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Boxcover for Vengeance (Lucas Entertainment)
Vengeance (Lucas Entertainment) 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Michael Lucas, Carlo Morales, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Acosta, Tony
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release date: 7/22/2002
Vengeance (Lucas Entertainment) reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Michael Lucas Cast: Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt, Carlos Morales, Richie Fine, Anthony Ferrat, Tony Acosta, Erik Martins, Michael Mattel Story: A jealous lover recruits the Russian Mafia to teach his cheating boyfriend a lesson. Scene One Starring: Tony Acosta, Michael Mattel First up, Tony Acosta plays a big bad Russian Goon hell bent on showing Michael what happens to guys who steal money from the Russian Mafia. Tonys tough guy act doesnt really work for me, but Ill give him one thing, he sure is energetic. Hes also one of the sloppiest ass-eaters Ive ever seen! Michael is a cute little twink-type, but doesnt really get into things as much as Tony does. Tonys frenetic fucking is the only thing that keeps this scene interesting.
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Starring Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt, Carlos Morales, Richie Fine, Anthony Ferrat, Tony Acosta, Erik Martins and Michael Mattel. Directed by Michael Lucas Special Edition Features: "Behind the Scenes" Featurette, Cast Interviews, Previews. Omigod! That lean, mean sex machine known as Michael Lucas is back in top (and wow, what a top he can be!) form, and back with a VENGEANGE. I still have a major jones going for Michael, and he doesn't disappoint in this endeavor. This time around he's a Russian Mafia godfather, with better diction than Marlon Brando ever had, and also showing a lot more flesh than Brando, too. (Of course at this stage of the game, the thought of a naked Marlon Brando is the stuff on which nightmares are made). Be warned, however, that this is one mean movie. The sex is nasty from the get-go, and doesn't let up until the final j.o. session. These are nasty men doing the nasty nastily. (With the mail order version, the fourth scene is even nastier: with pissing and fisting included).
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Boxcover for Missing Link, The
Missing Link, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Katt, Blake Harper, Carlo Morales, Nino Bacci, Jeremy Tucker, Steve Cassidy, Marcus Iron, Lance Gear, Mark Reed, Troy Banner, Brandon James, Brad McGuire, Adam Hart, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Jackson Price, Mike Radcliffe, Adam Wolfe, Ryder, Mitch, Evan Taylor, Alex Burbon, Logan Krewe, Jay Ross, Black, Jay, Tigger
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 5/29/2002
Missing Link, The reviews:
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Clocking in an 3 1/2 hours, this movie will leave your dick drained and spent. Yes, I blew multiple loads while viewing this movie. :D This All Worlds flick directed by Chi Chi LaRue is at his/her flithy best. At an astounding 9 scenes, there's going to be at least one scene that will take you over the edge again, and again, and again. Raunchy and flithy sex at it's best is the only way to describe this film because any other kind of words I could use to describe this movie would not do it justice! It's that good. All the performances were excellent but if I have to narrow it down the top 3 performers in this movie are Steve Cassidy, Carlos Morales, and Lance Gear. Trust me it was damn near impossible to narrow it down to just those.
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Boxcover for Betrayed (Falcon Studios)
Betrayed (Falcon Studios) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Carlo Morales, Thom Barron, Kevin Miles, Kyle Becker, Luc Jarrett, Virgil Sainclair, Palmer, Jeff, Williams, Kevin, Sebastian Gronoff
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 2/1/2002
Betrayed (Falcon Studios) reviews:
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Kevin Williams appeared in porn ages ago expertly playing a na´ve boy who was just discovering sex. In each of his videos he was a virgin who would lose that status before the film was over. Young Kevins seduction by Eric Manchester in William Higginss BIG GUNS is probably the hottest scene ever put onto film. Kevin is back, but hes no longer the sexual neophyte he once played. Hes still an attractive morsel, but hes now a voracious bottom. He is swimming in the pool (naked of course) when his lover Virgil Sainclair drops by to bid him adieux. As Virgil leans over for a kiss, Kevin playfully pulls his fully clad lover into the pool. Kevin sucks Virgils big uncut cock, and Virgil not only fucks Kevin six ways from Sunday, he also inserts something the size of a drainpipe that pumps water up Kevins wazoo giving him an enema. [This is the directors cut and may not be in all versions]. The second scene has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot and appears to be in the film simply to supply the obligatory fourth scene.
