigo Videos from "The Domination Nation" as advertised on the cover. Vertigo has done a nice job putting together some very aggressive, high-energy sex flicks and I've seriously enjoyed pretty much everything I've seen from them so far. If you're interested in more from the new studio I have a lot of reviews for Vertigo movies up at this site. "Flip the Switch" focuses on some domination/submission scenarios with the females in the dominant roles. One thing that Vertigo is doing in their videos which must be mentioned is the whole spitting thing, especially right onto the camera lens.
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Boxcover for Throat Yogurt 2
Throat Yogurt 2 
(3.5 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Brandon Iron, Diamond, Jada Fire, Jada, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Jazmin, Anthony Hardwood, Juan Cuba, Jake Malone, Jamie Brooks, Barbara Summer, Lady Victoria, Brad Baldwin, Angela Stone, Tee Real, Cole Conners, Tyla Wynn, Marcos Leon, Makayla Cox, Joe Rock, Jasmyn Lopez
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Jessica Dee
Release date: 12/8/2004
Throat Yogurt 2 reviews:
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There are blowjob movies, and then there are all oral movies such as Throat Yogurt #2. The difference? In blowjob movies, the girls do most of the work while the guys simply sit back and get their knobs gobbled. In all oral flicks such as this, the guys are allowed to abuse the girls. The action here is more throat fucking and gagging than cock sucking. Some of the guys shove their dicks so far down the throats that the girls eyes tear up and their mascara starts running. Not a pretty sight! The 10 girls here are mostly B Listers, with only Tyla Wynn being moderatley cute. The rest have average looks and give head without any ambition. Many of the cumshots are weak, and the girls dont do much in the way of post-cum head.
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Throat Yogurt 2 - Initial Thoughts Aggressive oral sex is the name of the game in this one. I guess you could put this one in the extreme blowjob section, but it doesn't cross the line into being more about the brutality of it all than the sexual contact. It's a very good blowjob disc, the BJs are very energetic and pretty passionate, the girls for the most part are all into sucking cock, and they really shine, there isn't one girl that doesn't seem to be getting into the oral action. Good cast of girls, and a good mix of well known gonzo girls and some girls that are either new or not as well known yet. Extras are very good and on the whole a nicely done disc. Technical Considerations:Not much to fault here, picture quality is pretty clear with a hint of grain, camera work is pretty good, I liked the choices of shots used, sound is acceptable, and lighting just has a few issues with some shadows and dark spots. Menus are standard PXP and very nice looking and very functional.
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Well hot on the heels of the first one comes a second helping of this hard blowjob series directed by Jessica Dee. These girls like their cock's stuffed down their throats, your basic two scoops plus if you get the drift! I normally fall on the side of good hard sucking but not to the point where the girls pukes, some makeup running is a nice touch if done so as to not hurt the girl so we'll see how hard Jessica has these girls take these schlongs. No sex other than the dick devouring so those looking for pussy or ass fucking will just have to put in another disc, Anal Romance from Steve Holmes would be a good choice-- another Platinum release,hehe. Anyway, on to the knob polishing. Jada Fire: We lead off with the two large tits of Miss Fire dominating the screen. She leans down to lick at her tits and the shot then pulls back showing off her entire body. Jada rubs her kittie some licking her fingers clean and turning around you see her phat ass get some caressing done to it.
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Boxcover for Young Latin Girls 13
Young Latin Girls 13 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mary Jane, Catalina, Joel Lawrence, Lee Stone, Brett Rockman, Jack Lawrence, Cole Conners, Makayla Cox, Luccia, Destiny Deville
Studio: Hustler

Release date: 11/1/2004
Young Latin Girls 13 reviews:
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Title: Young Latin Girls 13 Company: Hustler (LFP, Inc.) Length: 95 minutes Production Date(s): May 31, 2004 Release Date: November 9, 2004 Condoms: None Director: Ray Anderson The Abridged Version: The last time I reviewed an installment of this series, I found myself enjoying the action but observing that the MTV-style editing on display almost ruined the film. Well, to extrapolate that to the entire series, at volume 13 the mission has been accomplished. The quick editing surely meant to make the product look edgy has finally overshadowed the sex. There is one good scene here, two decent scenes ones, and two mundane ones. All five of them of them could have been better were it not for the overly busy editing. A vignette-oriented porn film that runs only 95 minutes long is not meant to have as many cuts as this one does, and if it does you better be damn talented and make it work. No such talent on display here.
