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Boxcover for Inside Deep Throat
Inside Deep Throat 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Al Goldstein, Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems, Larry Flynt, Annie Sprinkle, Gerard Damiano, Andrea True, John Waters, Charles Keating, Wes Craven, Dennis Hopper, Erica Jong, Ruth Restheimer, Dick Cavett, Camille Paglia, Hugh Hefner, Bill Maher, Norman Mailer, Alan Derschowitz, Larry Parrish, Gore Vidal, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Wertheim
Studio: Universal

Directed by: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Release date: 9/22/2005
Inside Deep Throat reviews:
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A documentary exploring the societal impact the adult film known as Deep Throat had on mainstream America. "Deep Throat" was just another X-Rated adult film when it was made in 1972. Finished in six days, for the sum of $25,000, (financed by the mob) the film to date has grossed over $600 Million dollars. Inside Deep Throat makes a decent albeit incomplete attempt at explaining how & why it became so popular. The documentary explores the subject of pornography, and how the U.S. Government under Nixon had a problem with it. It's interesting to note the timeliness of this documentary in light of the current Bush Administrations' recent witchhunting pronouncement on an all new "war on porn"... It seems the events of 30 years ago are trying to replay themselves and makes Inside Deep Throat a must see. Deep Throat was made by former hairdresser and acclaimed porn director Gerard Damiano and starred an actress who went by the screen name of Linda Lovelace.
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Inside Deep Throat A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Universal Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $27.95 DVD Release Date: September 20, 2005 Movie Specs: Genres: Documentary Run Time: 90 minutes Rated: NC-17 Release Year: 2005 Directors: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato Written by: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato Cast: John Waters, Larry Flynt, Erica Jong, Dr.
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Boxcover for Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy are Screwed
Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy are Screwed 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ron Jeremy, Al Goldstein, Candy Cox, Gi Anna, Jules Jericho, Erika Stacks, Lisa Sparxxx
Studio: Metro

Release date: 12/18/2003
Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy are Screwed reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 105 min. Production Date: 12 / 23 - 24 / 2002 and 1 / 13 / 2003 Director: Ron Jeremy Cast: Gianna, Jules Jericho, Ericka Stacks, Lisa Sparxxx, Kandi Cox, Kiki Encina, Jay Crew, Michael Andrews, and Al Goldstien and Ron Jeremy The Short Story Initial Expectations: Something about this scares me. Initial Reaction: Be afraid, be very afraid! Who Should Watch It : Extreme Ron Jeremy fans and anybody who wants almost all fresh faces Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of Al Goldstein or a very well done movie The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies quite a bit throughout the feature. Some areas are nicely done, while some areas have a bit of background noises and yet others appear to have been so plagued by background noises that the music is the only audio. The video isnt quite as bad, but it isnt great either. It has a bit of noticeable grain throughout the feature, and the lighting varies a little throughout the feature as well.
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Boxcover for WADD: The Life And Times Of John C. Holmes
WADD: The Life And Times Of John C. Holmes 
(5.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Bunny Bleu, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Don Fernando, John Leslie, Al Goldstein, Annette Haven, Kitten Natividad, Misty Dawn, Richard Pacheco, William Margold, Jim Holliday, Juliet Anderson, Larry Flynt, Tom Blake, Gloria Leonard, Bobby Hollander, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bill Amerson, Bob Chinn, David Clark, Candida Royalle, Bob Vosse, Joel Sussman, Anne Perry, Sharon Holmes, Dawn Schiller, Sean “Duke” Amerson, Denise Amerson, Cicciolina, Ken Turan, Paul Cambria, Mike Sager, Reb Sawitz, Ron Coen, Vonda Lia, Mitchell Egers
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Wesley Emerson
Release date: 6/10/2002
WADD: The Life And Times Of John C. Holmes reviews:
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Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: VCA Edition Details: Special Edition MSRP: $39.95 DVD Release Date: June 2002 Movie Specs: Genres: Documentary Run Time: 105 minutes Rated: not Release Year: 1998 Director: Cass Paley (using the DGA pseudonym Alan Smithee) Written by: uncredited Cast: Bill Amerson, Bob Vosse, Al Goldstein, Bob Chinn, Joel Sussman, Bobby Hollander, Anne Perry, Sharon Holmes, Paul Thomas Anderson (as P.T.
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Running Time: 105 min. Production Date: Unknown Director: Cass Paley, listed here as Alan Smithee Cast: John Holmes and interviews with people such as John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, Larry Flynt, Al Goldstein, Bill Margold, Gloria Leonard, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Aunt Peg, Jim Holliday, P. T. Anderson, Bunny Bleu, Annette Haven, and Bill and Duke Amerson just to name a few Initial Expectations: Ive heard that VCA is extremely proud of this DVD, and the cover includes comments from magazines such as Time and Entertainment Weekly. This one appears like its going to be one heck of a winner! Initial Reaction: Its an amazing documentary, and perhaps the best DVD Ive seen from VCA. Who Should Watch It : Anybody interested in John Holmes or the golden age of porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for wanking material Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary a bit, but is all treated very well. It mixes new interview footage with footage from John Holmes movies.
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Boxcover for Let My Puppets Come
Let My Puppets Come 
(3.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Penny Nichols, Lynette Sheldon, Al Goldstein, Gerard Damiano, Turk Turpin, Luis De Jesus, Viju Krem, Uta Hofmann, Karen Magid, David W. Beames, Michael Greaves, Sean O'Malley, Adam McAdams, Michael Young
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Release date: 5/29/2000
Let My Puppets Come reviews:
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Running Time: 40 min. (no time stamp) Production Date: 1976 Director: Gerard Damiano Cast: Robert Redfoot, Clark Gobble, Aristole Molassas, Anthony Quimm, John Plain, Clitoris Leachman, Gerard Damiano, Roberto Vaselini, Antonio Vasectomi, Charles Voyeur, Peter E. Rection, The Fabulous Kuntz, Connie Lingus, and special guest stars Penny Nichols, Lynette Sheldon, Viju Krem, Little Mr. Big Louie, and Al Goldstein Initial Expectations: Im expecting something that I havent really seen before. I think thats all I can safely say. Initial Reaction: Although its not extremely sexy, it is a lot of fun. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who got turned on watching the Muppet show, who wants something different, or whos just looking for a good laugh Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants to see real people having sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio isnt the best, but is fairly well balanced. The video is grainy, but with the age of the feature it doesnt seem too out of place. Its well lit and there arent any extremely noticeable artifacts.
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Running length: 60 min. D.O.P. I couldn't find one, but Al Goldstein is sportin' an afro, if that helps. Writer/Director: Gerard Damiano Female cast: Lynette Sheldon Penny Nichols Male cast Al Goldstein Audio/Video: For as old as it is, which I'm not sure of, it's not bad. There were parts with some piano music, which fit pretty well. Extras: Just a few photos. General comments: I was curious about this one because it featured puppets, and was the only one of its kind. I had heard some disturbing comments about it, but I can't imagine what it was that bothered people about this movie. I thought it was kinda cute. But then, I'm not 100 certain that I'm not some kinda pervert, because this is listed in the 'Fetish' category, too, so there could be something here that I'm missing. Sure, there was the part about about the dog fucking his mistress, but they're dang puppets, for christssakes! It was one of the funniest parts, too, with the dog as a real smooth talker who gets into her shorts.
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