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Audrey Lords
Audrey LordsBirthplace Sarasota, Florida, USANationality/Heritage American Tattoos Small Lil' Devil On Upper-right Thigh AreaSource----Todd----
Audrey Lords - brief update!
Hey all!Busy busy busy times for the little redheaded girl.Just wanted to let eerybody know that the Audrey Lords myspace page is officially actie. There's not a whole lot to it now, but worry not - it'll have more pics and info than a stray dog has fleas. Pop on by and join the fun! :-)Also, Audrey Lords is on Facebook - and we have an official ...
Audrey Lords is back!
Hey all,So I disappeared for a while. I can hear it now: "...Well, another aspiring porn star has made it through the revolving door of the industry..." Har. I know that conversation never happened but for the sake of entertainment, we'll let it ride, hmm?Okay, well, I'm back and better than ever. After making a few of the basic and e ...
Audrey Lords - New here, thought I'd say hello :-)
Hi there, everyone!My name is Audrey Lords; I'm brand new to the adult film industry and thought that this would be a great place to introduce myself.As an avid fan of porn (and someone who just plain loves to fuck), I thought it was about time that I got myself involved in a more "hands-on" (or mouth-on or ass-on or what have you) manner ...