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Boxcover for Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List
Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Damian Ford, Sam Dixon, Michael Brandon, Matt Bradshaw, Jason Branch, Andrew Addams, Jordan West, Alex LeMonde, Jay Bergman, Trey Rexx, Steve Ross, Joey Russo, Trent Cougar, Nick Thomas
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Tony Alizzi
Release date: 5/19/2009
Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List reviews:
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What we have here is one film with which the producers have taken pains to produce a hardcore movie and one which is the typical suck-and-fuck film. The first-rate movie is HOMO ERECTUS one of the fine films produced by the now defunct MSR Studios. The premise is that a group of scientists and one religious ninny have gone into the jungles in search of the missing link to prove Darwins theory. Great pains have been taken with with the set and script. Although THE LIST, its companion film, is a typical suck-and-fuck it does have several things going for it. Not the least of which is Michael Brandons big cock (which he affectionately calls Monster) and great looking guys such as Alex LeMonde, Trey Rexx, and Jordan West.
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Boxcover for Masque (Oh Man)
Masque (Oh Man) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chris Dano, Andrew Addams, Danny Lopez, Corbin Michaels, Brett Matthews, Jacob Slader, Ty Hudson, Sean Steele, The Dicksman, Zackary Pierce, Scott Wilde, Nick Mazzaro, Antonio York
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Jett Blakk
Release date: 12/12/2006
Masque (Oh Man) reviews:
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Oh Mans Masque is a unique video in that it acknowledges that it used Edgar Allen Poes The Masque of Red Death as its inspiration. Having not read Poes work here, the theme sort of gets lost on me, but in a nutshell, Brett Mathews tells the story of how sex can cause minds to get warped. He is talking to a group of guys and tells them that before they adopt this new lifestyle without sex, they will have a party. They have numerous costumes to choose from; however, nobody is to wear the color red. The men come together into this large room and like most parties they sort of break off into groups of two and three for conversation. A masked caped man (who we later learn is Jacob Slader) comes in touching the men one by one. When he approaches Brett, he almost touches him, but doesnt. Brett is furious, as this person has worn red after he advised them not to do so. After each guy is touched he becomes still and silent. In a flash Jacob is on this stage and throwing back his cape showing him in only a leopard skin thong.
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Boxcover for Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Tom Moore, Jack Sanders, Jason Crew, Rark Wiley, Jeraldo
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Paul Barresi
Release date: 11/29/2005
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang reviews:
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I really had high hopes for Jasons Crew but in all honesty if felt like a sophomoric effort by Paul Barresi. All the action takes place on the set of a construction site in one room basically, and the actors joke, carryon, and ad lib it seems, as they go. If I heard Tom Moore utter the word chief one more time I was going to scream! Besides that, the star obviously is Jason, but he fucks them all so fast, furious and frantic its really not very enjoyable and the rest of the cast just stand around and do pretty much nothing. The cast too consists of mainly older guys, with some only having a film or two under their belts, and it shows. I dont know, it just felt like a thrown together, lets make a quick buck, fuck film It begins with the cast on a construction site hard at work, and its not long before they are really hard and working on each others cocks. The very hairy chested Jeraldo and studly Park Wiley begin horsing around while the others watch and before you know it theyre pants are down and their cocks are out.
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Boxcover for Haunted House On Sex Hill, The
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Cameron Fox, Victor Rios, Paul Johnson, Braeden Casey, Danny Rhymes, Parker Williams, Anthony Holloway, Jack Sanders, Damon Wolf
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Cameron Fox, Victor Rios
Release date: 9/4/2003
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The reviews:
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THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON SEX HILL does not star Vincent Price. But what a cast it has! Director Thor Stephans has assembled an unbeatable array of talentor perhaps, I should say (from the viewers point of few) a very beatable array of talent indeed. He has also devised a plot that keeps the viewer entranced and more than serves as a link between the scorching sexual encounters. As the film opens, the camera pans over a deserted bedroom and comes to rest on an answering machine. A message informs Damon Wolf that his aunt has died and mentioned him in her will. This comes at a vital time for Damon and his lover Braeden Casey, as they are very hard up financially. We cut to these two lovers in the shower where they arewell, uhvery hard up. God, but they look beautiful together! Damon has a dark olive complexion, while Braeden is as pale as fresh milk. Both have musculature that only comes from intensive gym work. Braedens pecs are particularly incredible. (See for yourself on the DVD cover.) One could suckle them all day. But it is his dick that Damon drops to his knees to suckle.
