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Audrey Bitoni WHOA! Holy fuck she's hot shes like Thandie Newton meets that chick from That 70's Show
Alektra Blue or Audrey Bitoni?
Both of these brunette babes are stunning and are definitely among the hottest stars in porn. I think they are both underrated but outstanding performers especially Audrey Bitoni. I think they have pretty similar builds and I know they have identical initials so I thought I'd see how they stack up against each other. I know we'd all love to see the ...
Audrey Bitoni or Taylor St. Claire?
I love both these women and they rank among the most beautiful babes of the world. I always refer to Taylor St. Claire as a Goddess and genuinely feel that way about her Highness. She is an all-natural brunette with a gorgeous face and emerald-green eyes. What isn't there to like? She's also an amazing cocksucker and has performed some of the dirti ...
IWAdult Interviews Audrey Bitoni in September Issu
Porn Veteran Audrey Bitoni and Her Whimsical Porn CareerAudrey Bitoni is a beautiful black-haired porn star and model who came into the adult industry in 2006. The multi-ethnic (Italian/German/Spanish) and busty babe (34DD-23-33) has accumulated over 200 films and earned several award nominations over the years.We recently sat down with Audrey Bit ...
Audrey Bitoni
Wonder if Audrey will wnader around here as she is one of the hot girl in 2007. Audrey Bitoni Audrey Bitoni in hot list : Cum Beggars 5 2 Young To Fall In Love 3 Throb 2 etc...... Edited by - wewe on Apr 28 2007 Edited by - wewe on Apr 28 2007
audrey bitoni fisting
how bout some fisting or extreme stuff... love the new look on your site.... would like to see roxy raye style
audrey bitoni
how bout some fisting or extreme stuff... love the new look on your site.... would like to see roxy raye style
Audrey Bitoni or Christina Aguilera?
Who's hotter? Who do you want to fuck more, or get sucked off by more? I'm not too sure but I'm leaning towards Christina Aguilera at this point. I think she'll kill this poll if there's any participation and I'm hoping some Audrey fans will come out and say Audrey too because she's so beautiful. For me, it's a draw. I can't say Christina, I can't ...
Audrey Bitoni or Lisa Ann
I'm thinking that this is a good matchup to compare and while I'm all for Audrey I think Lisa will win. Any others think Audrey Bitoni is hotter and a better performer than the legendary Lisa Ann? To me this is like the Patriots against the Giants in last year's Superbowl but you know what...the Giants actually won. Let's see if Audrey has a little ...
Audrey Bitoni or Audrey Hollander?
Audrey Bitoni is one of the most shockingly gorgeous women to ever participate in porn. She is becoming my favorite all-time and that is quite impressive since the ladies I love are the hottest (it's true). Ms. Bitoni is an amazing performer who loves to kiss and always shines in her scenes regardless of her partner(s). If you have read any of my p ...
So what's Audrey Bitoni really like?
I'm not trying to start some cheap gossipboard, or tabloid. But sometimes I wonder what our favorite stars are really like in person. I have a question for those of you w/in the industry, who have worked w/ Audrey Bitoni. What is she really like? B/c based on her videos & the fact I met her once in person when she was feature dancing, she seems ...
Audrey Bitoni Leads VM's Top Heavy Homewreckers
For Immediate Release / October 25, 2010 Club International CovergirlAudrey Bitoni Brings Down The House In Top Heavy HomewreckersLos Angeles, Calif. - (October 25, 2010 ROADS TO MOSCOW) - Vouyer Media is pleased to present the debut of an all-new series from 2010 AVN award-nominated gonzo specialist Zander. Starring Club International covergirl A ...
Audrey Bitoni is underrated and overlooked
Audrey is one of the prettiest and most enthusiastic stars in porn. She is stunningly beautiful and always gives her best and nobody seems to appreciate her. Sorry for making another Audrey Bitoni thread but I just don't understand why she is not regarded as a superstar. She should have the highest rates in the business and she should be given the ...
Will Audrey Bitoni ever take on multiple penises?
She is one of the most beautiful women in the porn world and to me in the real world. I think she is absolutely stunning and gorgeous beyond words and I love to watch her in action. The amazing Audrey Bitoni - one of favorite girls of all time mainly because of her outstanding beauty bur also for her pristine performances. She is hot as blue fire a ...
