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Annette Schwarz appreciation thread
Just want to say that this lady has been added to the top of my list of all out balls to the wall go for it performers. Between her and Sasha Grey among others this past few months has seen some of the hottest porn in years. She not only does it all from the nasty to the sweet but she is just stunning to look at. Putting that together with her obvi ...
First scenes - Annette Schwarz?
I like to see the work of pornstars before they become famous, and was wondering if anyone had any information about the first scene on video that Annette Schwarz ever did? Topic Moved by - hardware on Apr 11 2007
what do you want to see done to Annette Schwarz?
that hasn't yet been done to her in a porn movie?
Which Annette Schwarz movie...
does she get on her knees and fit the guy's balls in her mouth while she's deep throating him?
Annette Schwarz biography
From TotallyAnnette.comMy name is Annette Schwarz and I was born in 1984 in a small German village not far away from the French border. Already in my mid-teens I dreamt of becoming famous. So moving to Munich in southern Germany and working as a nurse gave me the possibility to become independent from my parents and also make my first sexual experi ...
Annette Schwarz a great director
I wish that Annette Schwarz would start a collaboration with evilangel or some other big distributor.Her movies are quite twisted, she's more perverted than most male directors. A great director I think.It feels like such a waste that she's shooting porn in Germany when she could be shooting in the US. Sadly I don't find the german women in her mov ...
what's up with Annette Schwarz these days
the latest on our favourite 6 foot nasty blond, how's she doing in her life over in Europe. any chance of a comeback/?
Annette Schwarz Appreciation Society
I knew for quite some time that Annette is hot and wild, but for some strange reason, she was never a favorite of mine. Until a fateful night while being bored to death i started acquiring her scenes, and felt in love with her pretty much instantly. The stunts she does are off the chart. Leaving aside her films in Europe (where the law is far more ...
Annette Schwarz asks "Got milk?"
You're dating Annette Schwarz. One morning, she purrs in your ear that she wants to see you drink milk out of another pr0n star's ass. If you do, she promises that she and the other gal will, well, make it worth your while.Whom do you pick?
Annette Schwarz DAP
Does anyone know if Annette Schwarz has done DAP yet? I mean she's done so many other extreme things
Annette Schwarz's Fairly Abused #2 Released Today
Annette Schwarz's Fairly Abused #2 Released TodayYour Choice Acts as Exclusive Wholesale DistributorAmsterdam, NL - Without question, Annette Schwarz is one of the world's greatest adult stars. Her accumulated body of work since 2003, which includes her official website, ranks her among the most prolific and celebrated profession ...
Annette Schwarz
I recently started watching vids with Annette. Wow, she is definitely amazing! She needs to make a lot more movies here in America. She has excellent oral skills and very kinky. My only gripe is I would also like to see her do a little more anal. Otherwise, keep bringing on more stuff Annette. Topic Moved by - hardware on Nov 30 2006
Annette Schwarz = Queen of Porn!
I mean how can any sane, rational porn watcher disagree? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of girls that come close and will give Annette a real run for her money (like Belladonna, Ava Devine and Amber Rayne). But when it's all said and done, I don't think there's a girl in the history of porn who is sluttier and a better performer then this ch ...
Annette Schwarz distribution deal with Your Choice
It is with great pleasure I am posting our latest press release:Annette Schwarz signs distribution deal with Your Choice(Amsterdam, NL) - Annette Schwarz Production and Your Choice Distributions have signed an exclusive DVD distribution deal. The Munich based production company Annette Schwarz Production, was founded by the awardwinning German supe ...
Opinions on Annette Schwarz new web site?
Anyone checked out Annette's new website? Looks neat. Annette is I think a friend of the forum, and seems very nice, so if you tried it and think it sucks, please be gentle in your response. :) by - peter1 on Sep 9 2007
Annette Schwarz - Spermacolada
has anyone watced this movie? can someone tell me in which scene of this movie is Annette perfoming becaus i can't recognize her in this movie. probably earlier in her career she had different hairstyle but i just cann't fit her in any of the scenes... probably too different for me from nowdays.
Annette Schwarz?
Where can I find pics or videos of Annette Schwarz deep throating two cocks at once?ToddEdited by - Tmkowal on Mar 21 2009
Annette Schwartz - Ich liebe Dich
I've recently had a healthy obsession for Annette. I have always enjoyed her DP scenes the most, especially her gangbangs, but recently she is the only chick whose scenes I keep wanting to go back to.I've been looking for more of her DP/Gangbang movies, but I think I now have most of them. 7 The Hardway 3 seems to elude me though!Anyways, I read so ...
Annette Schwarz next challenge
Who is going to be the one to have Mandingo throat fuck Annette? Jack Napier has been swallowed by her. Now I wanna see Mandingo have his turn. I've only seen 1 other person deep throat him, and that was the impeccable Bobbi Bliss.
Annette Schwarz
Ah rats. Just seen my first scene of hers in Young Harlots: In Detention and very disappointed. I had high hopes for her.It's a MFF scene and she makes a really bad start when her mate is giving the guy a BJ and she shows no interest in his dick (doesn't touch or suck it once) but instead just dribbles spit all over herself then positions herself b ...
Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2
This is a scorcher of a porn flick.1st scene with Kimberly Kane and Steve Holmes is the most intense, bizarre and hot scene of this far. I'm a pretty "vanilla" porn watcher but this is was out of this world!The other scenes are great as well..pretty much has every kind of scene a fan could want...the real gem is the interaction ...
Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman #2??????
I heard a rumor that there will be a sequel to one of my favorite stars and DVD's Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman called, in fact, Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman #2. Is this true??? Any details??? Is Mason directing again? What sexual limits will she be pushing this time?? Has this already been filmed?I need details people!!
