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Boxcover for Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Anthony DeAngelo, Anthony Cox, Tanner Hayes, Eric Hanson, Rod Barry, Cox, Anthony, Diego Stefano, Tony Pacino
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Wash West
Release date: 9/29/2001
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony reviews:
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Director: Wash West Cast: Eric Hanson, Tanner Hayes, Rod Barry, Anthony Cox, Troy Michaels, Tony Pacino, Anthony De Angelo, Diego Stefano Story: Wash West delivers more story- driven porn this time in documentary form. Cutie-pie Tanner Hayes is making a video project on 60s porn star Dorian (Eric Hanson), complete with goofy interviews and retro film clips. Scene One Tanner finds one of Dorians first pornos at a garage sale, and rushes home to check it out. This scene is amazing. Wash West aged the footage with a layer of grain, and stuck in some of the glitches you normal see in 35mm film. The results are remarkable. If it werent for the condom, I would have sworn this scene was shot in the 60s. Anyway, the movie features Dorian and Diego in posing straps jumping on a trampoline and making out in the woods on a bench. Eric Hanson has a reputation for being somewhat of a cold fish. Ive only seen him once before (in Falcons Freshmen) and he was pretty indifferent to what was going on.
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Boxcover for Married Cops Do
Married Cops Do 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Blue Blake, Joe Romero, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Duke Miller, Caeser
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 7/8/2001
Married Cops Do reviews:
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Title: Married Cops Do Studio: IMD Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer(s): Max Ferrarri Editor(s): Kevin Glover Music: Sissy Vagina & Green X Cast: Introducing Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glen Matthew, (and in non sexual roles) Tony Valentino, T.J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah, and Blue Blake Date of Production: August 2000 Running Time: 89 minutes Menus & Chapters: 9 chapter selections! I was actually surprised because the scenes weren't very long. I didn't think that they would garner more, but obvious I was mistaken. It's always nice to have more than less. Extras: A photo gallery and 2 previews (Demolition Daddy & Tales From The Treehouse) Packaging: The cover art was really smart and the byline reads "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Duke Miller & Caesar grace the cover. The Story Duke Miller is the basic butch straight cop with a bitch wife (T.J. Hart) at home that nags him all the time.
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Married Cops Do "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Directed by Blue Blake Starring Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glenn Matthews. Tony Valentino with T. J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah and Blue Blake in non-sexual roles. Special Features Hardcore Photo Gallery (self- playing; almost 4 minutes), Previews (Stills for Tales from the Tree House and Demo Daddy) appr.45 seconds each. Blue Blakes stepping behind the camera has brought about a delicious, hot new look to home video. Long established as one of the hottest pieces of uncut meat, and a versatile performer, Blakes directorial skills on Married Cops Do demonstrate that he is also a director to be reckoned with. The pleasures begin with the cast he has assembled; full of big, beefy, muscular MEN going the distance for Blakes probing camera. What delectable treats the camera discloses! Hank Hightower. Joe Romero. Caesar. Tuck Johnson. Anthony Cox.
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Boxcover for Goosed! A Bisexual Fable
Goosed! A Bisexual Fable 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Candy Apples, Ethan Starr, T.J. Hart, Heaven Leigh, Dave Nelson, Tommy Cruise, Leo DeSilver, Bruce Hill, Zach Richards, Anthony Cox, Cox, Anthony, David Nelson, Elizabeth G., Obsession Demore, Leo De Silver, Tom Crooze
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Anthony Rose
Release date: 10/31/2000
Goosed! A Bisexual Fable reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: May 1999 Director: Anthony Rose Cast: Candy Apples, Elizabeth G., Heaven Leigh, Obsession Demore, T. J. Hart, Anthony Cox, Bruce Hill, David Nelson, Ethan Starr, Leo De Silver, Tom Crooze, Zach Richards in sexual roles and Chi Chi LaRue, Mistress Ilsa Strix, Mickey Skee, Wolfgang Eisenschwartz, in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive heard very good things about this series, and am definitely looking forward to it. Initial Reaction: Theres a couple minor bumps, but its still a very well done bisexual movie. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants a bisexual movie with chemistry and a fun spirit Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting dark and heavy scenes, facials, or girls doing anal The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done when you consider the age of the movie and that its a bisexual movie (which are notorious for poor technical aspects).
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Let's get right to it. The menu: Animated and very cute in a child-like way, since this is a take-off on Mother Goose. Though the packaging seems to list a lot of features, there really isn't much here but a manual photo gallery, two trailers, and chapter search. The cast: Chi Chi La Rue (non-sex), Mickey Skee (non-sex), Candy Apples, Wolfgang Eisenschwartz (non-sex), Ethan Starr, T.J. Hart, Tommy Cruise, Bruce Hill, Zach Richards, Dave Nelson, Anthony Cox, Heaven Leigh, Obsession DeMore, Leo DiSilver, Elizabeth X, and Mistress Ilsa Silk (non-sex). The movie: Overall, the image varies from just okay (all of Chi Chi's scenes) to pretty good (the hot tub is particularly good), most of the poorer images can be blamed on the lighting, which is often less than stellar. Most of the audio is live, though some is obviously overdubbed, and the porno tunes are indistinguishable from most others you've seen. Another problem is that when there is dialogue, one performer is often very loud, while the other is barely audible.
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Boxcover for Pharaoh's Curse, The
Pharaoh's Curse, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Duncan Mills, Doug Jeffries, Rob Steele, Blake Harper, Tuck Johnson, Zachary Scott, Jason Branch, Anthony Cox, Rick Chase, Luke Savage, Rick Allen, Jeremy Tucker, Steve Cassidy, Steve Shannon, A. Damron, Rubaire
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 9/21/2000
Pharaoh's Curse, The reviews:
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What a production! The Pharaohs Curse is one helluva dvd! First let me tell you about the extras: an interesting interview with the star Jon Eric, outakes and bloopers, filmographies, trailers, and a fascinating commentary by the director! This is what adult dvds are made for! Next, this is one of the best "epic" productions Ive seen in quite some time. With a cast of 17, great set design, costumes and props, and fine filming this is a top notch dvd! Just a tad over 2 hours I wont go into heavy detail about each and every scene but they are all hot! The scenes couldve been shortened maybe a bit as the action sometimes gets lost behind the story and glitz but overall its great! The basic premise is that the Pharaoh (Jon Eric) has a hunger for sex and has brought to him peasants which will turn out to be his sex toys. His hunger is more heightened when he is wearing his "sex suit", or with any who come in contact with it.
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Boxcover for Trust Me
Trust Me 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Blake Harper, Chris Steele, Anthony Cox, Marco Antonio, Drew Peters, Rick Hammersmith, Buddy Jones
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 9/6/2000
Trust Me reviews:
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Im not sure what to make of Studio 2000s Trust Me. I think it is supposed to be a love story if it is, its a rather depressing one. Chris Steele and Buddy Jones are long time lovers who have never spent any time apart. Buddy has to leave for 2 days for business, so the two engage in one last tryst in a hot tub before he goes. Chris is your basic buffed up daddy-type good looking, broad shoulders, nice cock. But Buddy, man oh man, where do I start? Last time I saw Buddy, he was my favorite studmeister from Hot Times in Little Havana. He doesnt look quite as good as he did in that flick, but he is still one hell of a hottie. Anyway, on to the sex The action is hot, but unfortunately, its oral only. The two lovers alternate blow jobs, but the highlight for me was Buddy stuffing his face between Chriss cheeks and licking his hairy ass for all its worth.
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