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Brianna Love
Anybody know if this girl does hardcore or goes by another name. Pay special attention to the ass shot. Brianna Eric Edited by - Eric Lowery on Aug 31 2005
Brianna Love no longer active?
I read somewhere that Brianna is "no longer active" in the business. Can anyone verify this?
Brianna Love filmed while pregnant?
There is a new release coming called ATK Pregnant Amateurs and distributed by Kick Ass Pictures. It certainly looks like Brianna Love before she went into adult dvd and worked exclusively on the web. Amazing if true.
Brianna Love?
Hi all,In another thread, it was noted that Brianna Love had retired.Does anyone have any details that they would like to share?She had a new scene come out for Brazzers on February 20th (~one week ago), but it could have been something shot awhile ago.Thanks in advance.Edited by - fu_q on Feb 27 2009
Brianna Love tattoo'd?
Two questions...Is this a new scene from Brianna?When did she get the tattoo?I've seen worse, but I always liked the fact she had perfect, unmarked skin.Is it real? Permanent?
Brianna Love...if your a fan
So I had to make some posters for Brianna Love as she is doing a signing for Anabolic at The Minx Show Palace and Love Boutique in April. I sent the file to the printer but then the client made a change. I had already run the first one so it's gonna end up in the shred machine unless you want it. It's a 24x36 full color poster and well it's a very ...
Brianna Love - what a butt!
I've just watched "Big Bubble Butts Anal Sluts 3". This is the first time I've seen Brianna Love. Wow, now that girl has an incredible butt, and she looks gorgeous too. I haven't see any of her earlier movies, but I'm definitely going to be checking out more of her stuff now.
IS there now too much Brianna Love out there...
Don't get me wrong, I love her , but is there such a thing as too much Love. I just don't want her becoming Naomi who before she left had like a million vids then flamed out.
Brianna Love's puffy nipples
Someone should suck on them, and them, and them.
Best positions for Brianna Love's gorgeous ass
I've just come accross some screen-shots of Briana Love getting the pumping of her life from a big black guy and his female partner, Jada Fire. (Film called 'Brianna Love is a Buttwoman')Jesus! It's hot the way Jada Fire starts playing around with Brianna's ass-cheeks. When Brianna gets on top of the black guy for a cowgirl ride. I wish Brianna wou ...
Describe Brianna's Butt
I am infatuated by Brianna Love's butt, but words fail me when I try to describe it. She has been a recent revelation for me, so I'm talking about the beautiful butt she's displayed for our viewing pleasure in Big Wet Asses 11, Massive Asses, and Brianna Love is Buttwoman.I'm wondering if there are any wordsmiths out there who would like to take a ...
Brianna Love - OMG
I recently saw a movie by Brianna Love in Big Wet Asses #11. At first I thought she was Brianna Beach but after further inspection I came to realize Miss Love is way hotter and that arse is just out of this world.If you're new at Brianna Love (which I am) which movies would you recommend me and why?Please list your top 5 or top 10 movies by Brianna ...
Just Saw Brianna Love
For the first time in My Wife's First Monster Cock 8 She took on Boz with a great deal of humor and sprightly intelligence. Most of all she's clearly an athlete. Her butt and legs show signs of a lot of running. They are very powerful indeed.Her small breasts confirm that Brianna has been a long term athlete. Does anyone know her background? I want ...
Brianna Love @ LA Direct Models
Brianna Love is now at the LA Direct Models agency.Also, for those of you who like girls that are into doing various types of scenes, then check out the stuff that she's available for.
Brianna Love
I'm conflicted about posting this because I'm firmly against any kind of fanboy worship of any pornstar for any reason but Brianna has got something about her that really piques my interest. Her attractiveness and amazing ass are foregone conclusions, however, I think what really does it for me is when she's got glasses on.Elegant Angel has a way o ...
Brianna Love-Still performing?
Anyone know if this lovely lady is still performing? Just watched Brianna Love Oversexed! Yowzah! AXL Edited by - axlsfury on Aug 5 2006