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Amber Lynn- Godess
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amber Lynn (along with Vanessa del Rio) were the first true porn stars.Before them there were a lot of woman who made porn, but Amber and Vanessa were special.They had a number of ingredients, but to sum it up, on screen they were sluts and were proud of it! (and I mean ...
Amber Lynn Anal Bareback? Since When?
In watching the trailer for White Mommas 2 I saw none other than Amber Lynn was in it, which still surprises me though I know she still does work but also because she was a) doing anal and b) was condom-free. Now the last time I saw her was in some MILF/cougar flick and she was only doing vaginal with condom with James Deen. Now she's got LT's ju ...
Let us Prey (2000) Amber Lynn
Looking for this DVD but it is out of stock everywhere I look. I used to own a copy and then gave it away, had buyer's remorse and now cant fina a copy of it anywhere. Does anybody have a copy of this I could beg, borrow, or steal? Amber Lynn looks great in it.Let us Prey (2000) Armageddon - Amber Lynn, Shawna Edwards, Pebbles, Candi Kiss, Deja, ...
Amber Lynn Contract
Does anybody know if she is making any movies for ZT or new movies in general?
Best Amber Lynn facial?
I would like to find a DVD where Amber takes a really big facial, Peter North would be great. I've seen her take several, but none have been that great.
Buckton's issues with Amber Lynn
So, we've got a new review on POPPORN.COM about 3rd Degree's Cougar Club, and while it is highly entertaining and funnier than a mo-fucker, the real treat is the BONUS video we're offering.You see, way back on Buckton's 21st birthday, Buckton feels that he was personally wronged by Amber Lynn. He's been holding this grudge for a long time, and he's ...
ginger& amber lynn movie + sharon I.D. please
the first porn i ever watched starred Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, and Sharon Mitchell. i remember that Sharon Mitchell was the "madam" of the house. the storyline was that there was a customer that couldnt cum (i can't figure his name out) and pretty much everybody in the house sleeps with him to try to help him with his "problem" ...
Amber Lynn's comeback MILF (Mother Lode)
We just wrapped our shoot starring "80's classic porn star AMBER LYNN, now 44 for her comeback scene in our movie MOTHER LODE. Amber Lynn played the perfect cougar role along side young stud, James Dean, the chemistry between these two exploded during the sex and ending with an amazing facial. Also starring Daryll Hannah in a 5 guy blow bang e ...
question about amber lynn
I am a fan of vintage porn and have not seen much of her work. my question is . was she an anal queen of her time or am i thinking of another actress? thanks Topic Moved by - hardware on May 20 2007
amber lynn and kylie ireland
Amber Lynn has an auction goin on this week on ebay. Its a fundraiser for porn performer Nikki Hunter, who has cancer. Winning bidder gets a dinner-date with Amber an Kylie. I cant afford it, but I messaged her. Allegedly Amber and Kylie both have projects being planned for future release. Can anybody tell me what tjhe best stuff is, of kylie irela ...
Amber Lynn questions
I know next to nothing about her, only that she's a rather famous career with a long career that has seen several comebacks and periods of only doing lesbian-only, etc. I can't seem to find a lot of detailed information about her, so I'm hoping there are some Amber experts around here: When did she get implants? What periods of time did she d ...
Happy Birthday Amber Lynn
Happy B-Day Amber!! Hope you have a great one!! -deicide
Amber Lynn
Does anyone know what this '80s porn queen is doing...if anything in the industry nowadays. I know at one time she was feature dancing. Has she gotten into producing or does she ever make an occasional appearance for any movies . If anyone can give me a website or info on her status I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. ...
Used DVDs - Best of Amber Lynn, Shades of Sex, etc
I'm selling 4 DVDs which were purchased new and taken well care of. Buyer purchases 4 together for $20 shipping included! 1) Best of Amber Lynn (Sunshine) - Features rare classic scenes 2) Shades of Sex (Toxxxic) - Features various women of color including white, black, hispanic 3) Shades of Sex 2 (Toxxxic) - Features vario ...
Amber Lynn- If Only Porn Had a Hall of Fame
I think its high time that we honored woman as they mature in this business. For me Amber Lynn should be absolutely venerated. She transformed the industry in that she emphasized that woman could be lusty sexual beings. I know that she had a recent operation so maybe that's why we haven't seen much of her lately. Personally, I want to see Amb ...
? about AMBER LYNN
Is amber retired or is she still doing movies? Why since her comeback has she not hooked up with some of the bigger studz in porn like jules jordan, peter north, or julian anybody out there like me and want to see AMBER take one last "MONSTER FACIAL" FROM PETER NORTH????? BAD BOY RUDY Topic Moved by - hardware on Mar 22 2004
Attn: Amber Lynn fans
Please help. I'm trying to find a title called Cheek to Cheek. It was released in 1986 by Video Exclusives and also featured Billy Dee, Viper & Scott Irish. I think it's only on VHS and I'd like to purchase a used or (xxx) copy. I really want this video and I'm willing to purchase or to trade other titles for it. Pleas ...