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Brandi Lyons: more IR scenes, PLEASE
I was hoping Brandi would go on a IR rampage after a scene she did with Charlie Mack but that did not materialize. Still hoping for more from her. She can take those big black anal missiles quite well!
Brandi Lyons? (Please God, Not Another One)
From Rog's site: Brandi Lyons Dead?Like Rog said, "I don’t usually run with things like this, but a reader sent it in and asked if I had any information. I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone knows a way to confirm it or debunk it quickly."
Brandi Lyons cut bangs?
I came across a DP photo series with Brandi Lyons, and she had bangs (which I had never seen before). She looked very hot. Does anyone know if there are some films in which she appears with her hair like this? Thanks-MichaelEdited by - chansteele on May 4 2009
Brandi Lyons back as a Squirter?
OK Brandi Lyons is featured on the cover of Filmco's Squirters DP Gang Bang #3. I am a fan of hers and yet she didn't show any sign of being able to squirt in the past. I also thought she had retired. So, Is Brandi really back? Is she really a squirter? I do miss Brandi. Her face is just amazing and totally unique. Her body is just awesome ...
Brandi Lyons - still active?
The subject says it all... Thx for replies. Peter Btw.: Seeing Brandi in JYLC or CCs movie is a dream! Edited by - Mr. Peter on Jun 17 2005
Brandi Lyons - Cum Martini question
A while back i grabbed a vid off of the net of brandi lyons holding a martini glass and had 3 guys come inside of it. Does anybody know what movie that was from. It seemed like a Down The Hatch vid but i couldn't tell. It was filmed outside i think, and there was music playing very low in the background. Any info would be appreciated Topic Moved ...
Brandi Lyons?
Does she have any relationship to scott lyons or is it just random that their names are the same?
Brandi Lyons in Gooey Buns2...
For all you gape lovers out there you've got to see this beautiful lady in Gooey Buns2. She loves anal sex and to gape. I would like to see a movie where all the best gapers get together for a showdown contest. Tom! If you're going to resurrect your "Planet of the Gapes" series she has got to be in the first one. And get Vivian Valentine ...