Happy Birthday Audrey Bitoni!
Everybody's favorite porn girl and perhaps the sexiest woman alive is turning 23 today. I just wanted to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday because she is a sweetheart and such a beautiful babe! I hope Audrey Bitoni will celebrate today with some great food, lots of laughs and her best friends. She doesn't really check these boards anywa ...
How long do you think Amy Reid and Audrey Bitoni..
work out in the gym for? Or Do you think their bodies are naturally that toned, is it even remotely possible at all that both their bodies have that muscle definition naturally or do you think that for certain they have to do some sort of regular cardio/weights combination to look that way and if so, how long do you think their workout lasts? One h ...
Audrey Bitoni has never has an orgasm!
I just saw an interview where Audrey Bitoni has said that she has never achieved an orgasm ever in her life!If I left my girlfriend high and dry without making her have an orgasm during sex, I would never hear the end of it. I say we start a foundation to help Audrey have an orgasm because a pussy is a terrible thing to waste! Interview
Audrey Bitoni or Velicity Von?
I gotta give it to Audrey although I love Velicity. Velicity is so beautiful and has great tits and great enthusiasm and there is no doubt she loves sucking cocks. She is a Goddess but Audrey Bitoni wins just on being so hot. It is real close but Audrey Bitoni outclasses Velicity just a bit and I think if this thread gets started Velicity will get ...
Audrey Bitoni or Jayden James
While Jayden is certainly beautiful I'm sure this poll will prove to be a no-brainer. I adore Audrey and think she is the definition of MINT but Jayden is no slouch either and may gather some votes. They are both lovely brunettes with fake D cup breasts and have not gone as hardcore as desired but hopefully they will. Audrey Bitoni has my vote and ...
If Audrey Bitoni charged $500 per cumshot ...
in a bukkake would you be willing to pay? Assume she would want a minimum of 30 guys and a maximum of 50 so her pay would be between $30 000 - $50 000 for giving guys the privilege of cumming on her perfectly beautiful face. And the bukkake would not consist of a blowbang or touching Audrey. It would just be masturbating until ready to cum on this ...
Audrey Bitoni or the other girls in The Vampiress?
I adore Audrey Bitoni so much but the rest of the cast of The Vampiress is quite stellar in its own right: Alexis Texas, Amber Rayne, Ava Rose, Gianna Lynn and Rayveness. So assume you can have either Audrey for a one on one or these 5 all to yourself and tell me who you'd pick. This poll may be a little ridiculous but for me it's no contest and I' ...
Audrey Bitoni - 'Everything Audrey' Videos
I just posted the fourth part of my interview with Audrey on youtube:Everything Audrey 1.4 'The Interview Pt.4' this final installment of Adult Entertainment Superstar Audrey Bitoni's interview she talks about her upcoming website, myspace (and all the fake profiles out there) her favorite feature and wha ...
AUDREY BITONI Nabs Nightmoves New Starlet Nom!
New Star Factory Client AUDREY BITONI Receives Nightmoves Best New Starlet Nomination!For Immediate Release: July 9, 2008(Hollywood, CA) Brunette beauty Audrey Bitoni attains Best New Starlet nomination from Nightmoves and signs up The Star Factory for PR.Audrey Bitoni has been skyrocketing in popularity since entering the adult industry in late 20 ...
Audrey Bitoni or Lisa Daniels?
I'm just thinking that because of their hot abs and beautiful faces, busty racks and sexy everything these girls are close. I like Lisa but Audrey really smokes her as far as I'm concerned. If people choose to participate I can see Audrey Bitoni cleaning up in this poll but I may be surprised. I sure won't be surprised if nobody puts in their thoug ...
AUDREY BITONI Covers Club International!
Adult Entertainment Superstar AUDREY BITONI Covers Club International!For Immediate Release: August 22th, 2008(Hollywood, CA) L.A. Direct Models' Audrey Bitoni captures the cover of Club International among a myriad of exciting projects. Break out star of Adult Entertainment, Audrey Bitoni continues her skyrocketing rise of popularity. Since ente ...
Happy Birthday to Taylor Rain and Audrey Bitoni!
Today, August 16, 2008, is the 27th birthday for the wild Taylor Rain, who gave us some hot scenes to remember her by. Another sexy brunette, the lusty and busty Audrey Bitoni, turns 22 today.Happy birthday to both ladies.
