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Boxcover for Backside Boys
Backside Boys 
(1.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Bob, Rock, Jack, Felipe, Victor, Rodrigo, Alexandre, Diego
Studio: South American Pictures

Release date: 5/24/2005
Backside Boys reviews:
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Lo-Down: Another Arena title..and what does that mean? Lame mechanical sex with half hard dicks. Non subtitles. Brazilian or Italian guys. This one really pushes the boundaries of bad product. Running at about 118 minutes, all we get are 4 sex scenes stretched to endurance of patience levels. Nothing original.
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The film opens with two lovers swapping tongues. A handsome savage is observing them through the window. Seeing they are being observed, they are not in the least perturbed but simply open the door for the wild man to enter. Odd, you say? Would you open the door to a wild man? You would once you see this savage. He is primo beef and he wants to play. Curly hair, a face that is movie-star handsome, and a muscular physique that just wont quit make him one hell of a hunk. When the loin cloth (the only thing he is wearing) is removed he indicates he wants his cock sucked. The younger of the two lovers is more than willing to oblige. Assuming that anyone who looks like the savage is straight, Im surprised when he too sucks cock. Both the wild man and the older one fuck the younger one. Im more than surprised when the older one also fucks the savage. Now this sounds like a hot scene, but the fact is it really doesnt engender that much heat. For a scene with a wild man, its strangely tame. Its robotic fucking.
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Boxcover for Men in Action (Arena)
Men in Action (Arena) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Leo, Alexandre, Pedro, Alex Junior, Wanderley, Elias, Thiago Viana, Ugo
Studio: Arena

Release date: 5/27/2003
Men in Action (Arena) reviews:
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A handsome dark-skinned Brazilian guy hauls himself out of the pool. No sooner has he sat down then the buzzer at the gate rings and he goes to open it to a muscular dude with a shaved head. They carry on a long conversation in Portuguese about various carryings-on of the bald dude. The first experience is with a very handsome (the best looking guy in the film) dark blond beauty who we first see lying on a leopard skin bench stroking his dick through his underwear. A totally naked guy walks into the frame and blondy begins sucking on his dick. The guy returns the favor and then guy after guy enters, all presenting their cocks for the blond to suck. The bald dude is among them. After the handsome blond has sucked them all and rimmed the muscular bald guy, El Baldo eats out his ass in order to prepare it for fucking. Then a gangbang starts with several of the guys sticking it to the blond beauty. The most impressive dick belongs to a black guy. It is the size of an arm, and indeed at one point he seems about to fist the blond. Sometimes the blond is plugged at both ends.
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