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Movie with Christina of Sweden and Alberto Rey
HiIn Buttman's European Vacation 3 in the first scene, Rocco fucks a girl named as Christina of Sweden. I am looking for a scene she once did with Alberto Rey. I think the movie is some kind of nordic amateurs or something, but I simply cannot find it. Anyone got any idea which movies she has been in? Or maybe she also worked under another name? Th ...
Whatever happened to Alberto Rey?
Does anybody know whatever happened to Euro stud Alberto Rey? He seems to have completely disappeared.
Alberto Rey
I have just dicover that he got a gay porn director i wanna know what is his filmography as director and if he has done something gay or bi as actor
Alberto Rey Need To Talk With You (Him)
Hello,Has anyone in here heard from Alberto Rey or know where he is now? I need to talk to him about his last DVD release.
alberto rey
he is one of the best male porn stars ever..... he worked for aristide massacessi. that is enough for me. paprika Topic Moved by - scipio on Jun 16 2006
Alberto Rey announcement for Ass Man
The following is from Alberto Rey for posting: I was reading the other day some comments on ADT concerning "Ass man" Would you post for me the following information... I've shot an ASS MAN film in Budapest last jully or august. Not because I directed the film my self ,but as a profesional, I can say that it is pretty good stuf ...
Alberto Rey Photos ?
Could someone please tell me where are the best places to locate photos of Alberto Rey?
Alberto Rey signs with Anabolic
He looks pretty happy, no? Alberto 1 Alberto 2
Alberto Rey's point of vew
There is nothing like european performers to make it realy hot isn't it...?!!!
Male Performer of the Week 1: Alberto Rey
This was not as easy as I expected or hoped it would be, because of 2 reasons: 1) As the picture I have posted below clearly demonstrates, it is not easy to find decent pictures of male performers. Sorry for the lack of quality. I will try to find better pictures in the future. 2) I am a typical male chauvinist pig; better make that a heterosexua ...
Alberto Rey: most amazing performer in the biz
Alberto Rey does mostly European videos but is currently in L.A. He comes multiple times in videos he's appeared in, one pop right after the other. He is also very handsome and muscular, and the ladies like him a lot. I hope that he'll be appearing in a lot of videos while he's in the States. He's certainly underappreciated. There's a Yahoo Group a ...