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Beauty Dior got a boob job
I just noticed that Beauty Dior got her breast done. It was really sad for me because I can't even put into words how hot I thought she was and how much she turned me on. I noticed it because I follow her on Twitter and was checking out some pics she posted. Also dyed her hair blond. It was almost like she looked like a completely different person ...
Did Beauty Dior get out of the Biz?
Does anyone know if Beauty Dior quit the buisness?I noticed that her myspace/website is gone and HJ from the Justin Slayer crew told me he hasn't seen her around in while.Please say it aint so..
Beauty dior?
Does anyone know if Beauty has a myspace account? I searched for one but I couldn't find anything. I know she doesn't have a website. I think I'm this womens biggest fan. I want to send her some fan mail Edited by - sickguy on Oct 9 2006 Topic Moved by - hardware on Oct 9 2006