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Boxcover for Female Athletes
Female Athletes 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Thomas, Crystal Dawn, John Holmes, Don Fernando, Michael Morrison, Desiree Cousteau, Annette Haven, Jesie St. James, Jon Martin, David Morris, Richard Pacheco, Blair Harris, Dorothy Le May, John Seeman, Desiree West, Dorothy LeMay, Bonnie Holiday, Carl Regal, Jim Brown, Jesse Adams, Ken Scudder, Marlene Munroe, Cris Cassidy, Honey Holiday, Johnny Hardin, Lisa K. Loring, Karen Boston, T.J. Carson, Darcie Peters, Spender Travis
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Leon Gucci
Release date: 3/7/2004
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Female Athletes reviews:
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Female Athletes (1979) Studio Video X Pix Genre Golden Age Classic Director Leon Gucci Starring Annette Haven, Desiree Cousteau, Chris Cassidy, Bonnie Holiday,  Dorothy LeMay,  Paul Thomas, John Holmes, David Morris, Richard Pacheco, and others Running Time 1:20 DVD Format Single Sided, Single Layer (DVD-5) Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Full motion video main menu and trailer for In the Pink Typical Watchers Golden Age porn fans Typical Haters Watchers who can't stand relatively non-explicit, short sex scenes shot in the late 70's Replay Value Medium Themes Classic porn, natural breasts, sex with subordinates, outdoor sex, non-facial cumshots, girl-girl, anal sex, orgy, underwater sex, furry muffs Condoms None used If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy The Blonde [ /image ] -->The full title of this Golden Age film is Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Female Athletes But Were Too Excited to Ask!, leading you to think that it's some sort of sports themed porno.  But before yo
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Boxcover for 7 Into Snowy (TVX)
7 Into Snowy (TVX) 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Thomas, John Leslie, Kay Parker, Abigail Clayton, Turk Lyon, Clay Hyde, Bonnie Holiday, Carl Irwin, Richard Logan, Carl Regal, John Rolling, Paul Scharf, Kristine Heller, Jeff Lyle
Studio: TVX

Directed by: Antonio Shepherd
Release date: 8/31/2003
7 Into Snowy (TVX) reviews:
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7 Into Snowy (1977) Studio VCX Genre Golden Age Classic Director Antonio Sheppard Starring Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker, Bonnie Holliday, Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas, Carl Irwin, Clay Hyde, John Leslie, John Rolling, Paul Scharf, Richard Logan, and Turk Lyon Running Time 1:14 DVD Format DVD-R Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Full motion video main menu Typical Watchers Golden Age porn fans Typical Haters Anyone who hates hairy bushes, cheesy instrumental soundtracks, or circa 1970's films Replay Value None Themes Classic porn, couples porn, big tits, girl-girl, shower sex, toys, sex on the beachCondoms This was before AIDS If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Alexandra [ /image ] -->An adult take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 7 Into Snowy, is set in San Francisco, with Abigail Clayton as Snowy and Kay Parker as her evil, occult-practicing stepmother, Fedora.  Jealous of her stepdaughter's budding sexuality and beauty, she instructs her valet (Paul Thomas) seduce Snowy and then sexually abuse her.  Fedora
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Boxcover for Talk Dirty to Me 1 (Dreamland)
Talk Dirty to Me 1 (Dreamland) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sharon Kane, John Leslie, Jessie St. James, Holly McCall, Richard Pacheco, Juliet Anderson, Dorothy LeMay, Aaron Stuart, Anthony Spinelli, Carl Regal, Cris Cassidy
Studio: Dreamland

Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
Release date: 7/31/2001
Talk Dirty to Me 1 (Dreamland) reviews:
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Cast: Jesie St. James, Shirley Woods (aka Sharon Kane), Juliet Anderson, Cris Cassidy, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco and Aaron Stuart in sex roles; Dorothy LeMay, Holly McCall, Anthony Spinelli and Carl Regal in non-sex roles. Director: Anthony Spinelli Production date: 1979 in end credits; original release date of 1980 according to IAFD; DVD production date of 6/5/01 on box cover. Length: 80 min. Extras: Diesel's review at reports that the DVD includes a gallery of random freeze-framed stills. I am unable to view it on my copy, however. The only other "extras" are ads. Audio/visual quality: Print quality is very rough for first few minutes. Fortunately, the worst flickering subsides before the sex begins. The presence of blemishes, artifacts and video noise is probably acceptable given the age of the movie. The camerawork and editing are quite nicemuch less choppy than a few of the other classics I've seen. The emphasis falls on medium-length shots, with pleasing pans between faces and genitals.
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Boxcover for Sex World (VCX)
Sex World (VCX) 
(3.4 stars avg from 5 reviews)

Starring: Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Kay Parker, Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Abigail Clayton, Desiree West, Peter Whigham, Sharon Thorpe, Amber Hunt, Suzette Holland, Carole Tong, Joey Civera, Kent Hall, Jack Wright, Carl Regal, Maureen Spring, Cris Cassidy, Johnny Keyes, Carol Tong, Peter Johns, Roberto Ramos, Jake Freeman, Sean Desmond, Dennis Ratto, Carol Watts, Sally Carey, Rachel Blue, Sandra Pan, Miki Raver, Jack Train, Joan Worth, Ann Martin, Roger Kaho, Jay Zukerman, Tony Saenz, Dale Kalberg, Ben Blankenship, Pat Parker, Rex Harrison
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
Release date: 5/14/2001
Sex World (VCX) reviews:
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Mixing science and sexuality to help its clients fulfill their most intimate and deepest of desires, "Sex World" is a resort that ushers in groups of hand-picked tourists who are looking for a bit more out of their getaway than the standard vacation has to offer. Indeed, they're seeking sexual liberation and fulfillment--in one form or another--and "Sex World" is just the place to give it to them. Such is the case in Anthony Spinelli's 1977 release of the same title, a landmark film in the history of adult fare.
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Anthony Spinelli's "Sex World" is a movie that I have been wanting to see for a very long time. I finally obtained a copy of this 1978 classic and the wait was well worth it. As an adult movie with a real plot and actors who could actually act, this film is effective on several levels: As erotica, a character study, and a psychological drama. There are many characters to keep track of here and the movie is practically a who's who of porn in 1978. The story revolves around a group of people taking a chartered bus to a resort known as "Sex World". The characters include Annette Haven as a lesbian left by her lover (Cris Cassidy), who comes to the resort looking for a heterosexual encounter; an adult movie enthusiast (Sharon Thorpe) who can't express her desires in real life; a racist (John Leslie) who is slowly seduced by black beauty Desiree West, and several couples having various sexual problems. The sex scenes themselves are pretty short, since they are so numerous in number, but they are all beautifully shot and uniquely erotic.
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Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 1977 according to RAME, 1978 or 1979 according to the VCX copyright at the top and bottom of the screen during the feature Director: Anthony Spinelli Cast: Amber Hunt, Leslie Bovee, Chris Cassidy, Abigail Clayton, Carole Tong, Desiree West, Annette Haven, Maureen Spring, Kay Parker, Sharon Thorpe, Johnnie Keyes, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Jack Wright, Kent Hall, Peter Andrews, and Roberto Ramos Initial Expectations: YogaGrrl really enjoyed this feature, who I normally agree with very well. Flashs review wasnt so kind, who also normally shows some great taste, so Im not quite sure what to expect. Initial Reaction: Its just why people still long for golden age porn. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants plot, chemistry, and real people Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants implants, razor burn, and extreme sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a bit on the muffled side, but normally well balanced.
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