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Boxcover for Glory Holes Of Las Vegas
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Andy Hunter, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Andrew Adams, Bo Knight, Mario Cruz, Rik Jammer
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 8/9/2005
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas reviews:
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Synopsis: A guy is seated at a table writing his thoughts in a journal regarding his adventures in seeking out glory holes in Las Vegas. Might be worth a rental if all the Kristen Bjorn & Falcon titles are on long wait... 6/10 rating We get 12 scenes (125 minutes) of okay to decent sex scenes with various buff guys. The sex ranges from glory hole sucking to a differnt rooms/setups where the full sucky/fucky takes place. The nasty talk is present but not in all scenes. There's alot of ball sucking & ass rimming which is decent. One guy takes his cock and shoves it up his own ass and fucks himself. The negative: Too much doggie and not enough missionary. After every scene there is also too much Las Vegas shots...we get it, you're in Vegas and it looks cool at night. Theres also a scene with multi glory holes and various guys that goes nowhere. Nobody cums and nobody fucks. The scene just ends and we get another "Vegas shot" of our guy taking a Gondola boat ride. There's also a scene where a guy plays a priest taking a confession of another man..the confessional is a glory hole.
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Could anything be more wonderful than finding Jason Ridge waking up in bed next to you? Not what one would call pretty or truly handsome, Jason possesses a sexy charisma that makes him the performer I would most like to have waking up beside me. As this film begins, however, Jason wakes up alone. He rushes around getting dressed so he can board a plane en route for Las Vegas. Once there in the city that never sleeps, Jason headsnot for the nearest crap table or roulette wheel, butto the nearest glory hole. In a smut shop, he cruises the beguiling Andy Hunter at the magazine rack. When Andy exits into the backroom, Jason goes after him. Jasons cock makes its way through a glory hole and Andy swallows it down. Then when Andys finely-sculpted penis pokes through the hole, its Jasons turn and he slurps it right down. When it comes to sucking cock, Jason is second to none. So why does Mario Cruz horn in? Andys tool is irresistible, thats why. Jason feeds the new comer his cock too and then retires behind the partition so that Mario has his choice of two protruding penises.
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Boxcover for Straight To Bed (Arena)
Straight To Bed (Arena) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ben Damon, Michael Vista, Jack Sanders, Rob Romoni, Park Wiley, Andrew Adams
Studio: Arena

Release date: 2/4/2005
Straight To Bed (Arena) reviews:
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"Straight to Bed" is a movie that tells the story of wives setting up their guys with other men in order to prevent the guys from wanting 3 ways with other women and them. Jack Sanders and Park Wiley start us out as they are watching a football game. Park seduces Jack and a nice little sex scene starts that ends with Jack fucking park very nicely and cumming on his face. Michael Vista and Sean Steele are up next. When Michael comes over to do some home repairs he comments on how good a cook he is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. This of course peaks Michael's curiosity and low and behold they start fucking. Sucking and fucking ensues with Sean fucking Michael and cumming on his face. There is a lot of face cumming in this video if you like that stuff. Andrew Addams seduces straight man Raphael Shawn sucking him and getting his cock ready to plow his ass. They fuck any way possible giving Raphael's uncut cock a nice work out. The best looking guy in this film Rob Romoni and the astoundingly handsome Fredrick Ford and Ben Damon.
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The seduction of a straight guy is a fantasy for many gays. In actuality its mainly an ego trip as the sex is seldomif evergood. In films its always hot. Of course the guys in the films are about as straight as the Yellow Brick Road. STRAIGHT TO BED is a film that feeds the fantasy of straight seduction. The opening scene is by far the best. It is done with wonderful humor and the acting is top-notch. None of the remaining scenes come anywhere near it in believability and/or sexual heat. Straight Jack Sanders and gay Park Wiley are watching football on TV. Or rather, Jack is watching football and Park is watching Jack. Between touchdowns, Jack complains that his wife won't go for three-ways. Naturally, Jack is thinking of himself, his wife, and another woman. Park suggests that wifey might be more accommodating if he would permit her to first have a three-way with her husband and another man. But where will I find another man? Jack laments. OH, shut up and lean back, an exasperated Park orders. And down he goes. In no time, Jack's big dick is reaching heavenward.
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Boxcover for Ranch Hand Muscle
Ranch Hand Muscle 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Leo Bramm, Brett Dimineo, Andrew Adams
Studio: Pacific Sun

Release date: 11/12/2002
Ranch Hand Muscle reviews:
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The bad news iscattle prices are down, the ranch is over-extended, and the loan officer is coming. The good news iscocks are up, Brett DiMineo is over-extended, and everyones cumming. Hunky Andrew Addams has just asked Brett DiMineo to accompany him to the barn dance when ranch owner Aaron Tanner brings them the bad news. The boys decide to help Aaron lose his tension. Brett starts on his dick and Andrew starts on his ass. They switch places, but soon Bretts dick becomes the center of attention as both Andrew and Aaron vie in sucking it. Brett then finds a double-headed dildo and a jar of Crisco that everyone knows is standard barn equipment. He lubes it up and inserts in his buddies bums. Boy do they have fun. Andrew moves on to the real thing when Brett skewers him; then Aaron gets it from Andrew. When all have released their loads and a great deal of their tension, Brett discovers a door he has never seen before. So, just like Alice in Wonderland, he opens it and finds himself in a brightly lit corridor.
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