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Boxcover for Latin Throat Bangers 2
Latin Throat Bangers 2 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brian Surewood, Rick Masters, Kat, Brett Rockman, Tony Sexton, Sativa Rose, Naudia Rio, Cole Conners, Peter Shaft, Buster Good, Avy Lee Roth, Megan Martinez, Alejandra Maderos
Studio: Devil's Film

Release date: 10/30/2004
Latin Throat Bangers 2 reviews:
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LATIN THROAT BANGERS 2 Directed by Mike Metropolis. Latin Throat Bangers 2 is the first edition I've seen from the Devil's Film's Throat Bangers lines. (There is also a series called "Throat Bangers" which is not limited strictly to latin performers.) Eleven girls featured in ten 1 on 1 scenes. (Except Lexi Sweet and Alisha who are featured on the cover and are in a 2 on 1 scene.) I have not done a scene by scene breakdown for this movie as the sex is pretty much identical in each scene. The movie features nonstop oral sex throughout with no introductions. Each scene runs about ten minutes and all scenes end with facials. I chose to watch this movie because of the cast and I thought all did a good job here. Throat Bangers definitely delivers on the oral sex theme with no wasted time as you get to see the girls sucking cock nonstop throughout. With the title "Throat Bangers," I guess I was expecting to find rougher oral sex. There is slight gagging in most scenes, but I would not describe the sex here as rough.
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Boxcover for Cum Rain Cum Shine
Cum Rain Cum Shine 
(3.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Randy Spears, Tyra, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Kris Slater, Maya Mason, Destiny St. Claire, Tiana Lynn, Cole Conners, Flower Tucci, Mya Mason, Marco Banderas
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Release date: 9/18/2004
Previews: Movie Trailer
Cum Rain Cum Shine reviews:
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Elegant Angel has so far put out the best squirting titles on the market, and even though she has made some comments that I didnt particularly care for, Tianna is up there with some of the best squinter in the business. I t has been debated ad-nauseam on ADT if this squirting or pissing. I dont really care. I enjoy these titles for one, and for two, having watched as much porn as many on the great people at ADT, I think I know when I see a fake squarer and the real thin, and IMHO, she just may be the real deal. The feature itself is pretty good, There are scenes where she is obscured, and you dont see her get down to squirting like you know she can, even though we can hear her and see her juice flying through the scene. It also bothers me that she is wearing high heel shoes in bed for a couple of these scenes. Nothing turns me off more than seeing a beautiful lady completely naked and having a great time wearing heels in bed. Whos idea was that?! But once again, I do realize that there are those out there that like that, so right on to you. I just dont care for it.
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A quick and dirty review cause I've seen way too many squirting movies recently. There's only so much I can write about the genre before I stop repeating myself. Cum Rain Cum Shine is Tiana Lynn's vehicle and she shines. However, her supporting cast isn't as strong or attractive as Cytherea's in the Squirtwoman movies. That's not her fault. That's just how it is. Tiana would introduce each scene with the premise and a tease. She squirts plenty before and during the scenes. First scene has her seducing her boyfriend's dad, Randy Spears. After he blows his load on her pussy, he stuffs it in with a couple more strokes. Hope she has good birth control. Second, she's still bored with the boyfriend, Kris Slater, so she brings in Mya Mason to spice things up between them. Mya is there to give up the butt. I was surprised to see Tiana willing to do a2ogm duties. Third scene had her boyfriend and his friends all unload on her face in a circle jerk session. Fourth scene, she pairs up with Marco and Cole Conners.
