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RE: Who's this w/ Brett Rockman?
I'm trying to find out who the girl is w/ Brett Rockman. Any info would be great!!! Thanxs!!
brett rockman - xxx training day 2?
i know rockman is a member - any thought on making this a series - i really liked this flick - in the girlvert and hellfire series, i felt the dom wasnt involved in the sex enough, while in service animals and hellcats, the dom girl wasnt quite dom enough - xxxtd has just the right mix, imho
Brett Rockman/ Karina??
Hello saw a vid today called real white meat from antigua pictures it had a scene with brett rockman & MY FAV LADY KARINA anyone know when this scene was shot? Is Karina still retired? Someone out there please tell me shes back...... BAD BOY RUDY
Brett Rockman bj dvd's
Anyone have any opinions on any of the bj series from Rockman..either the "Blowjobs gone Wild" , "oral assistance" or "Double Indulgence" dvd's ? they look pretty hot...I even saw where there is a triple bj in the latest "Blow jobs gone wild" dvd....are they anywhere near the quality of ZT's "Blow me San ...
Brett Rockmans Stick your Pole in my rear Hole
Ok here it is everyone. From Rockman Enterprises comes "Stick your Pole in my rear Hole" (thats what she said...)Its my next movie. Thats Staci Thorn in the cover also starring Lena Julliett, Alex Devine, Victoria Givens Daphne Rosen, Chloe Dior and kody Coxxx. Street Date is November 16th. Check it out!!! Brett Edited ...
Brett Rockmans: Stick your POLE in my rear HOLE
Brett Rockman and Rockman Enterprises presents "Stick your POLE in my rear HOLE" A new line where girls are taking it in the A Aside from the snazzy title Expect the same energetic sensual and semi-bizarre sex you saw in "Blowjobs Gone Wild" Actually, this line focuses more on the sex itself and not just on the anal sex. Ch ...
Brett Rockman presents "BlowJobs Gone Wild"
Check out "Blowjobs Gone Wild" My next movie. I assure everyone its more than just blowjobs! This I think is pretty original and look out for a big orgy to finish this movie out. Movie to be distributed by "Cinema Play" under the "Rockman Enterprises" Logo. Releasing July 13th
Brett Rockmans "Chew on my Spew "
Look for "Chew on my Spew" a new POV Swallow line releasing this Tuesday March 30th from DogHouse Digital directed by Brett Rockman. "We are looking for this POV line to set the standard for POV lines." Its %100 swallow where the girls don't miss a drop!
Brett Rockman producing new 2 girl 1guy line
Check out "Double Indulgence" My new line with 2 girls and 1 guy in every scene. Volume 1 released March 2nd. Volume 2 will release first week of May. To the point sex is the intended theme. Look for it at "PowerHouse Limited" part of "WildLife Productions" Check it out and tell me what you guys think. PEACE ...