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Boxcover for Men In Blue
Men In Blue 
(1.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Ron Jeremy, Gino Colbert, Paul Morgan, Rod Garetto, Brent Cross, Ryan Block, Blue Blake, Rich Raines, Michael Crawford, Cutter West, Scott Lyons, Juan Antonio, Zachery Scott, Andreas Bergane
Studio: Gino Pictures

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Release date: 3/14/2005
Men In Blue reviews:
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Men in Blue is an older movie staring the then 90s porn star Blue Blake. This movie is what porn was like in the late 90s and is pretty basic when it comes to a simple story, with lots of sex, but honestly isnt that what you want? The first scene we have Blue going up two Paul Morgan and Gino Colbert and forces Gino to suck Pauls cock. Though Gino resist, he eventually succumbs to Blues force and does a nice job. This scene sets up the fact that Blue is a bad, drinking, drug taking cop on the wrong side of the law. Next we start to get more into the story, Blue is being questioned about his partners Death, a suicide, by Famous straight Porn star Ron Jeremy. This gives way to a flashback of how Blue, drugged and raped his last partner, Brent Cross. It was pretty hot if youre into the rape thing. Brent does a great job of just laying there while Blue does what he pleases. After being raped, he kills himself when he realizes what has happened. We go back to the question of Blue by Ron and find out that Blue once ran into two Gay cops.
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MEN IN BLUE is a 1998 film that has now been transferred to DVD. It stars and was written by Blue Blake. It was directed by Gino Colbert. Despite the rave reviews filling the cover, this is one of those videos that should have been left to die in oblivion. Officer Blue Blakea Los Angeles policeman despite his cockney accentsits in his patrol car guzzling whisky. Spying Paul Morgan and Gino Colbert in a parked car, Blue goes over and calls them faggots. He plants incriminating evidence in the car andat gunpointforces Gino to suck Pauls cock and let Paul cum in his mouth. This was just the teaser. We now watch the credits. After the credits we find Blue sitting in an interrogation room being interrogated by internal affairs officer Ron Jeremy. Fat and homely, Ron is a legend in straight pornwhich only goes to show we homos have it better than the heteros. Rona good actor, I must admitquestions Blue about the suicide of his young partner, Brent Cross. In a flashback we get the story Blue doesnt tell. Brent arrives at Blues apartment to pick him up for duty.
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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 
(2.8 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 3/6/2003
Lumberjack Gang Bang reviews:
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The Plot This movie starts with mail call at a camp of lumberjacks. Boss Blue Blake hands out the mail to all the guys, and then delivers some bad news. It seems that the bridge to town has been washed out, so there will be no way for the guys to get any pussy for the next 6 months. As a result, they do what they always do in this situation - draw straws to see who will be Camp Bitch for the week. Duke Miller ends up being the lucky fellow and soon hes down on his knees sucking cock. The movie is broken up into 7 chapters, but there are really only 4 distinct scenes. scene 1 All the guys gather around Duke with their dicks out, and he sucks them all. Some of the dicks are nice and hard, but a few of them are only at half-mast. scene 2 Next, the guys lay Duke down on a table and take turns eating out his ass while Duke sucks more cock. Curiously, Dukes underwear is left on, covering his dick and only exposing his asshole.
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DUKE MILLERS LUMBERJACK GANG BANG Written, produced AND directed by Blue Blake Starring: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Rhett OHara, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Damian Steele, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey and Matt Sizemore. Featuring Blue Blake in a non-sexual role. (pity). Blue Blake has managed to whip out yet another winner. Im still waiting patiently for the day that he decides to whip his wiener out once more, but as the renaissance man of adult entertainment, Blake still wears the crown. Not that there was much writing going on for his production of LUMBERJACK GANG BANG, it is with this video that his directing skills are shown to their best advantage. This in not a plot-driven release; it has a great set-up, which establishes everything one needs to know right off the bat. Blake himself introduces each man, by name, as The Boss, distributing mail to the logging camp. Nice touch. The Boss then announces that the bridge has been washed out, leaving theses horny loggers without women for the next six weeks, at least.
