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April Flowers!
I just re-watched April Flowers' scene from Flesh Hunters 6, and I beleive that she is the most perfect looking woman I have ever seen.Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jun 15 2010
April Flowers Scene - PLZ HELP!
I've been searching all over for the name of an April Flowers movie. In an interview she said that her most memorable porn experience was when she first squirted. The only other thing I remember is that I think she mentioned it was a Pleasure Productions film. I know its not much to go on, but can anyone tell me what movie she's referring to? A ...
Best scenes with April Flowers/Summers?
What's the best stuff with April? Has she done DP? Any good deep throat scenes -- swallowing? Creampies?
April Flowers ANAL in Flesh Hunter 6!!!
Flesh Hunter #6 Release date: 11/19 SIMULTANEOUS Flesh Hunter #6 marks only the second time that April Flowers has ever done anal in a movie. FH6 is destined to become one of Jules' top sellers and will become yet another Jules Jordan instant classic. The line-up is off the hookski: April: ANAL (did I forget to mentio ...
April Flowers new scene 1-17-2009
I just watched a new scene with April Flowers 1-17-2009 on Milfnextdoor. It was a girl/girl with some blonde called Samantha. The dirty blond April was sporting the new boobs and still looked good. The new boobs enhanced her thick nipples that were erect in no time thanks to some nippy sucking from her co-star. The scene itself was pretty hot for a ...
Great girl great scene
The question is who is she??here
The next Kobe Tai and April Flowers?
Are there any new girls in the industry that have that combination of a super tight body and extreme sexual energy on camera? Are there any girls on the level of Kobe Tai and April Flowers?
Is April Flowers/Summers actually back?
I keep hearing she came back but I haven't seen any new titles with her.
Is April Flowers/Summers actually back?
I saw some pictures a while back of her with some new implants... she looked to be in great shape and still very attractive... but has she actually made any new videos? Is anything firm on when she'll be back and what kind of work she'll be doing?
April Summers/Flowers boob job pics Looks like some other "work" too. What a Shame! Edited by - kh on Dec 7 2006
april flowers boobs?
i know april flowers retired from the business. However did she do any films with her new big boobs. It diffcult to see pictures of her with her new boobs? does anybody know where i could find them?
April Flowers?
I used to love her movies and always wondered if she saw fans on the side? Is she still around? Does anyone know if she ever sees her fans? mod note: changed title from all caps to comply with the Forum Etiquette Topic Moved by - hardware on Jun 29 2006
Anyone knows what happend to April Flowers?
The girl had the ass of a GODDESS, and was the only one around with that perfect ass before Teagan popped up. She never did anal for the longest time even with that amazing looking ass, but when she finally started doing it..i think she only did 3 anal titles and then just disapeared!! Anyone has any info on her, where she is and what's happend to ...
April Flowers - Icicle - Blowjob - movie name?
Guy has an Ice lolly/Icicle, which he periodically lets April eat; blowjob in front of the fridge/freezer. April is wearing a white thong and white top, on her knees. What movie is this? Thanks in advance guys.
Happy Birthday April Flowers
Has this überbabe retired? She's apparently still dancing.
April Flowers questions
Ive seen this lovely lady squirt in Down The Hatch 3. I know she does in Slumber Party 13 as well. Does anyone know of any other films she's squirted in? Also, in an interview Ive read she mentions that her first squirt was her most memorable porn experience. She mentioned in a different one (referring to the same scene) something about Ple ...
Question about an old April Flowers EA scene
I was going back into my collection and watched an Evil Angel/Joey Silvera video from a few years ago called Please! #6. Loved April Flowers in this video. She's dressed up as a cheerleader! She had sex this time with a black guy who is unfamiliar to me. I've never seen him in any other videos. Because of that it surprised me to see how often ...
Rd 1c April Flowers vs Tiffany Mynx (clsd)
This battle of the butts could be a hard choice for many people , God knows it is for me . Cute or vivacious , blonde or brunette ( at least for now ) . Where would you like to bury your snout for the next couple of hours ? April Flowers courtesy of IAFD , Official Site , Fan Site MLyons on April Flow ...
April Flowers with Dark Hair?
I saw this pic from about a year ago April Dark Hair Did she do any videos with that look?
Another April Flowers/Summers ANAL
I read this on an update she did for her website a few weeks ago: Not only did I get to shoot some hot stuff for my site, I did another Anal scene with Tony Ribas and Lauren Pheonix. It’s funny Lauren and I look a little alike. We’re both tall and have booties. The scene was hot and nasty, just the way you like them. I’m gettin ...
April Flowers NOT in "A Man Apart"
I thought Id relay a little "pornstars in mainstream" information. I saw A Man Apart, the Vin Diesel movie today, and I am 95 percent sure I saw April Flowers. She played a stripper of course and she had a couple lines. (not bad) But the club was a little dark, so I cant say 100 percent, but Im pretty sure. Good for her. NEVERMIND ...
Your Favorite April Flowers scene
I say "Up & Cummers #64" w/ Mr. Marcus. Truly hot scene! What say you? Topic Moved by - morbidthoughts on Mar 7 2003
*April Flowers*
This chick looks hot! I've seen her in Up & Cummers 64. Can someone tell me, where I can find a scene where she does hot anal sex on DVD (and which DVD)? Thanx a bunch! Nei lo mo-ah! Yuk ngoh? (Translation- You motherf*cker! Hit me?) -Quote taken from HK movie 'Long Arm of the Law 3'-
Wow April Flowers brings Spring Cum Showers...
This is definitely my favorite new pornstarlet. April Flowers Edited by - stephdunn on Apr 24 2001 Topic Moved by - stephdunn on Apr 24 2001
April Flowers
Just wondering if I am the only one who thinks that this girl is absolutely beautiful. I have seen her in a few Anabolic and Diabolic dvds and also a few other movies and she is without a doubt one of the sexiest females to grace pornoland in quite a while. Anyone else in this forum have any good suggestions of movies to check her out in. Also I s ...