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Boxcover for Heat (Titan)
Heat (Titan) 
(4.9 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Blake Harper, Chris Steele, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Yuri Breshnev, Jon Galt, Alec Martinez, Nick Nicaste, Brice Patton, Victor Racek
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Bruce Cam
Release date: 1/25/2001
Heat (Titan) reviews:
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Cast (in order of appearance): Alex Martinez, Yuri Breshnev, Victor Racek, Chris Steele, Michael Vincenzo, Brice Patton, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Jon Galt, and Nick Nicaste PLEASE NOTE: This is a review of the single disc, "censored" version of HEATthe one available from all sources. It does NOT include the "water sports" described in the last scene in JoeBlow69s review. Ive watched countless gay videos, going all the way back to the 1970s; but Ive never seen one to equal HEAT! The previous reviewers evaluations are right on; this is one for the ages. However, I want to add my two cents worth to say that HEAT doesnt need the rough stuff to rank at the very top of gay porn. The so-called "censored" version is excellent! I wont review the action in detail; JoeBlow69 has done a great job, so read what he has written.
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[NOTE : This is only my second gay DVD review as well as my second Titan Media DVD. I liked Fallen Angel III so much, that when I got the chance to review another, I jumped at it, though it took me a while to get around to finishing this review, it was reviewed by netguy in January, 2001, and by joeblow69 in June, 2001.] ----THIS IS THE TWO DISC, 3-HOUR, HARDCORE EDIT. ---- Starring Chris Steele, Yuri Breshnev, Victor Racek, Alec Martinez, Brice Patton, Blake Harper, Michael Vincenzo, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Nick Nicaste, and Jon Galt. Directed by Bruce Cam Edited by James Sheridan Produced by Titan Media and Keith Webb The intro is 7-minutes long, then the film opens with a jeep driving down a desert road, as an overlapping image of two guys kissing on a parked 4-wheeler plays. SCENE ONE : Two good-looking physically fit guys, Alec Martinez and Yuri Breshnev, kiss as a jeep is driven down a desert road. Alec has a smooth hairless chest and face, while Yuri is unshaven and more rugged looking.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Note: This review is of the 2 disc uncensored version of Heat. The censored version probably has most of the pissing in the last scene removed. Scene 1 Out under the blazing desert sun, Victor Raceks jeep has run out of gas. (If you arent in love with Victor, you arent gay its as simple as that!) Victor heads off to look for some gas, when he spies real life lovers Yuri Breshnev and Alec Martinez getting all hot and heavy down in a gorge. My big, beefy Russian Yuri is looking as great as ever, especially with those designer sunglasses of his! The two lovers exchange blowjobs, then Yuri gives Alecs ass a good spit shine to loosen it up for the pummeling its about to receive. Dont miss the few short glimples of Alecs dilated hole! Yuri fucks some big jets of cum out Alec, then blows a juicy load all over Alecs dick. Victor hurries down into the gorge to join the two lovers, and this is where things really start to heat up.
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