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Wet Palms: Season 1, Episode 2 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Chi Chi LaRue, Chad Donovan, Ethan Marc, Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Michael Soldier, Jason Sechrest, Bret Wolfe, Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Paolo Cortez, Ashton Sorenson, Cody Cash
Studio: Jet Set

Directed by: Mathew Moore
Release date: 4/8/2006
Wet Palms: Season 1, Episode 2 reviews:
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Ashton Sorenson! This young blond with his pretty uncut prick who makes his film debut here as a guest star in this episode is as beautiful as any of the boys you will find at Bel Ami and well worth the price of admission. As our soap continues we find the mysterious Lucky Hanson (Gabriel Knight) doing odd jobs to pay for his room. One of these is to get the hot tub working. As Lucky leans over to retrieve a condom, he falls headlong into the tub. Rob Romoni gives him a hand up, and a robe to put on over his wet clothes. He tells Lucky that his TV isnt working and would he come to his room to see whats wrong. Of course the TV is working properly. What is wrong is Robs hard cock confined in his Speedos. Robit turns outis the president of Bubble Underwear and offers Lucky a job putting his bubble butt into Bubble Underwear even though Lucky wont put his bubble butt to work for Robs cock. Now enters Ashton Sorenson. He has been watching Luckys deliverance from the hot tub and comes just in the nick of time to assuage Robs boner.
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Boxcover for Porn Academy (All Worlds)
Porn Academy (All Worlds) 
(4.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Will Clark, Ron Jeremy, Chi Chi LaRue, Chad Donovan, Blake Harper, Chad Knight, Court Logan, Jason McCain, Danny Lopez, Andy Hunter, Tino Lopez
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Bud Light
Release date: 1/19/2003
Porn Academy (All Worlds) reviews:
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The Students: Andy Hunter (aka The Bad One) Court Logan (aka The Innocent One) Danny Lopez (aka The Quiet One) All Worlds Exclusive Tino Lopez (aka The Good One) and Introducing Jason McCain (aka The Straight One) The Instructors: Will Clark Chad Donovan Blake Harper Chad Knight Chi Chi LaRue and Ron Jeremy as The Headmaster PORN ACADEMY: Class Of 2002 First off, I actually got this film because I read Joe Shaver's review. I'd seen the movie in All Worlds' catalogue but it really didn't interest me that all that much. Or, should I say, it didn't look like it would interest me all that much. The sets seemed like they would be cheesy and the story seemed like more of a comedy and it all seemed pretty basic. And guess what? All of that is true! Except maybe the last part.... But I completely LOVED this film! It reminds me a bit of those late night infomercials that they feed you.
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PORN ACADEMY (All Worlds Video) directed by Bud Light (Wash West) Andy Hunter (a.k.a. Michael Fallon), Court Logan, Danny Lopez, Tino Lopez, Jason McCain, Blake Harper, Chad Knight, and in non-sexual roles Will Clark, Chad Donovan, Chi Chi LaRue, Ron Jeremy The students at All Worlds PORN ACADEMY graduate Magna Cum Laude. Director Wash West (using the name of what must be his favorite brewski, Bud Light) has concocted a cleverand very hotfilm. The premise is that of five students (Andy Hunter, Court Logan, Jason McCain, and Danny and Tino Lopez) who enroll in a school that teaches them how to be successful gay porn stars. Andy is a know-it-all; Court is an amiable innocent (???); Jason is a straight porn star who wants to try more than his hand at gay films; and Danny and Tino want to cash in on the growing Latino market. The first class is cocksucking with Chi Chi LaRue. This is like taking acting lessons from Jack Nicholson as Chi Chi has probably seen more cocks sucked than anyone else on the planet. Naturally she is in full drag here.
