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hi,i was a big fan of this lady in the 1980s/90s,but i find that alot of her stuff from the era is unavailable? i know she is doing some extreme stuff these days! can anyone help me track down some of her early stuff such as NYMPHETTE".or at least point me in the right direction! thanks alot map47
Is Careena Collins still on the scene?
She was one of my absolute favorites. I know she made a couple of comebacks. Anything recent?
Careena Collins is a witch
Two scenes at pay for the entire memebrship. The first is the Tiffany Holliday scene in Cream Pie for the straight guy 3 which I already described in a previous thread as possibly the greatest RAC scene ever. The second is the Carenna Collins, yes I said Careena Collins(!!!!)scene in Black on White crime 5. Careena Collins is obvio ...
Wherefore art thou Careena Collins?
I remember her here a year or so ago, and then a few new scenes came out, I saw only one -(B on W Crime 5) and it was smokin! I love her heat, the purring, gurgling, shaking, trilling, what a hot MILF. Where are you? Please come back again. I never saw the new Evolution Erotica title, I forget the name, did anyone??? It seemed to come out a ...
Careena Collins video ID
Did anyone ever see the Careena Collins video where its sort of a bondage type flick. It has a homemade look to it and there is a part using VERY LARGE anal beads in it. Careena might even be wearing some white outfit. There is some guy and there might be another girl in the video also. I seen this image on her website homepage while the page was u ...
Careena Collins website?
A few months ago Careena Collins website announced that it was under construction and would open soon, that was around November 2004. An information on Careena's website? or an information on Careena?
Looking for Careena Collins, Roughest Scenes?
What are some of Careena Collins Roughest scenes, other than the ones listed below? 1. The Gangbang Girl 19 2. The Fashionistas 3. Butt Banged Naughty Nurses 4. Black and Bruised 5. Kink 6. Devil in Miss Jones 3 7. Takin It To The Limit 3 Also does anyone know why Careena's comeback was so short lived? Edited by - pornologist on Mar ...
Any Careena Collins news?
Does anyone out there have an update on Careena Collins? It seemed like she was ready for a comeback and getting her website ready to go as well and then about a month ago or so, there hasn't been any news about her and her site now goes to "page not found". I hope she is ok and has just been busy.
Where is Careena Collins?
careena collins came onto adt and started posting, talked about doing scenes again and talking about her various crushes with some male talent. i kept checking in on her website. there were no changes on that site since the first time i visited that site, now that site is no more. its as if she dropped off the face of the earth. careena, if you ...
Careena Collins
I saw a posting some months ago from Careena Collins. I always though that she was one of the hottest pornstars when I first started watching porn. It would be nice if she would be more active in this forum. If you are there, Careena, what are you doing these days? Are you still with Kane? Have you thought about a comeback? A creampie scene (so ...
Careena Collins
Careena I would like to know if you would like a web page? I have some friends who are setting up a site with girls from the 80es. There would be no cost to you. Email me at and I will give you the name and number of the girl who is setting this up. If you would like to meet with them I know they will have a booth at this upcomin ...
Careena Collins
Goddammit Careena is hot. I'm happy that she's posting here and I'ld like to do everything I can to encourage her to get in front of the camera again. It is my hope (and prayer) that Careena would appear in something like A Good Source of Iron #4, as she is the "Mother of all Cumsluts". Her scene in GBG 19 makes my blood boil. Who's ...