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Title: Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gang Bang Studio: Arena Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer: Andre Adair Editor: Drew Warner Music: Rock Hard Cast: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Matt Sizemore, Rhett O'Hara, Kelly Madison, Damian Steele, Staten McCormack, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey, and Blue Blake (as "The Boss") Date of Production: June 2002 Running Time: 70 minutes Extras: Interactive Menus, Instant Scene Access, Bloopers and Outtakes, Hardcore Photo Gallery, DVD Rom Compatible The Story Set on a logging camp, all of our stars are bulky and chopping block and carrying water. They interrupt from their busy ax grinding work for a bit of mail call and everyone is treated to a letter (or two) from their sweeties back home. However, their perfume scented letters come tainted with another sense of news straight from their Boss's (Blue Blake) mouth. Seems the bridge that leads to town is down and won't be prepared for close to six months.
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Boxcover for Posing Strap
Posing Strap 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Randy Mixer, Blue Blake, Dave Logan, Zak Spears, Mark West, Johnny Rey
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 10/21/2002
Posing Strap reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Mark West, Zak Spears, Randy Mixer, Blue Blake, David Logan, Johnny Rey, Matt Dietz, Jimmy Toro, Lance Bronson Story: A museum exhibit of 50's gay erotica sends Zak down memory lane, giving his new friend an insider's look at all the torrid sex that went on behind the scenes. What I liked Zak Spears is the main attraction here. He looks incredible, and does a great job in both of his scenes. The first is an all oral with Lance, and while Lance doesn't reciprocate much, the cumshots are extra tastey. In his other scene, he tops Blue Blake and Jimmy Toro. I just can't say enough good things about Zak. I swear, I'd get a hard-on watching him hang wallpaper! Of course, if you love guys in posing straps, there's quite a bit of that here.
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Boxcover for Married Cops Do
Married Cops Do 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Blue Blake, Joe Romero, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Duke Miller, Caeser
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 7/8/2001
Married Cops Do reviews:
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Title: Married Cops Do Studio: IMD Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer(s): Max Ferrarri Editor(s): Kevin Glover Music: Sissy Vagina & Green X Cast: Introducing Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glen Matthew, (and in non sexual roles) Tony Valentino, T.J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah, and Blue Blake Date of Production: August 2000 Running Time: 89 minutes Menus & Chapters: 9 chapter selections! I was actually surprised because the scenes weren't very long. I didn't think that they would garner more, but obvious I was mistaken. It's always nice to have more than less. Extras: A photo gallery and 2 previews (Demolition Daddy & Tales From The Treehouse) Packaging: The cover art was really smart and the byline reads "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Duke Miller & Caesar grace the cover. The Story Duke Miller is the basic butch straight cop with a bitch wife (T.J. Hart) at home that nags him all the time.
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Married Cops Do "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Directed by Blue Blake Starring Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glenn Matthews. Tony Valentino with T. J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah and Blue Blake in non-sexual roles. Special Features Hardcore Photo Gallery (self- playing; almost 4 minutes), Previews (Stills for Tales from the Tree House and Demo Daddy) appr.45 seconds each. Blue Blakes stepping behind the camera has brought about a delicious, hot new look to home video. Long established as one of the hottest pieces of uncut meat, and a versatile performer, Blakes directorial skills on Married Cops Do demonstrate that he is also a director to be reckoned with. The pleasures begin with the cast he has assembled; full of big, beefy, muscular MEN going the distance for Blakes probing camera. What delectable treats the camera discloses! Hank Hightower. Joe Romero. Caesar. Tuck Johnson. Anthony Cox.
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Boxcover for Demolition Daddy
Demolition Daddy 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Carrigan, Joshua Scott, Blue Blake, Rich Raines, Chad Johnson, Hans Ebson, Mason Jarr, Gage Blake, Steve Hurley, Dash Rock, Ryan Steele
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 2/10/2001
Demolition Daddy reviews:
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Demolition Daddy starts out with the very hunkalicious Joshua Scott getting all lathered up in a shower. Ive always loved this guy, but I almost didnt recognize him without his goatee. Hes still looking as sexy as ever, though. Paul Carrigan interrupts his shower, and the two quickly get to the job at hand. Pauls been in the business for what seems like ages now, and lets face it, he has definitely seen better days. His body cant compete with the gym bunnies Falcon is putting out, but he still exudes masculinity, and looks great with Joshuas tongue lodged up his hairy ass. Paul gives Joshua a good fuck, comes all over his chest, then promptly drowns Joshua the bathtub and steals his identity. Did I forget to mention Paul plays a psychopathic murderer in this movie? Joshua was going to head on down to his construction site and close down the operation, but now Paul is going in his place. At the site, Steve Hurly is busy jacking off to a dirty movie.
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