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Boxcover for Oliver Twink
Oliver Twink 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brad Star, Jarett Fox, Gabriel DuBois, Ryan Thompson, Matt Havoc, Riley Burke, Dillon Samuels, Jayce Jones, Kyros Christian
Studio: PZP Productions

Directed by: Peter Z. Pan
Release date: 11/16/2007
Oliver Twink reviews:
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With its mix of twinks and studs, Oliver Twink tells Charles Dickens' classic story with a slight twist. It's 2007, the location is South Beach, Florida, Fagin is a pimp and his boys are whores. But that co-dependant bitch Nancy still gets it in the end! Although there are plenty of laughs in this parody, the 100 hardcore sex is rough and hard, with ass eating and facial cum shots.
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Boxcover for Bottoming Desire, The
Bottoming Desire, The 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brad Star, Tory Mason, Jarett Fox
Studio: Marina Pacific

Release date: 10/25/2006
Bottoming Desire, The reviews:
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Just when I feared I was becoming disinterested in porn by seeing the same old things over and over, along comes a new studio with a talented team and a fresh approach that appears to take porn filming seriously. Fierce Dog is the new studio. THE BOTTOMING DESIRE is its first feature film. With handsome young actors, fine production values, some good sex, and an actual plotit is an awesome and auspicious beginning. The star name is the established performer Brad Star, but the star of the film is Tory Mason whom we ogled in the December Freshman Magazine. From his head to his toes this slender young hottie is very desirable. Indeed his feet are so beautiful that I couldnt imagine why one of the others didnt give them the oral worship that is their due. (Okay, so I have a foot fetish!) Tory plays an artist whose work has lost it. Brad is his agent who hopes to get Torys work back to its full potential. As the film opens Tory is getting a blowjob from Kyle the Trick. (Thats the name hes listed here as.) Kyle is a curly-haired cutie who eerily resembles a straight kid I know.
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Boxcover for Rammer
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Todd Maxwell, Danger, Ricky Martinez, Zackary Pierce, Brad Star, Scott Swann, Austin Edwards, Jake Dakota, Nick Horn, Tim Towers, Jake Nashwood, Dividian
Studio: Mustang

Release date: 10/23/2006
Rammer reviews:
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John Bruno really went for his dark side when he came up with Rammer from Mustang. Rammer, played by Davidian, is this guy dressed in sort of a clown outfit that finds people who may have not been nice and decides to punish them using some form of humiliation or just something to humble them a bit. Of course he manages to find a way to use sex in his process. He communicates to his victims via television and these televisions turn up in some unusual places. In the first scene Rammer is talking nonsense and wheeling in Nick Horn on a table. Zackary Pierce comes in and it becomes apparent these two have a bad past with each other. Zackary tells Nick that the metal collar around his neck is equipped to take shocks from some instrument Zack is holding. It will allow Zack to initiate an electrical shock to Nick if Nick does not do as he is told. Zack tells Nick to strip down and Nick hesitates until he feels the shock. He does as he is told from this point on and strips down.
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Boxcover for Hard Surf
Hard Surf 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco Paris, Jason Ridge, Brad Star, Mick Powers, Scott Swann, Dakota James, Tim Powers, Trojan
Studio: Massive

Directed by: John Bruno
Release date: 10/9/2006
Hard Surf reviews:
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John Bruno delivers with a feature film for Massive Studio with Hard Surf. He has brought in a cast of hot bodies with the ocean as the backdrop for a nice change of scenery. The film begins with sexy Brad Star coming out of the ocean carrying his surfboard. Jason Ridge and Scott Swann play the parts of the lifeguards watching him as he notices Jason. Scott tells Jason that Brad wants him, but lets him know he is too big of a pussy to go for it. Scott returns to his lifeguard shack while Jason walks away. Tim Towers, a tattooed muscle stud comes in to the shack and wastes no time in getting Scotts trunks off and sucking his cock. Tim gives it a lot of deep throat action as he gobbles the meat. Scott bends over the chair he has been sitting in while Tim gives his hole a good licking. Scott gets Tims trunks off and out pops a boner. Scott easily takes his partners dick in his mouth. There is a lot of spitting going on during this session. Scott eats Tims hole and Tim is a very verbal performer. Scott pulls out a huge dildo and slides it up into Tims ass.
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Boxcover for Justice (Hot House)
Justice (Hot House) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco Paris, Parker Williams, Trevor Knight, Robert Van Damme, Tony Mecelli, Carlos Morales, Shane Rollins, Marc Williams, Nick Piston, Ty Hudson, Kent North, Brad Star, Nick Horn, Duke Michaels, Jordan Vaughn, Mike Roberts (II)
Studio: Hot House

