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Ashley long Gangbang
Im looking for a ashley long gangbang scene with shane diesel and the rest of the gangbangsquad.. the scene disappeared from the site for some reason.. also did this is ever make it to dvd?
Ashley Long-Phenomenal Performer!
I hope we can have on-going info on her career and other trivia since she’s such a hot babe, always gives a great effort, and has never disappointed me in any of the scenes I’ve watched of her.I hope she gets wind of this and starts to post in this thread. Ashley, please make ADT your other home!
Ashley Long?
Has anyone heard of anything new with Ashley? She used to have a web site with info, but it doesn't work. She's hot! I would love to see her in a vampire film, co-staring me of course! :)
Ashley Long?
Any new titles coming out? Anything new?
Ashley Long
I wanted to know if the Brit Ashley is going to come back to (this country) and making movies? I believe she was thrown out of this country a couple of years ago when she was stopped at LV or LA airport for not paying taxes and sent back to UK. She is real tall, lean and sexy.
Paging Ashley Long... FYI
Hi Ashley, I just wanted to let you know that your web site ( has been down for over a week, and your emails have been bouncing back for a lot longer than that. Your fans miss you, hurry back! Best wishes! (and Happy Holidays!) Steve
Ashley Long
Ashley Long is very HOT in the 2005 movie titled "Call Girl Wives. Can't wait for this title to be released on DVD.
Ashley Long..Yummy
Anyone know who this beautiful woman is contracted with? Or is she hoping from studios? Also, she did a few movie with Redlight and the vanished, will she work with the again especially since Manual is over there too.
Whither Ashley Long?
Last I heard she got deported and couldn't return until this September. Anyone know if she did, and what her plans are regarding the business? I've checked her website, but it doesn't say.
Happy Birthday Ashley Long
Hope you have many more. Can't wait to see you back in action. I still can't believe our guvmint denied her entry but let this asshole come in...;_ylt=AjoV1XWtwY7vqatbjKOrPx0DW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl The time has come for someone to put his foot down....and that foot is me.
Ashley Long...
Anyone knows what she's up to? Is she still making movies?
ASHLEY LONG - which film?
I'm trying to identify a movie from "New Sensations" featuring blonde English porn star Ashley Long. In it she wears white stockings & a white garter belt and gets fucked 1-on-1 by a white guy in a cream-colored sofa next to some large windows with lots of green trees in the background! That's about as best I can describe it, an ...
Ashley Long Deported
According to she arrived in Las Vegas, was denied entry, searched then sent back to England. It's nice to see our tax dollars at work keeping beautiful sexy women out of the country but allowing murderous terrorists in. Topic Moved by - saki on Sep 18 2004
Who is fucking Ashley Long?
Can anyone identify the guy that is fucking Ashley Long? CLICK HERE! What movie is it? Edited by - musashimaru on Sep 3 2004
CAL444, NEW OPENER , SEX SPA - Roxy, Ashley Long..
CAL444 Latest Project, Writting, Directing, and Editing "Sex Spa" He Said, She Said for Back End Productions Starring: Lexington Steele, Joelean, Jaclyn Licks, Roxy, Kayla, Lyla Lei, Ashley Long The Sexy Hijinks of a sports ICON at a Colorado Spa! see the title opener C ...
Where is ASHLEY LONG???
Is she back home in England? I hope she will be bak soon. I need to add more of her movies to my collection. This woman has is an Anal goddess and she's beautiful. Come back Ashley...Please..
Star of the Week 13: Shylock picks Ashley Long
Shylock guessed last week's Mystery Babe, so he got to pick this week's "Star of the Week". He picked Ashley Long. Ashley Long Steph said: "i'm glad everyone views pool = fun pool stuff. drew's first response to the name was, 'porn pool? like cesspool?'"
Ashley Long getting boob job?
I recently watched 'Ten Little Piggies #2' from PXP and in the extras on the DVD Ashley Long was talking about getting a boob job? WHY would she want to do this!? Anyway, anyone know if she went through with it or have seen the new work? She said she was going to a C cup. Thanks for any info. Topic Moved by - steph on Oct 8 2003
Mystery Babe of the Week 10: Ashley Long
In the thread about the Mystery Babe of the Week 9, I made this promise/threat: Walter Burns wrote: Next week, you will all be punished. I will post a picture of a close up of a little toe only. Maybe that will delay the right answer for, say, a minute or two. I decided to take pity on you all. So I am not giving you a toe, but a butt. ...
Conversations with Ashley Long
Interview by Gene Ross I spoke to Ashley Long on the set of Teen Patrol 4 directed by Skeeter Kerkove of last week. At least we got one thing out of the way. She's not Angel Long and neither girl are related, though they're both British and both very tall and tan. Gene: I'm sure you've been asked this before. But you look physic ...