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Boxcover for White Bread
White Bread 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Justin Case, Caleb Stone
Studio: Dreamland

Release date: 3/31/2003
White Bread reviews:
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The film opens with a teacher telling a bleached-blond student that he can make up his failing test and keep his scholarship if he takes another test. The test is if he can take teachers hefty cock. And teacher has a big thick one. Little bleached student can hardly get his lips around it. It does, however, fit up his ass. In the second scene, a skinny blond has been asked over to help a friend with homework. They are both clothed on the bed with open textbooks. There is more on the friends mind and the books are soon closed to get on with the real reason he asked the blond over. He wants to tutor the tutor. The seduction is done well and the blond boy's shy but willing responses are quite believable. Soon the young blond is stripped naked. This kid is really skinny with big knobby knees. Theres no meat on his bones but he does have a nice piece of meat between his legs and he is sexy. The friend on the other hand is not sexy. In fact he is the least interesting naked boy I have ever seen. Its not that hes ugly. Its just a perfectly bland body.
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Boxcover for Put it in Coach
Put it in Coach 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Cameron Taylor, Sebastian, Caleb Stone, Casey Martin, Stevens, Corey
Studio: Inferno

Release date: 1/15/2002
Put it in Coach reviews:
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The strange irony is Coach never puts his meaty cut cock into anyones arse. Ripped off. It could have made this flick as good as it should have been. The cute but charm-less Cameron Taylor discovers coach Caleb Stone is a fucking fag when he uncovers his porn stash in his bedroom but apparently likes what he sees. The balding but not unattractive Caleb works hard to get his pitcher hard then sucks the nice-sized bat down to its root. Cameron briefly handles Coachs thick cock and chews on his nipples, but this kid is one passive fuck. He lies on the bed while Coach bounces all-too-briefly on his cock, and cant even get excited shooting a nice load on his face. Coach busts his nut on Camerons smooth gut to finish their lukewarm fuck. Blonde-tipped pretty boy Sebastian plays Coachs boyfriend, and isnt impressed to learn his man bottomed out to a teammate. The make-up sex provides the hottest action of the movie. The sucking is enthusiastic; Sebastian finally giving Calebs cock the attention it deserves.
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Boxcover for Hot Georgia Knights
Hot Georgia Knights 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Panther, Cristian Diaz, Cory Stevens, Caleb Stone, Mitch Ray, Casey Martin, Alex Mendex, Brett Thomas
Studio: Heatwave

Release date: 8/22/2001
Hot Georgia Knights reviews:
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Have fun and pretend Im not here. Thats what the cameraman tells to each of the couples that get it on in this film. The problem is they dont have fun, and you wont either. First up are two guys form South Florida. Hey, I though these were supposed to be Georgia peaches! They are Brett Thomas, an average looker with some chest hair and Mitch Ray, a bleached blond with the bushiest dark armpits I have seen. They perform in those dreadful white socks. The fuck appears to be bareback, but the camerawork is so poor in this film and as the fuck begins in medias res, one cant be sure. When Mitch cums, Brett licks it up, but we dont get a close-up of him doing it. Instead we have long shot. Jeez! Caleb Stone and Panther are the next couple. Caleb has no pubic hair and a big meaty dick that never gets hard despite Panthers best efforts. Panther is deliciously black and the lighting is so piss-poor that we are never able to see his features or his cock. I dont think Caleb ever sucks it anyway. Caleb finally got hard somehow because we find him fucking Panther.
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