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Boxcover for Nasty Nasty
Nasty Nasty 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Doug Jeffries, Andrew Addams, Paul Johnson
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Directed by: Jett Blakk
Release date: 6/19/2003
Nasty Nasty reviews:
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With homage to Hitchcock and a bow to Brian di Palma, Jett Blakk has devised a clever and well-acted film with lots of red-hot sexual encounters. The star of the film is Jason Ridge, a Ben Affleck look-alike, who will have you wishing he were in every scene. And he almost is, as he plays twin brothers who were separated at birth. The good twin, Will, becomes a successful hairdresser; while the evil twin, Jason, is a thoroughly bad lot who at the start of the film owes a gangster $20,000. You can tell them apart because good guys wear white and bad guys wear black, and also because Jason has a remarkable ring given to him by his father, the doctor who delivered these illegitimate brothers. A black and white prologue shows their birth. Then with music reminiscent of Psycho we see a title sequence designed by Adam Rom that reminds us both of Psycho and North by Northwest. A double screen image then shows us the boys at their morning stroke session. Jason does his in bed; Will in the bathtub.
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Boxcover for Ranch Hand Muscle
Ranch Hand Muscle 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Leo Bramm, Brett Dimineo, Andrew Adams
Studio: Pacific Sun

Release date: 11/12/2002
Ranch Hand Muscle reviews:
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The bad news iscattle prices are down, the ranch is over-extended, and the loan officer is coming. The good news iscocks are up, Brett DiMineo is over-extended, and everyones cumming. Hunky Andrew Addams has just asked Brett DiMineo to accompany him to the barn dance when ranch owner Aaron Tanner brings them the bad news. The boys decide to help Aaron lose his tension. Brett starts on his dick and Andrew starts on his ass. They switch places, but soon Bretts dick becomes the center of attention as both Andrew and Aaron vie in sucking it. Brett then finds a double-headed dildo and a jar of Crisco that everyone knows is standard barn equipment. He lubes it up and inserts in his buddies bums. Boy do they have fun. Andrew moves on to the real thing when Brett skewers him; then Aaron gets it from Andrew. When all have released their loads and a great deal of their tension, Brett discovers a door he has never seen before. So, just like Alice in Wonderland, he opens it and finds himself in a brightly lit corridor.
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Boxcover for Trespass (Titan Media)
Trespass (Titan Media) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Brandon, Andrew Addams, Jon Galt, Patrick Knight, Bruce Warrant, Scott, Dred, Alexandros, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 3/15/2002
Trespass (Titan Media) reviews:
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Note: This review is of the expanded DVD edit (aka retail version). Certain acts (possibly fisting and or water sports) have been removed from this version. The uncensored version (aka Hardcore Director's Cut) is only available from TitanMen Online. Director: Bruce Cam Story: Criminal mastermind Dred Scott has escaped from prison, and it's up to 12 hunky ranchhands to find him. Disk One Scene One Starring: Jon Galt, Michael Brandon Here's a great way to start out a movie! Jon and my favorite big-dicked studs Michael take a break from searching for Dred to play hide the salami. First up to get fucked is Michael, which shocked the hell out of me, since I've only ever seen him top. His giant cock stays rock-hard the whole time, and looks friggin delicious flopping around while he's being plowed. Michael's specialty is still topping, though, and I loved watching every inch of that monster slide up Jon's ass.
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Boxcover for Blow Me 2 (Paladin)
Blow Me 2 (Paladin) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Peter Wilder, Joey, Drew Andrews, Johnny Thrust, Max Grand, Pete, Michael Brandon, Matt Bradshaw, Andrew Addams, Billy Knight, Gus Avery, Jacob Hayes, Erick Johansen, Scott Thornton
Studio: Paladin

Directed by: Tony Alizzi
Release date: 1/16/2002
Blow Me 2 (Paladin) reviews:
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Although I find twosomes and threesomes to deliver the hottest action, I must admit that this film certainly creates heat. I remember seeing a reproduction of a poster for a 19th century touring company which advertised "Every Actor an Artist". I kept thinking of that as I watched this, because these guys are certainly artists when it comes to sucking cock. Talk about your instructional videos! These guys go after a cock like a starving calf goes after a teat. And no womder, because there are some scrumptious cocks here, too! The most fascinating of which belongs to the newcomer, Joey, whose hard truncheon curves up into a 90 degree angle and stays there! I never got off while watching this, because like all orgies it doesn't stay with one couple long enough to achieve that. But I was hard the whole time. As I have said, the fellators are all superb, but I must mention an adorable twink named Scott Thornton that I would give anything to take home. There was a bar in Toronto where I used to go that played videos which the patrons glanced at from time to time.
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