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Boxcover for Biker Pigs from Hell
Biker Pigs from Hell 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Cannon, Frank Parker, Sweet Williams, Eduardo, Chad Donovan, Joe Romero, Bo Garrett, Mark Kroner
Studio: Wildcat Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Release date: 11/1/2002
Biker Pigs from Hell reviews:
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Ive been getting a little bored with the body beautifuls and vanilla fuck and suck porn Ive been watching lately. So I went in search of something a little more raunchy, filthy, and piggythe kind of stuff that would, maybe, make both my hair and my dick stand on end. First upI thought that any porn with the outrageous term Biker Pigs in the title might be a possibility. And with inky bad boys Bo Garrett and Steve Cannon starring in this one, I figured it held some promise of what I was looking for. So heres a quick review of Biker Pigs From Hell to be followed shortly by a review of BPFH 2. BPFH is not as raunchy as I had hoped for, but the sex scenes are mostly filled with good action. And Bo Garrett never looked better or greasier. Its too bad hes out of porn for now and really didnt make all that many flicks when he was in it. The premise of the film is that cheap trick Steve Cannon spends the night with Bo Garrett and as the film opens, Steve awakens and leaves a still sleeping Bo, taking his money, wallet, and Harley. Very, very, very bad move Steve.
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Boxcover for Moan
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Donovan, Doug Jeffries, Blake Harper, Tommy Lord, Ethan Marc, Jason Branch
Studio: Vivid

Release date: 6/21/2001
Moan reviews:
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Okay, this is my second review of a gay title. Honestly, I have had no experience with Vivid Man in the past, but have viewed their straight titles. I was really looking forward to this one, especially since it mixed two things I really love, slasher movies and Blake Harper (drool!) The Movie: I was a little disappointed with this flick. For starters, this turned out a lot... softer than I had expected. There are hardcore shots and all, but the sex scenes are not all that graphic really. That is a pity since, with the exception of the actor who played the cop, all the talent is really attractive. It also doesn't help that almost all the sex scenes are "rape" scenes. Yes, they all have the guy getting attacked liking it, but seeing him struggling before hand kind of kills the mood. Still, it's a cute title. It's a little more dialogue heavy than I am used to seeing with gay titles. The first scene in the movie is between a twinky type guy, and the first of the two "killers".
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Boxcover for Seven Deadly Sins, The: Pride
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Pride 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Donovan, Rick Ritter, Nick Young, Duke Miller, Jackson Price, Jeffrey Alan, Eddie Rollan
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Dirk Yates
Release date: 6/6/2001
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Pride reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Dirk Yates Cast: Duke Miller, Rick Ritter, Chad Donovan, Jackson Price, Nick Young, Eddie Rollan, Jeffrey Alan, Frank Marine, Lance Landers Story: Duke Miller stars as a big hunky stud who is rather stuck on himself. Pride follows him around New Orleans for a day and shows what kind of mischief he gets into. Scene One The first scene is a short solo of Duke at home. Solos usually bore me, but this one is short and to the point. Duke has a great bod, and looks terrific in those tight boxer briefs. He shows us his glorious buns, plays with his little hole a bit, then jerks off onto the mirror. Scene Two Duke heads out on his balcony, and spies Jackson Price and Eddie Rollan making out in his backyard. Eddie has a nice sized cock, and you know it looks great sliding up Jacksons ass. Theres quite a bit of oral before we get to the butt-banging, though, including an especially hot 69.
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Boxcover for Ryker's Revenge
Ryker's Revenge 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brett Ford, Ricky Starr, Chad Donovan, Logan Reed, Tony Donovan, Gabriel, Oscar, Steve Harper, Zachary Scott, Dean O'Connor, Ken Ryker, Joey Hart
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 8/11/2000
Ryker's Revenge reviews:
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Its been a long time coming, but I finally got a chance to see Odyssey Mens opus, Rykers Revenge. I was a little bit apprehensive about seeing this, since Ken Ryker he has a reputation for being a very trade straight top. Imagine my surprise when the movie starts out with Ken and Steve Harper in an incredibly romantic scene. Ive never seen Ken so passionate before! These guys kiss like they mean it! Steve spends a lot of time worshipping Kens cock, and you get some really great shots of that beauty. Even nicer is the shot of Steve slipping his tongue around Kens furry hole. Damn! Maybe someday Ken will give up his cherry on film! (I can dream cant I?) You gotta give props to Steve for keeping his cock rock hard while getting the entire length of Kens massive meat shoved up his ass. This is some seriously good stuff! Across town, Cub reporter Joey Hart is trying to find out the real reason why Ken left the industry. After a little digging, he ends up poolside with with one of Ken's ex-costars, Logan Reed.
