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Rocki Whore Wins, Brad Armstrong Preps New Parody
For Immediate Release / April 19, 2012The Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody Draws Critical Acclaim as Brad Armstrong Preps Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody for ReleaseLos Angeles, Calif. - (April 19, 2012) - As acclaimed adult director Brad Armstrong puts the finishing touches on his upcoming release Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody, Wicke ...
Join Wicked's Brad Armstrong For THE COUNTDOWN
PRESS INVITATION / AUGUST 5, 2011 It's High Noon At The End Of Time:Join Brad Armstrong As He Explores The Last Days Of Planet Earth inTHE COUNTDOWN DATELINE: AUGUST 5, 2011 / ROADS TO MOSCOW PR LOS ANGELES, CA - (AUGUST 5, 2011 ROADS TO MOSCOW PR) - The Mayans predicted that the end of the world would befall us in the year 2012, but what if A ...
Brad Armstrong Announces Auditions For SEXY
AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT / MARCH 25, 2011LET'S DANCE:2011 AVN Best Feature Director Brad Armstrong Reveals Audition Plans For SEXY DATELINE: MARCH 25, 2011 / ROADS TO MOSCOWLOS ANGELES, CA - (MARCH 25, 2011 ROADS TO MOSCOW) - Films about the world of dance have captured the pop culture zeitgeist this year, and 2011 AVN Best Feature Director Brad Arm ...
Brad Armstrong Throws His Hat Into The Parody Ring
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 6, 2010 Season Of The Parody Blockbusters:BRAD ARMSTRONG Throws His Hat Into The Parody Ring DATELINE: AUGUST 6, 2010 / ROADS TO MOSCOW LOS ANGELES, CA (AUGUST 6, 2010 ROADS TO MOSCOW) - Having recently wrapped production on his epic motorcycle thriller SPEED, Brad Armstrong is turning his attention to the popular ...
Wicked's Brad Armstrong Feels The Need For 'SPEED'
PRODUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT: MAY 18, 2010 2010 XBIZ Director Of The YearBRAD ARMSTRONG Feels The Need ForSPEED DATELINE: MAY 18, 2010 / ROADS TO MOSCOW LOS ANGELES, CA (MAY 18, 2010 ROADS TO MOSCOW) - 2010 XBIZ Porn Studio Of The Year Wicked Pictures is pleased to announce that acclaimed director Brad Armstrong is following up the success of last yea ...
Accidental Hooker - Brad Armstrong
I just caught the trailor for Brad Armstrong's Accidental Hooker and was amazed at how much it reminded me of two movies Catalina Larranga was in during the softcore porn days of not so long ago.Not having watched the entire movie, I can't really say it is good or not good. I just thought it looked like an interesting attempt to copy a couple softc ...
Press Invite: Brad Armstrong's THE CRAVING
PRESS INVITE: May 29, 2007 THE CRAVING: 2007 AVN, XRCO, And AFW Award Winner BRAD ARMSTRONG Creates A Stylish New Film About The Animal In All Of Us Los Angeles, CA - (May 29, 2007 DMPR) - In January, Wicked Pictures received fifteen major AVN awards, with director BRAD ARMSTRONG's stylish films MANHUNTERS and FUCK accounting for twe ...
COMING HOME: Brad Armstrong's 1st Big 2007 Shoot!
Los Angeles, CA - (April 11, 2007 DMPR) - In January, Wicked Pictures received fifteen major AVN awards, with director BRAD ARMSTRONG's stylish films MANHUNTERS and FUCK accounting for twelve of the wins. Last week, the company was similarly honored, as Wicked took home a total of seven trophies from the ADAM FILM WORLD and XRCO (X-Rated Critics Or ...
Brad Armstrong's FUCK
I was wondering if anyone had any info about Brad Armstrong's new movie "Fuck" with Jessica Drake and Kirsten Price. I saw the simple ad for it in AVN and was intrigued. Is there a website or anything for it?
Directors : Brad Armstrong
What do you make of this multi-award winner's work ? As far as I can tell he's made mostly features for Wicked , plus a few for Vivid , so he might not be on everyone's 'watch list' . Of people who have seen ( or even been in ! ) his features , what do you think of them ? Does he shoot good sex scenes , how well do you feel he handles the non-sex s ...
Brad Armstrong's EUPHORIA
For the people at Wicked : I'm pretty confident this will be a great title, I have read in AVN mag that this is the biggest Wicked production to date... so is the budget even bigger than DREAM QUEST's ? Will the DVD come out shortly after the tape, or even concurrently?