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Annie Sprinkle in the NY Times
Annie Sprinkle writing a book review and an article about herself , she's still a great smart classt lady- and still sexy at 57 ...
Annie Sprinkle...One Mo' Time
Hey Tom Byron, D.Wise, Lefty LaRue its time to get your serious granny freak on! I would love to see Annie down and dirty one mo' time. Could be a series title? Take it with my blessing.
Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle - new 3-disc set.
Hola - I promised I would report back about the new 3-disc Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle set. My friend never received his copy, and in the meantime I ordered and watched it.Well, first of all, I will admit that this is my very first Annie movie (I've read a lot of her work, but not seen her movies) and I was blown away. Amazing.But you all have proba ...
Annie Sprinkle Shares Sex Secrets in New Book
Reuters: Ex U.S. Prostitute and Porn Star Shares Secrets In a new book, "Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex: Make Over Your Love Life with One of the World's Great Sex Experts," she offers advice on how to uncover hidden desires and how to chart a 14-step path toward a more fulfilling sex life. Click on beautiful Taylor Rain for great ...