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Belladonna is back (2011)
I looked around but did not see this posted.Belladonna has a new scene in SpontaneASS - for the first time in many years (not counting solo scenes).Here's the trailer:
Hottest Look for Belladonna??
I know Belladonna is a Chameleon when it comes to her look.But what look do you guys find the hottest for Belladonna??BaldShort HairLong Black hairLong Blond hair*image removed, doesn't comply with ADT's image policy*For me it is a tie between Bald and Short.Edited by - Joey Starr on Apr 27 2011
Best Belladonna movie apart from Fashionistas??
What is the best movie with Belladonna in it, with exception to fashionistas?I heard that Weapons of ass distruction is a good one.
I met Belladonna an hour ago!!!
Not giving anything out...thought it was a cool story.I love my job! Waiting outside to get into an Apt Bldg and a young lady, nice as could be, let me in. As she was getting closer I said to myself, "Self, I think that is XXX." I was right and she couldn't have been cooler. Talked to her a few mins (small meaningless chit chat) and she s ...
Belladonna to Perform Acrobatics at AVN Awards
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEBelladonna to Perform Aerial Acrobatics at 2012 AVN AwardsWitness ‘Cirque du Bella’ Live in Las Vegas, January 21!December 20, 2011 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- Adult superstar Belladonna will perform her amazing Cirque du Bella aerial silk acrobatics routine live at the 2012 AVN Awards, taking place January 21 at the ...
Belladonna Shuts Down Website
Sad news from the porn world - espcially the fans of Lesbian Belladonna! She remembered she announced her retirement several months ago - well now the website is shut down and she's OFFICIALLY retired. Sad sad. Oh (RIP 2002-2010)
Belladonna done doing porn
Bella JUST announced that she is done doing porn - other than solo. She no longer wants to put her body at risk. She just announce on her radio show
Belladonna comes back!
Whooo hoo! We managed to get Belladonna to appear on POPPORN for the 2nd time! How? Blackmail!Just kidding. There was no blackmail involved. Only begging.Anyway...Groove on it!I AM MEAT BALL
Most over-the-top Belladonna effort?
I've always loved Belladonna because she so often seems like she's actually into the sex being filmed. As we all know, this is not always the case with other stars!But Bella DVD's are typically so expensive that I can't just buy them all. So I wondered: What is the hottest, knock-down-dragout, no-holds-barred, fetish-filled, NASTIEST effort(s) that ...
Can anyone recommend any videos where Belladonna appears as a blonde? I saw her at AVN 2009 and she was gorgeous! What a nice lady also!
1/15/2009 free trial activation?
I was just over at Belladonna's site to see if she had trailers up there and I noticed on the side of the page, that it mentions a free trial offer. I like Belladonna's work, but her website is one I have never joined so I thought, hey, that's a great deal, why not. The problem though is it brings up a page which asks you to enter a name and pass ...
Is Belladonna one of the best female pornstars?
Is Belladonna one of the best female pornstarts?My qualifications for this are: -- Looks (Natural, no trips to the panelbeater for bigger breasts etc)- Willingness to do anything- Making hardcore scenes look natrual like there is no camera there- Looks like a person you would love to party withThats why for me she is No1 !!I would be interested to ...
Identify two Belladonna Scenes for me
Hey all, I remember two scenes featuring Belladonna but I can't for the life of me remember what videos they were from:1) Belladonna and Nacho. It is supposedly a group scene but Nacho completely focuses on Belladonna, he pushes her against the wall and deep throats her for a very long time, it ends with him fucking her from behind while they are b ...
lactating Belladonna?
Did Belladonna ever do any scenes when she was lactating?
Belladonna web site any good ?
Can anyone tell me if belladonna's web site is worth joining ?What is the video clip content like and is it down loadable or just stream fed.
Belladonna just retired:(
She just now posted this blog from her myspace. Sad day indeed."*sigh* Well, my plan WAS to fill you all in on my past week and a half of life. But, sometimes things change in an instant. I CAN tell you that a few weeks back, I was as high on life. I felt that there was nothing in the world that could bring me down. I was given permission, by ...
belladonna back in business
.. if i understand her recent blog on myspace right
Belladonna's ass
Check out these pics from No Warning 3, it's from her scene with Sandra Romain think Belladonna should give her ass a rest or her ass will become like Mila's :( ...
Belladonna at her best in Ass Worship 2
I just watched Ass Worship to today, and I must say that Belladonna's does a hell of a performance, some of her best ever.I also love the look she had back in the days, with long black hair, a pretty tan, her chest is also fantastic her boobs was so pretty back then before she lost too much weight. And her asshole is pretty and does not worn out as ...
Belladonna's health
I'm seriously worried about Belladonna. She looks so unhealthy now a days, pale, thin etc. I just watched Iodine girl and I must say that I didn't like it. I don't like mechanical sex without passion, Belladonna just gets fucked really hard, but I don't find it erotic. It looks especially un sexy because of her shaved head and weird clothes. I ...
BellaDonna - the change of direction
I used to watch quite a few scenes from BellaDonna, mainly from early in her career. She had an incredible intensity in her boy/girl scenes Nowdays, her look has changed and I think she seems to concentrate mainly on doing lesbian porn. I'm not so much into the lesbian scenes, I preferred her earlier stuff, are you into her newer movies?
Belladonna @ AEE 2006 - Niiice!
I really like her look in these pics from the expo. She cleans up great and I'm a sucker for that haircut. Didn't she have a baby? Cuz it sure didn't hurt her figure! From From 2 3 From 2 With the Evil Angel squad Edited by - XrickyromaX on Jan 8 2006
Belladonna EVER doing guys again?
Is Bella going to go back to B/G work ever? I adore her but G/G movies just leave me flat. To me it's nothing but foreplay. Hope she starts really fucking again soon. I miss her. lordish
Belladonna:Her vids that she stars and produces
I have been to her side and i have seen she has done alot of fisting stuff, So i am wondering the movies she releases is there fisting in them. i mean is they on the special features on the DVD? Thanks!
belladonna pregnant
hi, anyone know what movies belladonna done during her pregnancy? i only know about my ass is haunted and belladonnas fucking girls again.. pls let me know every title.. thx a lot.
Belladonna Interview
Okay I am trying to catch-up on old things while doing some new stuff as well so here is a interview with Belladonna I did at AEE that I never posted as well as coverage of Tiffany Mynx's signing at Stan's of Hollywood. Belladonna Interview Tiffany Mynx
What Happened To Belladonna?
Holy cow, is she pregnant or what? and she's getting tore up! man, I just checked out Belladonna's "ass haunted" on Evil Angel and I was disgusted by her stomach. I'm talking instant shrinkage here! Evil Angel has got to do something about it, either put her on a Anna Nicole Smith diet or ........ Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Ja ...