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Release date: 9/29/2006
Justice (Hot House) reviews:
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Shane Rollins stars as an ordinary guy mistakenly charged and convicted of drug dealing. He is fucked over by the police/justice system (and 8 hot guys) in the process, but eventually gets revenge on the guy who framed him and is released on parole after servicing the Parole Board. A strong plot, a large cast, a star turn by Rollins (who appears in five of the six scenes), and high production values, though most of the performers don't match Rollins' skill and intensity.
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Boxcover for Manplay MP-023
Manplay MP-023 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brad Star, Troy Gamaun, Josh West, Niko Reeves, Joey Caruso, Ford Tuff, Derek Hanson
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Brian Mills
Release date: 4/8/2006
Manplay MP-023 reviews:
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Manplay 23 is subtitled TURNED ON. Its aptly named as its pretty well guaranteed to get you turned on. As you probably know, Titan has altered the format of their Manplay series. Instead of getting together a group of guys and having them engage in an orgy on some platforms with cameras often in the scene, we now have a small feature film in which we have setup scenes with two or three performers. The productions are not as elaborate scenically or otherwise, but the performers are hot and the sex can be too. They are still auditions of sorts in that experienced Titans are paired with new stars-to-be. There are three scenes in this one. In the opening scene Derrick Hanson screws in a light bulb before screwing Troy Gamaun. Of course theres some cocksucking in between. Troy begins by sucking Derricks dick and licking his balls. Derrick then uses his pierced tongue on Troys cock and asshole. Theres even an interlude in which Derrick tries a bit of dockingputting his cockhead up to Troys and pulling Troys foreskin over both of their cocks.
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Boxcover for Spy Quest 2
Spy Quest 2 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Jake Deckard, Spencer Quest, Ken Mack, Zackary Pierce, Brad Star, Cobalt, Troy Gamaun, Cole Ryan
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Brian Mills
Release date: 4/4/2006
Spy Quest 2 reviews:
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Spencer Quest may just be the sexiest man in porn. At least when youre watching him on screen you think he is. So its great that theres a sequel to his earlier star vehicle with SPY QUEST 2. Its a spy vs. spy concept with a plot thats as thin and convoluted as the strand of a spiders web. But its enough on which to hang four super scorching sex scenes. Following an establishing shot of Quest Manor in San Francisco, a man in a ski mask is seen planting a bomb under Spencers car. We later learn this is Brad Star who, although working for Spencer, is a double agent for Quest's nemesis, Black Fist. Spencer comes out of the manor, hops in the car, and drives off. Luckily the car doesnt blow up at that moment or we wouldnt have any film. Spencer calls in on his cell phone to Ken Mack at the TIO Mobile Surveillance Van, which is spying on Black Fists organization. (If you saw Spy Quest 1 you may remember that TIO is an acronym for Titan Intelligence Organization though it might more appropriately stand for Tools Into Orifices.) Spencer asks if Brad is there.
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Boxcover for Side Effects
Side Effects 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tony Bishop, Tober Brandt, Jake Deckard, Damon DeMarco, Zackary Pierce, Brad Star, Diego de la Hoya, Troy Gamaun
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 1/17/2006
Side Effects reviews:
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Titan films always begin (after their annoying sirens and multiple warnings not to copy) with a preview of the films we are about to see. Now I wish they wouldnt do that as it takes away some of the surprises the film might have held. We know whos going to top and whose going to bottom and where this is going to take place. Such previews belong in the extras section and should be for other films. There is no need to preview a film we have already bought or rented. So stop this, Titan, please! After all you have a top-notch photographer (as well as director) in Brian Mills, so why not start with some of his super photos of the models? Now having got that off my chest, I must say thats the only major quarrel I have with this one. It has a sensible plot and is directed and photographed with Titans usual aplomb. In short, SIDE EFFECTS has some of the hottest men and some of the most dazzling sex you could ever hope to see on film! As it begins we find psychiatrist Jake Deckard listening to one of his patients tapes and taking notes. The patient is Troy Gamaun recounting his dream.
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Boxcover for Hotel Hookup
Hotel Hookup 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Diablo, Alan Gregory, Paolo, Erik Jensen, Jacob Smith, Joseph Dragon, Dale Ireland, Toby O'Connor, Craig Allen, Chris Neal, Brad Star, Audi Valonis, Todd O'Connor
Studio: Jackrabbit Releasing

Directed by: Decklin
Release date: 12/7/2005
Hotel Hookup reviews:
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With his baseball cap and scruffy appearance as a vacationer who runs into Paulo an older townie and invites him back to his hotel, I didnt recognize Brad Star until I saw him naked on the bed in room 512 waiting for his pickup to finish showering and I saw the two tell-tale stars tattooed on his abdomen. When his pickup Paulo joins him, Brad encourages the fellow to give him head. Paulo does this long and lovingly as Brad gives him instructions throughout. Then, with Paulo on his hands and knees, Brad drives his big cock in the backdoor for a dominating fuck. Never reciprocating in any cocksucking or showing the least bit of interest in his companion other than as a mouth and an ass, Brad comes across here as one of those straight guys who are willing to pick up a few bucks fucking guys on film. This makes his scene in Michael Lucas AUDITIONS 6 all the more exciting when we see Brad royally reamed by Lucas huge manrammer. (Check that one out!) Paulo is left to bring himself off.
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