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Boxcover for Bi Naturals
Bi Naturals 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Rocky Summers, Jerry Zikes, Lukas Lucky, Cliff Calhoun, Martini Smirous, Roger Venturo, Joanna Condler, Michaelo Petz
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Alan Pelican
Release date: 11/7/2004
Bi Naturals reviews:
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As I view more and more of these bi-sexual films from this studio where the guys are a lot more attractive than the gals, Ive begun to realize that they are just the thing for closeted gays or those who dont want the clerk in the video store to think they want to watch a gay film. Bi-Naturals is just such a film. It begins with Jerry Zikes wandering though the park. (I just watched Jerrythen called Jerodin a gay film MUSCLE INN which I would have posted in a review but found it wasnt listed anywhere. Pity, as it was a pretty good film.) Anyway, Jerry/Jerod meets up with a curly haired blond, Lucky Lucas, and a somewhat skinny girl with straight hair, Joanna Chandler. Lucky invites Jerry to join them and he and Jerry immediately compliment one another on their bodies. (See what I mean?) Lucky suggests the three of them go somewhere and have sex. Crossing the railroad tracks, they find a spot near a fence that seems suitable.
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Boxcover for Birthday Orgy 1 (US Male)
Birthday Orgy 1 (US Male) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lenny Krejcik, Rocky Summers, Cliff Calhoun, Renetta Feher, Paolo Hrbek, Phillipe Hron, Lubo Karda, Lenny Krecik, Marty Notime, Oliver Smiles, Frankie Suave, Veronica Vine
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Alex Schnegr
Release date: 10/21/2004
Birthday Orgy 1 (US Male) reviews:
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When watching a bisexual film I wonder if its harder for a straight man to suck a cock, or for a gay man to eat a pussy. Is it easier for a straight man to fuck a man, or for a gay man to fuck a femme? Of course Europeans are not as hung-up sexually as we Americans, and it appears that for them a mouth is a mouth and its any port in a storm. Its Olivers birthday. The opening shows us exactly where this one is going. Oliver (the blond on the cover) is seated on the sofa between a gal (Renetta) and a guy (Rocky). His arm is around the gal, but his hand is in Rockys crotch. Guests arrive bringing gifts. With 7 guys and 4 girls theres not enough girls to go around when things get underway. (Hmm). Oliver opens the champagne. Youll probably want to zip by this opening of stilted chatter in even more stilted and heavily accented English, and get right to the action. Paula (the blond gal on the cover) and Veronica start things off. Their stage is the coffee table and they put on quite a show.
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