Happy birthday annette schwarz
Happy birthday, have a nice day
Candid pictures of Annette Schwarz
Though I'm Appreciative of her beauty on screen, are there any pictures circulating of Annette at any signing shows, award bashes.....anything really without make-up, looking candid. For me a girl's true beauty is when she's not caked in make-up. That's when true beauty shines through. If there's any pictures online, I'd really appreciate it. ...
Annette Schwarz
Can anyone recommend one of Annette Schwartz's DVD's. I like hardcore sex, including DP DPP and DAP, gangbangs, and anal reverse cowgirl, but I don't enjoy violent sex.
?Best Annette Schwarz BJ's?
I'm looking to buy the best oral work of Annette Schwarz. I have none of her stuff yet, but, from what I have heard, I am sure that I would appreciate it very much! Could someone give me a list and rank it with her best BJ's on top? The deepest deepthroats would, of course, be my priority! The BJ should go all the way to an oral/facial cumshot with ...
Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman (Box Cover + Trailer)
Here is all of the information for Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman:Synopsis: Award winning, cult Director, Mason (Dirty Trixxx, Lady Fellatio) returns to the Elegant Angel directing fold with Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman. Experience a breathtaking three hour and thirty minute voyage into the dark beauty of one of porn's most extreme performers. Traile ...
?Best Annette Schwarz Deepthroat Blowjobs?
Could anyone suggest DVD's that contain the best deepthroat work Annette Schwarz has ever done? Of course, the longest and thickest cocks would be my preference, and(also my preference) with the largest volume most forcefully spurted cumshots!!spurtinmouthTopic Moved by - hardware on Sep 11 2007
Annette Schwartz taking great facial cumshots
what are some of the movies or the movie in which Annette takes a monster facial. Lots of cum. Or has she not done a movie this good yet.Topic Moved by - hardware on Sep 2 2007
. . . Annette Schwarz is back!!!
Annette Schwarz is back in the U.S. ready to shoot some more DIRTY, FILTHY and UNBELIEVABLY DEPRAVED porn.That is all! SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts"
annette schwarz perhaps the next sex goddess
this is one hot babe.she's very nasty.she deepthroats beyond beliefshe spits cum into girls eyes, and ears.she's like an electrical socket ( three pronged )she can do a gang bang like no otherthough she's petite and she's not that big in the breast area, she makes up for it in every other way.more ladies should learn from her, they need to be darin ...
Q to Annette Schwartz
Have you done any scenes with Mandingo, Lexington Steele and Jack Napier. Would you like to? ;-)
Annette Schwarz outdoors - video]Annette Schwarz on YouTube (in German).She talks about how she was arrested one time and interrogated for 3 hours by the German police for a 'sexual offense'.Edited by - eduardo911 on Jul 11 2007
Annette Schwarz outdoors in Germany
Thread moved.Edited by - eduardo911 on Jul 11 2007
Annette Schwarz fucks skronker in the ass?
I just posted a very entertaining podcast. It was intended to be an interview with Alyssa Jordan but turned into more of post blowbang group effort over dinner with Alyssa, Annette Schwarz, Adrianna Nicole,JAGnLA and Sir Tim von Swine. (Annette professes her love for skronkie and fully intends to do unspeakable things to him later that evening.)edi ...
Question for Annette Schwarz
Hi Annette, I've always wondered if the girls who do 666 titles get significantly more money than those who do GGG? Thanks. Topic Moved by - hardware on Jun 2 2007
Annette Schwarz most extreme deepthroating
Can anyone recommend good scenes where Annette Schwarz does some real good extreme deepthroating? read this from wikipedia Is it true that she can deepthroat two cocks at the same time? that is fucking unbelievable. I also read somewhere that she deepthroated Lexington Steele's whole cock and balls! is it true? So please tell me about m ...
Q for Annette Schwarz
Hi Annette. I'm curious to know what your name on this board (CircusPferdchen) means. My guess is small circus horse. But I'm not so good at german, I skipped many german classes back in school :P Unfortunatly. Or perhaps anyone else knows...? Edited by - _swede_ on Apr 25 2007
Annette Schwarz & Sascha (I Dig 'em in Pigtails 3)
Any Annette Schwarz fans out there? I just got I Dig 'em in Pigtails #3, the latest film she stars in & wanted to say that I think it's her best performance yet! I love all of her work, but this one is my favorite for now. Her performance in Dark Meat is really wicked also. Both stars Annette & Sascha are German, which seems to be a winning ...
Folks, Today, March 25th, is ADRIANNA NICOLE's birthday and tomorrow is ANNETTE SCHWARZ's birthday! Happy birthday girls!! SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts"
Annette Schwarz on bang bros network
Question for Annette: I saw you had a scene on the Ass Parade web site of the Bang Bros network. Did you film any other scenes for any of their other websites as well? Thanks!
Annette Schwarz is the Cookie Monster!
Google image search, ninth image down Annette Schwarz :-D
Annette Schwarz at AVN show
I was at the AVN show today (Thursday). The only star who I absolutely HAD to meet was Annette Schwarz. Annette was a pure delight. She looked incredible and totally sexy, and she was very kind while we took a number of photos. Her English is very good and and she was extremely pleasant to talk with. Thank you Annette!!!
Annette Schwarz dvd (GGG- John Thompson)
GGG Die Spermafalle - £7.99 Link Getting a lot of attention on ADT at the moment Annette Schwarz Shipping free to UK...£1.00 to Europe Paypal, nochex and UK cheque/postal order accepted. I'm a gold trader.