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Boxcover for Justice (Hot House)
Justice (Hot House) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco Paris, Parker Williams, Trevor Knight, Robert Van Damme, Tony Mecelli, Carlos Morales, Shane Rollins, Marc Williams, Nick Piston, Ty Hudson, Kent North, Brad Star, Nick Horn, Duke Michaels, Jordan Vaughn, Mike Roberts (II)
Studio: Hot House

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Release date: 9/29/2006
Justice (Hot House) reviews:
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Shane Rollins stars as an ordinary guy mistakenly charged and convicted of drug dealing. He is fucked over by the police/justice system (and 8 hot guys) in the process, but eventually gets revenge on the guy who framed him and is released on parole after servicing the Parole Board. A strong plot, a large cast, a star turn by Rollins (who appears in five of the six scenes), and high production values, though most of the performers don't match Rollins' skill and intensity.
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Boxcover for Barebacking With Carlos Morales
Barebacking With Carlos Morales 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alex, Antonio Vela, Jeff Palmer, Jay Ross, Carlos Morales, Jarod Steel, Whitey Anders
Studio: SX Video

Release date: 9/4/2006
Barebacking With Carlos Morales reviews:
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Despite the often jump-cut editing, this film is quite a pud-pounder. Carlos Morales, looking good but a bit scruffy, appears to tell us he is an exclusive for SX to make bareback films. We go immediately to the first scene where Carlos is paired with an extremely cute young twinkJarod Steel. Jarod sucks on Carlos cock, seemingly finding it quite a tasty morsel. He then allows Carlos to fuck him. As Carlos fucks him in the missionary position, he licks Jarods sweet feet. But it is when Jarod is in the subservient doggy position that the fucking really gets hot. Carlos' balls draw up to almost vanish as he pummels the young ass. He finally withdraws to deposit his load on Jarod's low-hangers. Jarod then cleans Carlos cock with his mouth and tongue. For scene two Carlos is with Alex and Whitey Anders. They stand before a sling. All wear white jocks. Whitey leans over the sling to suck Alexs black dick and enable Carlos to eat his ass. Whitey then gets up in the sling so Alex can fuck him.
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Boxcover for Bonesucker
(2.3 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Jason Hawke, Kent Larson, Arpad Miklos, Corbin Michaels, Carlos Morales, Dick James
Studio: Sinergy Films

Release date: 8/30/2005
Bonesucker reviews:
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Set in an art gallery. There's an artist named "Bonesucker", who makes odd "art" involving cutouts of male models, his sexy Eastern European model, an art dealer, and other random people thrown in.
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In the first scene we have Kent Larson and Dick James. They have a brief conversation and then begin kissing and groping. Dick works his mouth down Kents body and then starts sucking. Kent has a tattoo between his navel and cock that is sort of distracting. They have some heavy breathing and some moaning, but no real energy. There is little verbal exchange. No more foreplay as Kent goes to sucking Dick. Kent licks and focuses his attention to the head of Dicks dick with no real deep throating. Dick bends over and Kent goes to licking his ass. Not a very good rim job here. Kent fucks Dick doggy style while dick is almost emotionless. Dick moves to his back on some bench and begins to show a little emotion. Why these guys use props like a bench amazes me cause the squeaking drowns out what little talking the guys do. Kent remains quiet most of time just doing his job as fuckmaster. The scene moves to the guys standing beside each other as they blow their loads.
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The film opens with a nude Carlos Morales cutting out photos of other nudes men and pasting them on canvas to make a collage. The work is designed for a gallery run by Kent Larsen, a handsome butch number that in addition to being a sexy stud is also a pretty good actor. The tattoo of a spider in a web on his abdomen is not a come-on but what hangs below it is. Dick James, Kents assistant at the gallery doesnt have much respect for Carlos art. Dick is young and attractive. As an employee he knows just how to suck up to the boss and he does just that. As Dick sucks Kents dick his own dick, surmounted by only a trace of pubic hair, glistens with pre-cum. Kent cant resist it. After giving Dicks dick a good sucking, Kent starts rimming ass. Theres more hair around Dicks anus than above his dick but that doesnt prevent Kent from rimming it. It doesnt prevent him from fucking it either. The fucking goes on for much too long a time to use only two positions. Finally they stand side by side and jack off.
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Boxcover for Passport To Paradise
Passport To Paradise 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Enrico Vega, Ivan Andros, Miguel Leonn, Gerald, Carlos Morales, Pete Ross, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz
Studio: Raging Stallion

Directed by: Chris Ward
Release date: 4/12/2005
Passport To Paradise reviews:
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The cream of today's latino porn star crop has been assembled by director Chris Ward for this 2005 GayVN winner for Best Ethnic. Passport to Paradise is an amazing movie that is now available as a two-disc set that should be in everyone's collection. Passport is one of the latest in a series of releases from Raging Stallions Studio that marks a welcome shift towards ethnic stars and themes. (Fans of Passport to Paradise should consider Raging Stallion's phenomenal Arabesque as required viewing as well.) This video features superstars Miguel Leonn, Carlos Morales, and Enrico Vega. More recent stars, such as Ivan Andros, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz, and Pete Ross round out the cast. The plot is minimal and exists only to get the sexy cast from one exotic set to the next.
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Boxcover for Restless (Lucas)
Restless (Lucas) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Logan Reed, Carlo Morales, Miguel Antonio, Johnny Davis, Carlos Morales, John Matthews, Julio Jones, Stephan Bertolli, Sebastian Black, Rem Giovanni, Jeremy Jiggler, Gianni Pasquale, Tony Reolo
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 5/21/2001
Restless (Lucas) reviews:
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Director: Michael Lucas Cast: Johnny Davis, Miguel Antonio, Logan Reed, Stephan Bertolli, Carlos Morales, Julio Jones, Rem Giovanni, Jeremy Jiggler, Tony Reolo, Sebastian Black, John Mathews, Gianni Pascal Scene One The first scene starts with a real cutie (Carlos Morales) jacking off to a porno. You might remember Carlos from Kristen Bjorns A World of Men. Anyway, hes got a nice big dick, but we only see him give it a few strokes before we switch over to the video. Its a seven-man orgy. Some of the guys are a little scrawny for my tastes, but its always nice to see a big pile of naked flesh rolling around on a bed. Unfortunately, this scene doesnt really work for me. The oral part goes on for too long (20 minutes is way to long to have to wait for penetration!) Things pick up a bit once the fucking starts, but to be honest, some of the guys here are just plain not attractive. A few are literally skin and bones! The only real bright spot to the scene is at the end, where we get to see the Carlos blow his load.
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