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Boxcover for Four Score
Four Score 
(2.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ben Damon, Moreno, Matthew, Brady Martin, Trevor Knight, Nick Capra, Corbin Michaels, Brett Matthews, Eric Hung, Juan Casannova
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Release date: 1/26/2006
Four Score reviews:
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This film contains the shortest jackoff, the shortest blowjob, and the shortest fuck in the history of man or fruit fly. As the title suggests, it contains four separate and totally unrelated scenes. The scenes are also totally unrelated when it comes to quality. THE ASIAN SEX MACHINE. Eric Hung, an attractive Asian, spreads a towel on the living room floor; drops his drawers, and does three or four pushups. We next see him turning on the tap, taking a shower, and stroking his nice dick. Later on the bed, he strokes that dick and sticks a finger up his hairy ass. At 5 minutes and 24 seconds into the film Eric shoots his load. (The jackoff was less than two minutes. Now it gets rather embarrassing to watch someone pulling on their pud in until you fear they are removing skin, but rabbits cum slower than this.) Ethan heads off to an art gallery featuring atrocious examples of homoerotic art. There he meets Juan Casannova. They go back to Erics where they get it on. Wow! says Juan when he first sees Erics cock.
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Gino Colbert has done an interesting job in putting together this video, Four Score. You wont find the hottest and most well known models out there, but you will find models with one thing in common---huge dicks. There is no weinee in the bunch. The video is divided into four different stories, each with its own title. It doesnt exactly follow the lines of most videos. Each scene is entirely different from the others. . The video features an Asian guy named Eric Hung as the Asian Sex Machine. Ironically, Eric is not shown on the front cover. The first scene shows Eric coming out in a tee shirt and briefs to do some push-ups. In between doing the push-ups, he takes off the shirt, and takes off the briefs and goes back to the push-ups each time. He moves to the shower where you can see his tight muscular body and this huge hardon--huge as in length and girth. This has got to be the biggest dick I have seen on an Asian guy. He strokes himself for a bit and then moves to the bedroom for a quick jack off and cum shot.
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Boxcover for Straight To Bed (Arena)
Straight To Bed (Arena) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ben Damon, Michael Vista, Jack Sanders, Rob Romoni, Park Wiley, Andrew Adams
Studio: Arena

Release date: 2/4/2005
Straight To Bed (Arena) reviews:
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"Straight to Bed" is a movie that tells the story of wives setting up their guys with other men in order to prevent the guys from wanting 3 ways with other women and them. Jack Sanders and Park Wiley start us out as they are watching a football game. Park seduces Jack and a nice little sex scene starts that ends with Jack fucking park very nicely and cumming on his face. Michael Vista and Sean Steele are up next. When Michael comes over to do some home repairs he comments on how good a cook he is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. This of course peaks Michael's curiosity and low and behold they start fucking. Sucking and fucking ensues with Sean fucking Michael and cumming on his face. There is a lot of face cumming in this video if you like that stuff. Andrew Addams seduces straight man Raphael Shawn sucking him and getting his cock ready to plow his ass. They fuck any way possible giving Raphael's uncut cock a nice work out. The best looking guy in this film Rob Romoni and the astoundingly handsome Fredrick Ford and Ben Damon.
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The seduction of a straight guy is a fantasy for many gays. In actuality its mainly an ego trip as the sex is seldomif evergood. In films its always hot. Of course the guys in the films are about as straight as the Yellow Brick Road. STRAIGHT TO BED is a film that feeds the fantasy of straight seduction. The opening scene is by far the best. It is done with wonderful humor and the acting is top-notch. None of the remaining scenes come anywhere near it in believability and/or sexual heat. Straight Jack Sanders and gay Park Wiley are watching football on TV. Or rather, Jack is watching football and Park is watching Jack. Between touchdowns, Jack complains that his wife won't go for three-ways. Naturally, Jack is thinking of himself, his wife, and another woman. Park suggests that wifey might be more accommodating if he would permit her to first have a three-way with her husband and another man. But where will I find another man? Jack laments. OH, shut up and lean back, an exasperated Park orders. And down he goes. In no time, Jack's big dick is reaching heavenward.
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Boxcover for Ryker's Money Shot
Ryker's Money Shot 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ben Damon, Ken Ryker, Chip Noll, Brad Benton, Jason Hawke, Alex Leon, Bobby Brennan
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Michael Zen
Release date: 6/16/2004
Ryker's Money Shot reviews:
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Ken Ryker is a giant of a man. He resembles that football player we all lusted over. Hes probably straight, but he will suck a dick (briefly) and, like former porn star Rick Donovan, his dick is so big that when it gets hard its really never stiff. (No one has that much blood in them.) Still, with his handsome face, muscular lightly haired torso, and enormous cock Ken is a force to be reckoned with. He began his career as a Falcon exclusive. At one point someone had him shave that massive chest and the result wasin my opiniona bad career move. Thankfully, the hair is back and so is Ken. Hes freelancing now and has appeared in such films as The Matinee Idol, Rykers Web, Rykers Revenge, and now Rykers Money Shot. The film opens with Brad Benton meeting Ken in a bar and telling him of how he picked up a hustler who done him wrong. Brad is one of my favorite performers who is just now emerging from his twink phase. The hustler is Ben Damon. Both know how to suck a dick and Brad rims a mean ass.
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Boxcover for Cuffed
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dave Nelson, Mark Slade, Brad King, Tommy Lord, Ben Damon, Jens Hammer, Rob Lance, Jeff White
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: Derek Kent
Release date: 6/18/2000
Cuffed reviews:
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Cuffed! is the first DVD release of Mark Slade, who recently made the switch to gay porn from straight, where he was known as Frank Towers. Apparently, he starred in over 200 straight movies before he realized that he could make a ton more money in gay porn. Oh well, their loss is our gain! Mark has a great body, not to mention a very thick cock and some big hairy balls. The question is, will he be able to turn up the heat with another man? Cuffed! starts out with a very nice extreme close- up of Rob Lance drooling all over Marks cock. Unfortunately, Mark doesnt reciprocate much in this scene. As soon as Rob finishes his spit- shine job, Mark bends him over and starts plowing away. This is probably the weakest scene, as Mark doesnt seem to into the sex here. I think that he prefers his meat a little younger, as we will see in scene 5. Just as the two have finished getting dressed, Robs son Tommy Lord comes home.
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