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Boxcover for Bear Booty Call 2
Bear Booty Call 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anthony Mengetti, Cowtown Bear, Camo Kub, Cow Bear UK, Dean Ferguson, Fuzzy Cub, Titan Kub
Studio: Cyber Bears

Directed by: Ken Slater
Release date: 1/9/2006
Bear Booty Call 2 reviews:
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I decided to step out of my normal comfort zone and take a stab at reviewing a bear film. Bear Booty Call II is an hour-long video featuring three scenes with large fat men with hairy chests. Luckily none of these men were the all over hairy back and shoulders looking that you would normally associate with bears. Since these types of men are not appealing to me, I wouldnt call them hot, but I am sure there is an audience out there that is attracted to big fat hairy chested men. The first scene opens with Dean Ferguson in his hotel room on the phone inviting a friend up to his room. There is a knock at the door and in walk two guys. One is Cowbear UK a heavy white bald headed man and Cowtown Bear, a large black man. The three are quick to start making out kissing one another and working on each others nipples. The clothes on Cowtown come off first to reveal a pierced nipple. The guys continue sucking and pinching nipples along with kissing. Cowbear has a thick uncut cock, while Cowtown and Dean have short stubby dicks.
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Boxcover for Position Impossible
Position Impossible 
(1.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Hall Ross, Anthony Mengetti, Ted Lowe, Frank Sterling, Billy Boulders, Dave Davison
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 9/6/2000
Position Impossible reviews:
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There was a terrible old joke I heard in high school: Why does a dog lick his balls? Answer: Because he can. I guess something similar could be said about the guys in this film about sucking their own dicks. I guess weve all tried it at one time or another. Most of us dont succeed. When I was in high school auto-fellatio to me was getting a blowjob in a car. This DVD begins with Chad Donovan in a sling. Someone releases him and he goes and sits in a swing, leans over and licks the head of his dick. Sometimes he manages to get the head passed his lips, but its mainly just licking. Chad has an unfair advantage because he has a very big dick and he doesnt t have to bend over very far to get it. After much too long a time, he wends his way back to the sling where he continues licking the glans in an inverted position, eventually dropping a load into his mouth. The lighting in this scene is really bad and much of the activity is hidden in dark shadows. What did they think they were making? Film noir? Next up we have someone in a cage.
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From the looks of the cover Position Impossible looked like it had potential. A guy in a leather swing, doubled over, and licking his own dick! Who hasnt tried that before! Its like the old saying, "Why do dogs lick themselves? Because they can!" Anyway, this was a disappointment. I was hoping for maybe a slight parody of Mission Impossible but instead its just a series of vignettes with no relation to one another. It opens with Ted Lowe struggling to get out of a harness contraption when a cop(?) walks into the darkened room and undoes him and leaves. Ted bends over and begins to lick the head of his cock. He then moves to another area and sits in a swing and continues playing with his cock, stretching and pulling it, and ocassionally licking it. This continues for a bit and gets boring. He eventually gets the head of his cock in his mouth. As hes doubled over he continues this and then jerks off to the point where he shoots his own load in his mouth and on his face but by that point I was bored already.
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