Audrey Bitoni or Carmella Bing
I love both of these beautiful brunettes so I thought I'd see how they stack up against each other. I have cut down on the polls so please don't be upset about this and just participate if you like or ignore it. I give my vote to Audrey Bitoni...because I love her. Carmella is amazing for sure but Audrey's beautiful face is compelling and mystifyin ...
Open Letter to Audrey Bitoni
Audrey are a stunner. Your face is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous I have ever seen. I am a huge fan and I feel you are greatly underrated and not given enough props. I just wanted to write this to express my great sexual attraction to you and hope that you find yourself over to this porn forum and interract with your horny fans ...
Question about Audrey Bitoni
Right, I know Audrey has fake boobs, but did she get them enlarged even more at some point in her career?I notice in some of her earlier films they don't appear as big as more recent films.Plus also she seems to be doing the annoying 'leave the bra/top on' throughout her scenes now.I have tried to find the answer to this by using the search functio ...
Audrey Bitoni or Eva Angelina
Both sexy brunettes with augmented breasts and killer eyes that see out of stunning faces. Eva is nastier...Audrey is hotter. Audrey Bitoni gets my nod here and I hope she can win in this poll. Eva is huge competition but Audrey is so beautiful I have to vote her. I think people have a problem with her name...Audrey!! Sounds so ugly to me but when ...
Audrey Bitoni or Sativa Rose
Love 'em both but Audrey Bitoni is too hot to not pick. Sorry Sativa! I know you'll win anyway but AB does not get enough R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Audrey Bitoni or Jenna Haze?
I say Audrey Bitoni 100%. I am not a huge Jenna Haze fan but I wanted to see how she would challenge Audrey. I think Audrey will smoke this one. I know a lot of people love Jenna but I'm sure those same people love Audrey even more. Here's finding out...
Mystery Babe of the Week 150: Audrey Bitoni
Mystery Babe 150Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules.You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make.Thanks for playing.Edited by - Walter Burns on Apr 23 2008
Audrey Bitoni or Mindy Main?
Two of the hottest leanest and fake busty stars I have seen. I totally love Audrey Bitoni but I have seen more Mindy Main and she never fails me. I gotta give my props to Mindy Main here.
Amy Reid or Audrey Bitoni
Two of the hottest working stars. Amy Reid is natural. Audrey Bitoni is not. Amy Reid has gone a little further and has been more interesting and interactive to the fans. Their beauty is a draw I believe but I give Amy Reid the edge her due to her amazing attitude and her newly discovered raunchy side. Maybe Audrey Bitoni can step it up but it is s ...
Audrey Bitoni: Love Her To Pieces, But...
I've seen Audrey in a few movies (Fucked On Sight, Munch Box, some DP work) and I always want her to take it to the next level and just cut loose. Has anyone seen a movie with Audrey where she gets to that level, you know?... where Annette Schwarz, Sandra Romain, Tyla Wynn reside? Audrey is so beautiful, and I really want to see her talk some nasty ...
Audrey Bitoni's ethnicity
She isn't Italian, she claims to be Spanish and German on both sides of her family in Doctor Adventures.Edited by - CL on Nov 3 2007
Audrey Bitoni...God Damn
I know I may be late on her, but i have just invested in some of her films she starred in and she just blew me away! What a future she has in the biz. And and those sultry lips...they rival Sativa Rose!
Chris Streams "Nylons 2" with Audrey Bitoni
3rd Degree FilmsNylons 2Release Date: 10/23/07These aren’t your momma’s nylons! No granny panties here. Nothing but sexy, sleek nylons covering the softest, sexiest legs in porno today! Pulling them up or pulling them down these nylon nymphos are guaranteed to getting you going. To hell with fishnets and leg warmers, nylons are a leg ...
Audrey Bitoni--Happy 21st Birthday
The Big 2-1 for you today. Happy 21st Birthday Audrey!!! Edited by - bono-ONE on Aug 16 2007
Holy Moly! Audrey Bitoni an Italian sensation!
Was cruising through ladirectmodels and saw this new entry. Wow, just WOW. It lists her just doing b/g stills, hopefully that changes to scenes soon :D What do you guys think? Pretty damn stunning and nice boobjob aswell. Anyone have any more info/pics of her? Google ...