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Well ever since I learned this title was being put together I was anxious to see the results. Tianna has cum back to the biz and while she's not doing anal she's added squirting to her arsenal of talents and that really impresses me in that her energy has also increased IMO. I suspect it's a direct connection to this newfound talent. I sure hope she keeps this up in her scenes as I don't see myself tiring of it anytime soon. This dvd features her in all five scenes so get your rain gear ready as this babe will definitely use her super soaker to get you wet! Tianna Lynn: The scene opens with Miss Lynn casually lying on her side. We're told a journey is about to unfold and we get to hitch a ride. Tianna is looking awfully good in a bikini, her hair's pulled back and the glasses are a nice final touch. Listen as Tianna seductively spells out her plans. Tianna tells us of a guy she's dating but in reality she has the hots for his dad, Randy Spears. Well we cut to the scene itself and the two of them are talking about his son's lack of interest shall we say in Tianna.
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Boxcover for Fresh Mex
Fresh Mex 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mr. Pete, Jennifer Luv, Alex Rox, Ben English, Gia Jordan, Soma, Lena Juliett, Sativa Rose, Cole Conners
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Mr. Pete
Release date: 7/4/2004
Fresh Mex reviews:
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Well, I could be watching the presidential debate right now but I decided to watch some affirmative action porn. Normally, I'm not a big fan of ethnic lines especially the ethnic female lines. The reason why is not because I'm racist (even though I probably am). It's just we're talking about minorities and the availability of hot women that fit an ethnic criteria in the porn pool may be lacking when considered with the rest of the world. You may have a couple of hot ethnic women in porn but a lot of titles have to dig down deep to fulfill this quota which weakens a movie. But I decided on getting this movie because a brief cursory look at the cover indicates a lot of hot hispanic women. Well, we are talking about California here. Sativa Rose & Mr. Pete: Sativa Rose's boobs are shaped so perfect that it makes you wonder if silicone implants are still done in Mexico. When Mr. Pete slaps them they move like natural breasts should. Sativa gives a good blowjob with her drool just rolling down Pete's nutsack.
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Boxcover for Hand Solo (Platinum X Pictures)
Hand Solo (Platinum X Pictures) 
(2.8 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Vanessa, Vanessa Blue, Summer Lynn, Ice La Fox, Lucy Lee (Asian), Jayna Oso, Lani Kaluha, Alex Divine, Lani Lei, Chanel Chavez, Teagan Presley, Cole Conners, Vanessa Smoke
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Sean Michaels
Release date: 6/18/2004
Hand Solo (Platinum X Pictures) reviews:
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Hand Solo Studio: Platinum X Pictures Director: Sean Michaels Year: 2004 Feature Time: 2:17:53 Extras: Behind the Scenes and Trailers (0:40:34) Starring: Jayna Oso (Cover Girl) Vanessa Blue Alex Devine Ice La Fox Teagan Summer Lynn Chanel Chavez Lucy Lee Cole Conners Lani Lei Themes: Masturbation "Hand Solo" is a female masturbation movie with a long procession of hot girls getting themselves off. Platinum X isn't usually known for solo movies, and as far as I know this is the only one produced by them or Red Light District. We get to see these porno starlets in all their glory in short scenes totally focused on the girl. The movie is shot by veteran performer/director Sean Michaels; the girls are hot but the camera work and lighting leave a lot to be desired. Here's a recap of the action: Scene 1: Jayna Oso Jayna Oso, who used to perform under the name Malaysia, is first up on the disc. She's a Latina temptress with a great body and super-hard nipples in this scene.
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Hand Solo Platinum X Pictures Running Time: 139 minutes This title comes from Sean Michaels, who I believe is also the cameraman. It's an all girl masterbation production. For the most part all the girls in this video were very hot. If it was in deed Sean working the camera, I really could have gone without all the talking he did. There were a couple of standouts on this DVD. First off cover girl Jayna Oso. Her scene starts with a small interview, like most of the scenes do. The part I liked in the scene is towards the end, where she uses her purple jelly dildo on her ass. Lani Lei's scene takes place in a living room setting. On some leopard print from what I can tell. She is just very evergetic in the scene nd I really enjoyed it. Channel Chavez is one of the hottest latin stars out there right now in my opinion. She starts off wering this cute lacy bra and panty set. Eventually she ends up moaning, arching against the stairs. The final scene in the DVD belongs to Teagan. Although her name shows up on screen as Tegan.
