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Boxcover for Buckback Mountain
Buckback Mountain 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Buck Angel, Sean Steele, Mylo Deren, Lobo
Studio: Buck Angel Entertainment

Directed by: Lawrence Roberts
Release date: 5/4/2007
Buckback Mountain reviews:
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Buckback Mountain is a clever adaptation of the mainstream film Brokeback Mountain. This newest version happily tweaks Annie Proulx's tale of cowboy romance, chucking the tragedy and inserting a lot more humor (and a whole lot more explicit sex). The producer and award-winning star is Buck Angel, a hot and handsome FTM transsexual whose phenomenal work is among the best proof that porn can sometimes be ahead of the curve.
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Boxcover for Buck Off
Buck Off 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Buck Angel
Studio: Avalon

Directed by: Buck Angel
Release date: 9/22/2006
Buck Off reviews:
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Buck Off is a respectable effort with several sweet spots. I like the foreplay the best. The showering in the second scene, roughhousing in the third scene, and kinkstering in the fourth scene are especially lovely.
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Boxcover for V For Vagina
V For Vagina 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kitty, Lyla Lei, Buck Angel, Nikki Brand, Moli Worx
Studio: Avalon

Directed by: Buck Angel
Release date: 6/20/2006
V For Vagina reviews:
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This is not Buck's finest release (that honor would have to go to the luscious romantic comedy Buckback Mountain. V for Vagina is, however, a half-notch above average. Buck hasn't used an all-female cast or a butt plug in any other movies I've seen, so his fans might especially enjoy these special treats.
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Boxcover for Cirque Noir
Cirque Noir 
(4.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Buck Angel, Richie Rennt, Tober Brandt, Logan Steele, Joey Russo, Ivan Grey, Spencer Quest, Cobalt, David Garcia, Ouchy the Clown, Rimjob the Klown, Stretch
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Brian Mills
Release date: 1/31/2006
Cirque Noir reviews:
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So, I bought this movie on curiosity alone. It looked interesting, and I have to say, some of the more extreme aspects caught my interest. The Movie: Alright... were do I begin. How about with a warning. If you get the uncut version, you are in for some extreme sex. There is watersports, fisting, and oh so much more. To say this movie is extreme is putting it lightly. So, warning aside, is the movie any good? Yes, it is. There is a nice blend here between the extreme, and the erotic. Basicaly the movie is bookended with two very extreme scenes, with more vanilla sex in the middle. The final scene is of major note since it features transexual porn star Buck Angel, the man with a vagina. So, the first scene, with Ouchy the Clown, Rimjob the Clown, and Joey Russo. The scene is heavy on the S&M and bondage, with a heavy dose of fisting and a smattering of water sports. While Joey and Rimjob are both slim built, Ouchy is a fairly heavy set man. I have to say, it was nice to see more normal men in the video.
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Neither Ringling Bros nor Cirque du Soleil can compare with Cirque Noir. What a fabulous concept! And how cleverly executed! Director Brian Mills has created a masterwork. Seeing him behind the scenes in other Titan films he seemed such a sweet gentle guy. Who would have thought he could produce such a tough, outrageous, lewd, decadent, jaw-droppingly wonderful work of art? It starts off with Joey Russo and a friend arriving at the circus. On stage come two clowns. Now Ive always thought clowns were pretty scary. And truth to tell Ouchy the Clown with his whip and maniacal laugh is just that. But the other clownknown here as Rimjob the Klownis very sexy. Rimjob has several piercings in his scrotum is slender and proves to be an ardent sexual performer. Ouchy asks for someone from the audience to come up and play with the clowns. Joey is volunteered. Before one can blink an eye Joey is naked. (There are not many prettier sights.) Hes bound to a St. Andrews Cross. The whip cracks and Rimjob crawls under to suck his dick. Ouchy pisses on his butt and into Rimjobs mouth.
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Boxcover for Buck's Beaver
Buck's Beaver 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kitty, Lena Ramon, Todd, Buck Angel, Jeff Cambell, Wade Mokawk
Studio: Robert Hill Ent.

Release date: 4/7/2005
Buck's Beaver reviews:
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Buck's Beaver Cast: Buck Angel, Kitty, Lena Ramon, Wade Mohawk, Jeff Cambell [sic], Todd. Director: Buck Angel Production date: 12/01/04 Length: 89 min. (including the interview, which is available separately but also runs in segments prior to each scene) Extras: The 7-min. interview with Buck Angel, a 20-min. collection of bonus scenes, and a 2-min. slide show. False Advertising: The cover incorrectly claims this is "The First FTM Porno Movie." Actually, it's not even Buck's firsthe has at least three previous releases through Mr. Bad Daddy Entertainment. In fact, the Buck's Beaver interviewer mentions seeing one of those movies. Whatever. If I were to deduct points every time I read hyperbole on an adult movie box cover, I doubt I'd ever award any five-star ratings. Audio/visual quality: The videography is disappointing. The problems are most apparent in the cringe-inducing second scene. The camera operator appears to be either (a) unfamiliar with the equipment or (b) higher than a weather balloon.
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