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Boxcover for Inches
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Al Parker
Studio: Blue Pictures

Release date: 8/6/2002
Inches reviews:
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INCHES is a DVD release of a film made in 1979 starring the legendary Al Parker and directed by his lover Steve Scott. Parker was one of the first superstars of gay porn and did much to erase the stereotype of gays being lisping sissies with limp wrists. Parkerand the men in his filmswas ultra masculine in appearance, but the eyes were gentle. The mustaches and beards that they wore to emphasize their manliness were adopted by 70s gays and became the way they could recognize one another in that time when it was necessary to keep a low profile. Talk about clones! The films of the era all had plots to make them appear more than pornography. Sex scenes were usually brief in relation to todays films. This film, for example, with its plot and four sex scenes is only 68 minutes long. It begins with Al having a dream of two naked men in white masks. When he awakens, his lover is not interesting in hearing about it and goes off to shower. Al ties some rawhide about his cock (an early form of cockring) and jacks off. His lover in the shower is jacking off as well.
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Boxcover for Best Of Colt 3 & 4, The
Best Of Colt 3 & 4, The 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Bruno, Al Parker, Shadow, Mike Davis, Bruce Craig, Gordon Grant, Mark Rutter, Franco Arbruzzi, Jack Hacker, Gunther Keller, Clint Lockner, Mickey Squires, Paul Storr, Ralph Whitaker
Studio: Colt

Release date: 12/24/2000
Best Of Colt 3 & 4, The reviews:
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Once again its time to delve into the porno vaults for some hot precondom action courtesy of Colt Studios. Can Parts 3 and 4 live up to the standard set in Parts 1 and 2? Read on to find out! The Bonus MMMM cowboys! Two built cowpokes are sucking face out in the stables when a third comes riding down the road and joins in on the action. OOOOh, boy, were are talking Marlboro Man rugged good looks here! Its a fairly short scene, with no anal, and no oral cum shots. Its still pretty hot, though. Hand Tooled Ah, Al Parker... One of the most famous cocks from the late 70s. Als looking pretty fine as he strokes that huge cock of his. Looks like the camera man cant control himself, as someones arm keeps reaching into the scene and grabbing hold of Al in all the right places. Then all of a sudden, a whole bunch of hands start working over Als entire body, playing special attention to that furry ass of his.
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Boxcover for Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Kurt Williams, Al Parker, Roger, Steve Tracy, Chris Adams, Jennifer Cashoty, Christopher Christy, Tim Christy, Adam Neumar, David Warfield
Studio: P.M. Productions

Directed by: Lancer Brooks
Release date: 9/6/2000
Heavy Equipment reviews:
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Ah, the 70s. The pre-Golden age of porn. Back when mustaches were mandatory and the films were grainier than my ass crack after a trip to the beach. Caballero digs WAY back into the vaults and re-releases Heavy Equipment on DVD. Was it worth the effort? Uh, hmm, err it depends. First things first, the picture quality is awful. I mean really, really bad. The video is very grainy, and the lighting is extremely dark in a few places. It isnt mentioned anywhere on the DVD, but I could swear that this was filmed in 3D. There are many places where you can see the standard red-blue double image required for 3D. This seems to happen most frequently when projectiles are coming straight at the screen. Penises, hands, dumbells, things like that. I dont have 3D glasses, though, so I cant confirm anything. If this wasnt done intentionally, then the picture quality is even worse that I thought. Our story (thats right, there is a story here!) starts out with our hero, the geeky Chester, working at an adult bookstore.
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Boxcover for Best Of Buckshot, The
Best Of Buckshot, The 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Toby, Al Parker, Joe Porcelli, Derrick Bolen, Erik Russell, Neal Shaw, Frank Vickers
Studio: Buck Shot

Release date: 5/18/2000
Best Of Buckshot, The reviews:
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Come, boys and girls, and well set the wayback machine to the late 1970s the golden age of porn, when men were manly, sperm was whats for dinner, and condoms were something only straight people worried about. Back when I was still watching Seseme Street and pulling little girls' pigtails, Buckshot was filming some of the hottest all male action of the day. Over 20 years have passed since then, and porn has changed quite a bit. So how does The Best of Buckshot hold up? Well, lets pop in the DVD and have a look see, shall we? Chute Ok, the setup of the scene just cracked me up. Toby must have parachuted out of a plane or something, and got stuck in a tree. Al Parker drives by in a van, and rushes to the rescue. I was really pumped to see Al Parker again he has such a big dick, and this scene was shot back when he was cute. But hold the phone, Tobys got a good inch on Mr.
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