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Well here we have a title designed for those who like to watch women playing with themselves. This mostly consists of them either using a toy or their own fingers to stimulate their pussy or ass. Sean has quite the collection of ladies on hand led by Jayna Oso and Miss Ass '04 Teagan!! The solo tease is a part of a scene I like but not to last as long as it will here. I want a cock or another girl to join in so the fun can really get going. Having said that I can sit back and appreciate these girls seducing me with their eyes, their dirty talk, and oh yeah their bodies! I have only one major problem with this dvd and I'll hit on it a lot during the review and that is the lighting or actually the lack thereof. This is a constant problem throughtout as I saw it and it really dragged down my enjoyment of it. Now you do get some good views of these girls but it's hit and miss and you'll see a shadow when a girl's playing with her kittie and hey I want to see that and that is where the shadow will come in.
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Boxcover for Fuel Injected
Fuel Injected 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lee Stone, Aria, Luisa Rosso, Tiana Lynn, Cole Conners, Porsha Blaze, Vanilla Skye
Studio: Celestial Productions

Directed by: Stoney Curtis
Release date: 6/7/2004
Fuel Injected reviews:
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Fuel Injected Studio: Lethal Hardcore Director: Stoney Curtis Year: 2004 Feature Time: 2:08:40 Extras: Outtakes and Trailers (0:22:16) Starring: Tianna Lynn (Cover Girl) Cole Conners (Cover Girl) Vanilla Skye Luisa Rosso Porscha Blaze Aria Themes: Internal, Swallowing This is the only release I've seen so far from the new studio Lethal Hardcore. The first thing one notices about the company are their boxes, which are certainly eye-catching with a black-and-white color scheme and reflective foil packaging. Their box covers certainly look good; let's see if the sex in their releases is as notable. The theme of "Fuel Injected" is the internal cumshot. By the looks of the back cover, some of these girls are going to be ejecting the loads into bowls to eventually swallow. This is not the release for couples or the faint-hearted! This movie definitely reflects the "Hardcore" goals of the company. Scene 1: Tianna Lynn + Cole Conners and one guy Our first scene features the two hotties from the cover.
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Boxcover for Double Decker Sandwich 4
Double Decker Sandwich 4 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Sophia, Chris Charming, Joel Lawrence, Cherokee, Mark Wood, Ben English, Kurt Lockwood, Tristan Seagal, Rio Mariah, Shawnie, Nautica Thorn, Eve Laurence, Lisa Lee, Cole Conners, Vickie Powell, Haley Paige, Daphne Rosen
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Sammy Sixx
Release date: 5/20/2004
Double Decker Sandwich 4 reviews:
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Welcum to a series where the first thing that catches your eye is actually four things and those would be nice round boobs attached to some really pretty girls! You get some nice tease to start from these girls then they get down to business so let's not keep these young ladies waiting, I know I'm anxious to see some big tits! Eve Laurence & Vicky Powell: Up first we have these two fine looking girls and they start outside with some good boob caressing. There are no sunlight issues so the images look very clear. Eve does some playful licking to Vicky's belly and the girls kiss some as well. The boobs are soon freed and the girls do some tasting to one another's breasts and I really like the shot of one girl standing behind the other then reaching around to fondle their friends tits. The girls also do some chest rubbing with those four tremendous ta ta's grinding nicely. The action then moves inside where Ben English awaits and the girls do some more kissing above him and he gets in some breast caressing as well.
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Double Decker Sandwich #4 could have been great. Instead it is just very good. The girls are all B Listers (with the exception of Roxanne Hall, who is still cute after all these years in the jizz biz). The sex is good and hard, but not abusive. There is a bit too much P2M and A2M for my taste. And the girls dont seem to be into each other as much as they are the guys, licking and sucking each other only occasionally. My other beef is actually one I have with all of porn. Its the shoe thing. Of course womens legs look terrific when graced with a nice pair of high heels. Heels give them just the right amount of muscle tone and shape when they are standing! But, why oh why, after the sex starts, arent the women allowed to remove their shoes? The heels stop performing their function once the women are lying down. And they just look stupid on an otherwise naked woman. Plus they arent functional when the girls go into reverse cowgirl, especially on a bed.
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