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Boxcover for All About Steve
All About Steve 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tyler Scott, Johnny Rahm, Cliff Parker, Derek Cruise, Hank Hightower, Jason Andrews, Zak Spears, Mark West
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 4/25/2003
All About Steve reviews:
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Description This is a gay porn 'remake' of All About Eve. The main character 'sleeps his way to the top.' General Impression It has its moments of kitschy fun, but the acting is better in many a high school play. Actually, the acting varies widely - it's great fun to see Jason Andrews playing the 'Bette Davis' role, but a few others in the cast can't match his talent. The sex is pretty hot and enthusiastic in the third and the last scenes. Disclaimer - I'm a straight female, and this is only the second gay porn movie I've watched. Sex In the first scene, Tony tries to placate and calm Jason. Their initial sparring settles into something more sensual, but the scene is a weak one - far, far into the scene, Tony is still not fully hard. Chi Chi mentions on the director's commentary that this scene was a tough one to shoot as the men are longtime old friends, and hadn't really contemplated ever doing a scene together. The longer foreplay was good, though, and the way Tony handles his dick as he holds it up for Jason to taste in short, choppy dips.
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Boxcover for Titan Express
Titan Express 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Adam Wilde, Cliff Parker, Rick Hammersmith, Todd Stevens, Mark Evrett, Kaye D' Ance, Tony Bullitt
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Harold Creg, Brian Mills
Release date: 10/5/2001
Titan Express reviews:
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Titan Express delivers the goods! These guys can make a delivery to my house any day! Theyre well endowed, muscular and know how to deliver a package! It begins with Tom Vaccaro enjoying his day off when he suddenly gets called into work by the dispatcher played by Rick Hammersmith who is a "Norse" god! Meanwhile Mark Everett is making a delivery and is then pursued by Cliff Parker who isnt after the usual package but the package in Marks pants. Cliff corners him on a rooftop and pulls out Marks hard dick as they make out. They go inside and proceed to suck 69; rim and finger fuck each other. Theyre both hairy and quite attractive together and really seem to be enjoying themselves. They both take turns fucking each other before shooting their respective loads. Back at the office Tom walks in to find Rick playing with himself before Rick takes over by swallowing Toms big dick. In-between them fooling around Rick dispatches another call and sends Kirk Allan to make a pickup from Tony Bullitt.
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Boxcover for River Patrol
River Patrol 
(4.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: York Powers, Sean Rider, Max Holden, Cliff Parker, Rusty Samuels, Tom Turrell
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 4/24/2000
River Patrol reviews:
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Released back in 1995 and just recently returning again to dvd, River Patrol truly stands up as a classic! It has been re-released as the Directors Expanded Edit which from what I could tell there is about 35-40 minutes of scenes that have been extended. For those of you who dont own this be sure to pick it up! For those of you who already own it, I really dont think its worth buying another copy, even for the commentary which is really the only extra to be worthwhile. This won an award from the Adam Gay Video Directory when it was released too! You can read my previous review for all the juicy details but here Id just like to add some new comments. This dvd is still first rate with great camera work, hot men and plenty of action and I cant believe 7 years have gone by since its release! Time flies when youre jerking off! Ha ha. Anyway, I hadnt watched this in years and still found it to be quite enjoyable.
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RIVER PATROL Company: Titan/Atomic Video Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List: Cliff Parker, York Powers, Max H0lden, Sean Rider, Michel D'Amours and introducing newcomers: Rusty Samuels, Bill Zachary and Tom Turrell Features: Digitally Remastered for DVD - 5.1 Digital Surround Sound - Slide Show (21 pics) - Chapter Index Synopsis: A Deliverance type flick that revolves around a militant cult up in the redwood forests of California. They ardently patrol their property and capture any trespassers they find and have their way with them in more ways than one. Review: I have to admit, although somewhat short on story and not Oscar winning dialogue, this is probably the best movie I have so far. What story there is, is well done and the dialogue isn't half bad either. The picture and sound quality are superb as well. The movie begins with Cliff Parker riding down the river and takes a break to relieve himself by jerking off on the shore.
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River Patrol starts out with Chris Parker canoeing down the river, looking for trespassers. He gets a little bored, and decides to take some time out for a some good ol' fashion masterbation. This is not one of your better ideas, especially when your boss is the very butch and very strict York Powers. York catches Chris beating his salami on the job and decides to teach him a lesson. He throws Chris down on the ground and holds him there with his foot. He then proceeds to piss all over Chris's chest! This gets Chris so turned on, he lets go a turrent of piss himself! (I usually don't approve of watersports, but Chris was very naughty, and he deserved it!) York then pushes Chris around like a three dollar whore before forcing Chris to suck his dick. York slaps Chris upside the head many times with his engorged cock before cuming all over Chris's chest. Damn! The two then head back to headquarters, so York can continue to teach Chris a lesson. They go at it outdoors in a really cool outdoor shower.
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