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Boxcover for Mavericks 1
Mavericks 1 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Trent Reed, David Thompson, Chad Conners, Sunny Markham, J.T. Sloan, Chad Donovan, Rob Cryston, Bo Garrett, Mark Montana, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince, Scott Randsome, Beau Saxon
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 6/19/2000
Mavericks 1 reviews:
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Cowboys, western gear, outdoor scenes, good bodies, man-to-man sexIt all has the makings of a really worthy porn DVD. Unfortunately, it just doesnt quite deliver. JoeBlow69s review pretty well summarizes this flicks high points and low points so I wont go into the blow-by-blow, but Ive added some additional comments in this review. The main criticisms I have of this DVD are: 1) too many limp dicks and too many puny cum shots; 2) sex that lacked passion; and 3) (a thing that perhaps only I would find fault with) theyre supposed to be cowboys and ranchers and Mark Montana has on a pair of biker boots and theyre all driving puny little Ford Rangers and foreign pickups. I lived in Montana and Ive never seen ranchers there drive anything but full-sized Fords, Chevys, GMC or Dodge trucks. Even so, there are some positive things to be said here. In scene 1, Mark Montana does have a really nice dickbig and thickly veined. He does have problems, though, as JB69 reports, in getting it up and keeping it there. And his cumshot is really weak. J.T.
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Ya gotta love cowboys. There is just something about hot rugged men out on the range, living the simple life that makes my dick stand to attention. With this is mind, I was really stoked when Mavericks showed up in my mailbox. The first scene stars Mark Montana and J.T. Sloan. Mark is supposed to be Studio 2000s big new discovery hes on the cover, and is the only guy that shows up in more than one scene. I was not impressed, though. He looks good with his clothes on, but as soon as he takes off his shirt you notice that he doesnt have any pecs! Head back to the gym, Mark! When his pants come off, we see he does have a very large cock, but what good is it if he cant get it fully hard? The two guys suck each other off, and take turns cumming before things get anal. To my surprise, this is a flip/flop scene, with Mark getting fucked first (I thought for sure Mark was a top only). When its Marks turn to fuck J.T., he has to squeeze the base of his cock the whole time in order to get it hard enough to penetrate J.T.
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Boxcover for Inside Men 2
Inside Men 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Dino Phillips, Jeffrey Feliciano, Seth Black, Vince Bandero, Dean Spencer, Chad Conners, Sam Dixion, Joe Austin, Chad Donovan
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
Inside Men 2 reviews:
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This is sort of a fake documentary, in which Karen Dior (who appears briefly and is one of the scarier drag queens I've seen in awhile) invites men to have sex on her bed. Karen directed the very terrible Young Memories 2, so I went into this with a great deal of dread. Features: Not much. There are six trailers on side B, including one for this feature and the original. They all pretty much suck as they don't really show enough to compel me to check them out any further. And of the six, four are mismatched on the menu. Way to go Metro. There is also an unspectacular photo gallery and the usual web crap. That's about it. The feature: This is somewhat along the lines of a compilation, so nobody really has to act out any part other than "horny guy #_." Therefore acting and plot are thrown out. The music is pretty lame, for the most part, and the video is alright, but generally unspectacular. Karen provides an introduction (on camera...eek!) and speaks to the models (off camera) at the beginning of their scenes.
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