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Boxcover for Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Hans Ebson, Robert Kirk, Chad Hunt, Danny Chance, Michaelangelo, Risi, Matt Summers, Marco Paris, Brett Collins, Rick Hollander Quartet, Victor Rios
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Release date: 9/16/2002
Chi Chi LaRue's Oral Exams reviews:
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High school student Matt Summers loves to suck dick; and, knowing the janitor Chad Hunt has the biggest one around, arranges to meet Chad in the Mens Room. When Matt arrives, Chad is already naked and waiting. Now even soft Chad has a bigand I mean BIGcock. Getting down on his knees, Matt starts on just the head and then goes farther and farther down untilMY GOD, HES DEEP-THROATED THE WHOLE THING! I hadnt seen anything like that since watching Cleo, my pet Boa Constrictor, swallow a rat. Chad grabs Matts head and makes him continue to swallow it all. When Chad asks to see Matts butt, he drops his pants to reveal a cute hairy bum that just begs to be fucked. Chad rubs his huge cock on the butt, but doesnt do more because this is a lesson in fellatio. So, Matt returns to deep-throating the monster. This time he sits on the toilet seat and Chad stands to face-fuck him all the way to the pubes. I swear you can see Chads enormous cock moving in Matts throat! Matts own huge cock is stiffly plastered to his stomach through it all. Finally, Chad can hold off no longer and cums.
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Boxcover for Young Joyriders
Young Joyriders 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Cameron Fox, Brett Collins
Studio: Heartland Studios

Release date: 8/22/2002
Young Joyriders reviews:
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Whats there to do in a small town in the middle of nowhere? Thats the problem that faces the two bored twinks we meet at the beginning of Young Joyriders. So, when they spy an abandoned car with its motor running belonging to the rich kid, Boris, the temptation to go for a joyride is impossible to resist. Josh Peters, one of the joyriders, is an average, nice-looking twink, while the other, Pauly Johns, is a fluffy-haired bleached blond with penciled eyebrows that I wasnt sure was male (probably a sweet kid, but much too effeminate for me). He resembles a young Marlene Dietrich. Discovering there is a cell phone in the car, they dial up a buddy, Bastian Gould, to see if he wants to come along, but Bastian has other plans. These plans include a young washing machine repairman, Jason Sizemore. We know Bastian has other plans, because he is wearing neither pants nor underwear as he is talking on the phone. The repairman is no dunce either and knows just what tool is needed for this job. Hes got the right one, and its a big one.
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Boxcover for Training Camp (U.S. Male)
Training Camp (U.S. Male) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Ryan Scott, Lark Larson, Brett Collins, Ryen Matthews, Eric Mann, Ryan Chandler
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Paul Barresi
Release date: 1/15/2002
Training Camp (U.S. Male) reviews:
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This is a very hot DVD! The actors are great to look at and they know how to suck and fuck, but the real triumph here is the cinematography. This cameraman knows just where to be and when; and just how long to hold to a shot before moving on to an even better one. HE'S GREAT! The first scene begins with Brett Collins and Ryen Matthews in boxing gloves sparing as Ryan Scott watches. Coach Ryan Chandler enters calls them pussies and drags Scott off for some bed work. (With all these Ryans in this film, no wonder Matthews opts for Ryen.) Left to themselves, Collins and Matthews stop sparing and start spearing. After each has sucked the other to full erection, they trundle down to the pool where Brett screws Ryan doggie style on a chaise longue. In scene two, the adorable Lark Larsen spies on Eric Evans doing roadwork and pushups. As Eric goes in to shower, Lark picks up the boxing gloves Eric has left behind. He not only returns them, he places himself on the bed for Eric to find when he returns from the shower. Eric is pleasantly surprised.
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