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Boxcover for Jawbreaker
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anthony Gallo, Alex Stone, Hunter Scott, Vince Rockland, J.T. Sloan, Bo Summers, Jeff Mitchell, Chip Daniels, Dave Logan, Daryl Brock, Sean Diamond, Doug Perry, Mark West, Ty Russell, Andrews, Jake, Scott Russell, Tony Idol, Rod Majors
Studio: Catalina

Release date: 5/14/2002
Jawbreaker reviews:
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Director: Josh Eliot Starring: Chris Champion, Tony Idol, Vice Rockland, Hunter Scott, Jake Andrews, Bo Summers, Alex Stone, Jeff Mitchell, Doug Perry, Dave Logan, J.T. Sloan, Anthony Gallo, Mark West, Sean Diamond, Daryl Brock, Rod Majors, Scott Russell, Ty Russell, Chip Daniels Story: Theres 4 escaped convicts on the loose, and its up the sherrifs office, the FBI, and a cast of hot, hunky men to track them all down. [ /image ] --> Scene 1: Cops Vince Rockland and Hunter Scott capture Tony Idol and force him into a hot little threeway. First Vince fucks Hunter, then Hunter fucks Tony. Vince has never really been a fan of mine, but he certainly gets the job done here. [ /image ] --> Scene 2: This is the first scene starring horse-hung Chris Champion. He and Jeff Mitchell work over prisoners Bo Summers and Alex Stone. Chriss cock is huge, and he is a nice looking guy, but he comes off a little too trade for me. All he does is get blown, and fuck Alexs ass. Meanwhile Jeff is getting boned by Bo.
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Boxcover for Bottom Dweller 5, The
Bottom Dweller 5, The 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alexandra Silk, Tom Byron, Sana Fey, Roxanne Hall, Brian Surewood, Sean Michaels, Raylene, Lexi Leigh, Randee Lee, Marc Wallice, Alex Stone, Hatman, Julian St. Jox, Warner, Sally Layd, Suzi Suzuki, Tonisha Mills, Precious Silver, J.J. Micheals, Peter Romero, Hailey, Patrick Collins, Marc Marcus
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Release date: 11/2/2001
Bottom Dweller 5, The reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Bottom Dweller 5 by Patrick Collins (126 min.) Featuring: Tonisha Mills, Sana Fey, Raylene, Lexi Leigh, Suzi Suzuki, Randee Lee, Warner, Hayley, Roxanne Hall, Mustang Sally Layd, Precious Silver, and Alexandra Silk Synopsis: Harry Dweller has just recovered from the loss of his boat. How will he purchase another one? Overall: Skip it unless Warner and Roxanne Hall gets you going! DVD Quality: For a 1997 video, the DVD transfer holds up well. Extras: It is the standard Elegant Angel DVD fare. Likes: The English Tarts Warner, Hayley, and Roxanne give great performances. Dislikes: Suzi Suzuki! SEX HIGHLIGHTS: For those who don't already know, the bottom dweller is the ship that blew up in the opening credits.
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Boxcover for Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro)
Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro) 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Alex Stone, Scott Hogan, Beau Humphrey, Adrian Jackson, Michael Brawn, Jake Seever, Jesse Koeler, David Rockmore, Tony Young, Kip Astor, Scott Avery, Andew Bishow, Michael Carpenter, Paul Coder, Blake McDonald, Drew McGinnis, Rich Parsons, Charlie Stone
Studio: Metro

Release date: 8/2/2000
Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro) reviews:
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Ah, the compilation video. It sure brings back memories. I remember the first gay video I ever bought was a vivid compilation. I remember feeling so lucky when I stumbled upon it. I thought to my self, Wow! 4 whole hours of gay porn for only $20! Why would anyone pay upwards of $50 bucks for a regular video when you could get 4 whole hours for only $20 bucks!? Of course now I know why it was so cheap it was utter crap. The whole concept of the compilation video is a scam to fool the uniformed viewer. Take a bunch of worthless scenes from older videos (that are no longer selling), and repackage them and try to pass it off as new. It was only a matter of time before someone started marketing compilation DVDs. So, with our expectations sufficiently lowered, lets take a look at Something Wild 2. For starters, there are no special features. No cumshot compilations, screenshot galleries, zip. When you get to the menu, you only get one option: Play movie.
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Boxcover for Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release)
Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release) 
(3.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Alex Stone, Jackson Reid, Frank Parker, Josh Perez, Thomas Lloyd, Damon Page, Harold Creg, Mike Roberts, Tripp Doyle, Kyle Brandon
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 4/24/2000
Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release) reviews:
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When Fallen Angel 2 was first released a while back, it was hailed by critics as one of the best leather pics of the year. But a few weeks after its release, complaints from customers started popping up on the internet. People were put off by the overuse of MTV style editing, superimposed images, and strobing color effects. Sure, as art, it looked great, but for porn, it was hard to tell what was going on with all those special effects. In an unprecedented move, Titan went back and re-edited Fallen Angel 2, promising to leave out most of the artsy fartsy stuff, and concentrate on what people really wanted to see: hot, leathery mansex. Thus the hardcore sex edit was born. Luckily for us DVD owners, the original version never made it to DVD, so you dont have to worry about what version you are getting. Things start out with Kyle Branden and his new slave, Alex Stone, sitting back and watching a big leather orgy unfold. Theres a whole lot of sex going on, and I only recognized a few guys (like the Mike Roberts and Josh Parez pairing).
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Fallen Angel II - Hardcore Sex Edit Company: Titan/Atomic Video Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List:Kyel Brandon, Alex Stone, Damon Page, Josh Perez, Harold Creg, Jason Reid, Frank Parker, Steve Cannon to name a few... Original Release Date:1998 Features: This disc was digitally remastered for DVD and features a Photo Gallery - if I recall there were about 50!!!, and a slide show of the same. Synopsis: Almost 2 hrs of Satanic Kyle Brandons den of hardcore sex complete with harnesses, cages, fencing and fire. Review: Really didnt know what to expect with this...hmmm, the Hardcore Sex edit-only available through Titan direct...must be pretty raw! So I thought I'd check it out....and I have to say this was a hard one to review.... If you are into leather and hardcore sex this is for you and if youre not but want to see what goes on...beware! As with Titan the quality and production values are high although this particular movie doesnt have any story and it all takes place in a single room-Kyles den of evil! There are cages, harnesses, fire, whips, electric zapp
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FALLEN ANGEL II, 111 minutes Titan Media/Atomic (Distributors) Directed by Robert Kirsch & Bruce Cam Featuring: Kyle Brandon, Mike Roberts, Alex Stone, Jackson Reid, Frank Parker, Josh Perez, Thomas Lloyd, Damon Page, Harold Creg, Tripp Doyle REPORT CARD: C+ The original Fallen Angel was a great video success, winning lots of awards in 1998, and spawning two sequels so far. The DVD edition also turned my head around--making me understand, to some extent, the thrill of authentic leather S&M. I wish I could report that FA2: Descending, as they call it in the opening credits, lives up to the original. But how often does that happen? The film has its moments, but there's little here that will thrill anyone other than die-hard fans of the performers or the sub-genre. Firstly, the entire movie is one long orgy sequence, with no real form or continuity. While the guys are undoubtedly into what they're doing, the action is too similar for too long, too constant and unfocused. There are no real beginnings and endings.
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