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Boxcover for Restless (Lucas)
Restless (Lucas) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Logan Reed, Carlo Morales, Miguel Antonio, Johnny Davis, Carlos Morales, John Matthews, Julio Jones, Stephan Bertolli, Sebastian Black, Rem Giovanni, Jeremy Jiggler, Gianni Pasquale, Tony Reolo
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 5/21/2001
Restless (Lucas) reviews:
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Director: Michael Lucas Cast: Johnny Davis, Miguel Antonio, Logan Reed, Stephan Bertolli, Carlos Morales, Julio Jones, Rem Giovanni, Jeremy Jiggler, Tony Reolo, Sebastian Black, John Mathews, Gianni Pascal Scene One The first scene starts with a real cutie (Carlos Morales) jacking off to a porno. You might remember Carlos from Kristen Bjorns A World of Men. Anyway, hes got a nice big dick, but we only see him give it a few strokes before we switch over to the video. Its a seven-man orgy. Some of the guys are a little scrawny for my tastes, but its always nice to see a big pile of naked flesh rolling around on a bed. Unfortunately, this scene doesnt really work for me. The oral part goes on for too long (20 minutes is way to long to have to wait for penetration!) Things pick up a bit once the fucking starts, but to be honest, some of the guys here are just plain not attractive. A few are literally skin and bones! The only real bright spot to the scene is at the end, where we get to see the Carlos blow his load.
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Boxcover for Manhattan Sex Party 1
Manhattan Sex Party 1 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Max Grand, Carlo Morales, Rick Allen, Michel Mattel, Gabriel Cortez, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Leo Bramm, Guy
Studio: MSR Releasing

Release date: 5/19/2001
Manhattan Sex Party 1 reviews:
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Note: This review is of the Directors Cut. The edited version of this film may be missing all the oral cumshots as well as some other more extreme scenes. Men are Pigs. Thats MSRs motto. If you ever had any doubt check out Manhattan Sex Party. Take 20 hot and horny guys, and let them loose in a dungeon in Manhattan, and get ready for 2 hours of wall to wall hardcore butt-banging. During the 8 minute intro, while various guys are making their way through downtown New York, Gabriel Cortes is showering up before the big party. Keep your eyes on Gabriel; hes my new Hero! First off, check out his ass. Over the course of this movie, that beautiful bubble butt gets plowed by a variety of big cocks, as well as partially fisted by Max Grand! But the big surprise is that Gabriel is one of the most cum- hungry guys Ive seen in porn in a loooong time.
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Boxcover for Back in the Saddle (Lucas Entertainment)
Back in the Saddle (Lucas Entertainment) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Shawn Stevens, Marcello Reeves, Logan Reed, Michel Lucas, Carlo Morales, Joey Amor, Tom Jenkins, Damian Klein, Roberto Vista
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 7/19/2000
Back in the Saddle (Lucas Entertainment) reviews:
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BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN FEATURING: Marcelo Reeves, Joey Amor, Michel Lucas, Logan Reed, Damien Klein, Carlos Morales, Roberto Vista, Sean Stevens Tom Jenkins WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Michel Lucas MUSIC BY: Goodwrench I want to introduce you to my new best friend, Michel Lucas. You already know Michel, do you? Well, let me tell you that Back in the Saddle was my own introduction to this multi- talented young man. And what an introduction that was! A real prelude to a kiss, if you know what I mean. Not only did the dear Mr. Lucas gather up a bevy of beautiful boys for your erotic entertainment, he directed their action AND he performs in several scenes as well! It doesnt hurt that Michel has a finely chiseled face, with a primordial pair of lips, dreamy dark hair and eyes as well as a natural sheathed sausage: this man is the stuff that wet dreams are made on! In the world of Lucas Back in the Saddle, Michel loves his guy, Roberto Vista, but is feeling restless down on the ranch.
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