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The real truth about Ben English
Thay he did Gay Porn
Giselle with Derek Hay aka Ben English?
According to Giselle's facebook she is now in a relationship with Derek Hay aka Ben English? They did a scene today and then got together. aka Caz Padmore has changed her profile to in a relationship.Giselle is: is he ...
Derek Hay ..(aka Ben English) .. getting married?!
a friend in the industry just forwarded this to me this morning... .. i'm dying to know.... who is this woman??? is she talent??? [wedding invitation removed - don't post people's personal info]Edited by - narcissus on Aug 14 2008Edited by - Steph on Aug 14 2008
Ben English/Derek Hay: LA Direct Owner
Hey, how's it going, When you talk about him as the owner of LA Direct Models (aka World Modeling of the new era, no disrespect to Spiegler though), he's Derek Hay. When you talk about him as a male performer, he's Ben English. Either way, he's the same guy and he bothers the hell out of me. Who is he? Well, as Derek Hay he built up the ...
Angelica Sin and Ben English movie ID
anyone know tittles who angelica perform with ben? i looked in IAFD and not found results but i see some pics of each too making a scene
Ben English
Anyone have any info on Ben English? After seeing the same old studs do it, I am enjoying his performances and energy.
Ben English clip. Where's it from?
Does anyone know the context of this slightly gay clip of Ben English. CLICK (click on free, wait, LEFT click) Edited by - Tinaka on Mar 13 2005
Intensitivity 2--Krystal Summers & Ben English
Krystal Summers Appreciation Thread! (Had you forgotten about her?) Holy fucking shit! I'm happy! This scene is a dream. She looks like one of the frickin Barbie Twins (from back when they looked good), and Ben hammers her like... like..... he hammers her the same way he hammers everyone, but she takes it in that wonderful "I'm overwhel ...