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Boxcover for Colton
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jay Ross, Colton Ford
Studio: All Worlds Video

Release date: 11/18/2002
Colton reviews:
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Directrix: Chi Chi LaRue Starring:(In Order Of Appearance) Colton Ford, Jason Land, Jay Ross, Gavin Braun, Adam Wolfe, Rob Ramoni, Brad Benton, Jim Slade, Chad Williams, and Tino Lopez The Plot? Basically (is this the plot), Colton is talking to himself in the mirror only the mirror is more talking to him than the other way around. And this would be Colton's alter-ego. He basically tells him what it is Colton wants. Its a basic run-down of how many different ways Colton can be "Ford Tough". I really liked these because it gave Colton many chances to smile and I really love his smile. I mean, I could picture myself in his bed MANY times. Scene One: Here we start off with Colton in a suit and tie and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Jason Land has already taken off his shirt and has asked Colton to "make love to me". Colton willingly obliges. ;) I really loved the intensity of this scene. Just the picture of Colton's cock sliding in and out of Jason's mouth is enough to make you nut right there.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Colton Ford, Tino Lopez, Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jim Slade, Chad Williams, Jay Ross, Gavin Braun, Jason Land, Rob Ramoni Story: Colton Ford introduces each of the four scenes ( he stars in all four). He actually talks to his reflection in the mirror, who shows him the different sides of his personality. Quite frankly, its painful to watch, so keep your fast forward button handy. Scene One Starring: Colton Ford, Jason Land Holy crap, Colton looks incredible in this first scene. He starts out in a suit, and when Jason strips off Coltons shirt, his pecs and biceps are all POW! Colton is completely ripped! (and hairy too!) Its a great scene, and Colton really gives Jasons ass a workout.
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Boxcover for Open Trench
Open Trench 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Rafael, Eddie Moreno, Enrico Vega, Brad McGuire, Jackson Price, Adam Wolfe
Studio: IMD

Release date: 7/26/2002
Open Trench reviews:
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I thought this one would be good. The concept sounded exciting, the actors looked interesting, and Drew Warner as director promised a good film. I was wrong. This was one of the most tedious and boring films I have viewed in a long time. Warner was obviously falsely credited as editor because the film didnt appear to be edited much at all, and that, coupled with the fact that the director and actors seemed disinterested in the whole thing, gave us a film that promised much but delivered little. We start out with Jackson Price being tied to a padded sawhorse by Enrico Vega. Vega then proceeds to rim Price for a total of 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes is not too long a time if you are the one being rimmed. But watching someone else being rimmed in an unchanging position for 15 minutes is approximately 10 minutes too long! Price then gets Vega to move him over to a sling where he will have better access to his ass. Vega stuffs about a pint of lube up Jacksons ass and fills it with a large black dildo. This is followed by another slightly larger dildo.
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Boxcover for Wild Rangers
Wild Rangers 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brock Masters, Brad McGuire, Dylan Scott, Adam Wolfe, Kirk Kelley
Studio: Centaur

Release date: 7/10/2002
Wild Rangers reviews:
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WILD RANGERS is a winner! It has been many moons since I have enjoyed a film as much as this one. Set in the Sawmill Camp about an hour's drive from either Tampa or Orlando, it has it all: great production values, top-notch direction and photography, nice scenery, hot guys, and even hotter sex. The film is reminiscent of the TV show Cops in that the rangers talk to us as if we are privileged to go with them on their patrols and manhunts. Big good-looking, gravely voiced Brock Masters is the head ranger patrolling the camp. He rides through the camp on horseback and rides well. (Be sure and watch the Behind the Scenes in the bonus section to see that the horse was not always so co-operative or Brock so commanding. Its very funny.) Brock cums uponnope, thats latercomes upon two trespassers, Kirk Kelley and Cory Foxe. Cory is sucking away on Kirks candy stick and doing a very good job of it. Kirk is a spirited little twink; Corywho is making his debut hereis a real sweetheart.
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Boxcover for Missing Link, The
Missing Link, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Katt, Blake Harper, Carlo Morales, Nino Bacci, Jeremy Tucker, Steve Cassidy, Marcus Iron, Lance Gear, Mark Reed, Troy Banner, Brandon James, Brad McGuire, Adam Hart, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Jackson Price, Mike Radcliffe, Adam Wolfe, Ryder, Mitch, Evan Taylor, Alex Burbon, Logan Krewe, Jay Ross, Black, Jay, Tigger
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 5/29/2002
Missing Link, The reviews:
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Clocking in an 3 1/2 hours, this movie will leave your dick drained and spent. Yes, I blew multiple loads while viewing this movie. :D This All Worlds flick directed by Chi Chi LaRue is at his/her flithy best. At an astounding 9 scenes, there's going to be at least one scene that will take you over the edge again, and again, and again. Raunchy and flithy sex at it's best is the only way to describe this film because any other kind of words I could use to describe this movie would not do it justice! It's that good. All the performances were excellent but if I have to narrow it down the top 3 performers in this movie are Steve Cassidy, Carlos Morales, and Lance Gear. Trust me it was damn near impossible to narrow it down to just those.
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Boxcover for What I Did For Sex
What I Did For Sex 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Baron Long, Adam Wolfe, Tully, Nick Stone, Andrew Blaze, Jerod Stevens, Johnny Justice
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Steve Jerome
Release date: 9/10/2001
What I Did For Sex reviews:
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Twink lovers take note: the guys are attractive, sexually adept, and very convincing as high school students. Wrestling jock Nick Stone persuades brainy Jerod Stevens to write a paper for him and promises to model for him in return. Andrew Blaze overhears this and offers Jerod $250 to let him hide in the closet and film Nicks modeling. Andrew wants to blackmail Nick into losing the match against his friend Ron (Johnny Justice). With Andrew hidden away in the closet, Jerod types away at the computer as Nick works out. Nick warns Jerod about using big words. He [the teacher] will know its not mine if you use words like that. Jerod demands Nick finish his workout naked. Nick Stone is very handsome with a nice body and dick. Jerod is cute with an impish smile andas we shall seea big dick that seems even larger with the absence of much pubic hair. Nick offers his cock to Jerod who goes down on it, but it is Nick who really gives head. He lets Jerod fuck him, too.
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