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Abbey Brooks
I need info on perfect 10 Abbey Brooks.Movie recommendations?Upcoming movies?
Promotions Company 4273: Abbey Brooks
Movie: Promotions Company 4273: Abbey BrooksYear: 2010Studio (Distributor): Promotions Company Video (Promotions Company Video)Director: No DataMinutes: 60Compilation: NoAll-Girl: YesAll-Male: NoActresses:Abbey Brooks [MastOnly]
Official Abbey Brooks Website Finally Up
Hey guys its Abbey Brooks, just wanted to say Hi and let everyone know that my official website is finally up! Its been a long process but its finally up and running. Thanks to all those who helped me along the way. Check it out at XOXOAbbey Brooks -
Please vote for me at Im in the 2008 finals. You votes are appreciated!CLICK HERE TO VOTEThanksAbbey Brooks - Edited by - Abbey Brooks on Feb 25 2009Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Feb 25 2009
2/27/2009 is finally up
My website is finally up. Currently its only a "fan site." The pay site should be up within 30 days in its place.Check it out here!!!Edited by - Abbey Brooks on Feb 25 2009
More Abbey Brooks in 2009!!!
She in my opinion has the best body in porn, the best smile, tits, ass ........... Everything!!!! Hopefully more Abbey doing B/G in 2009. Curvaceous was a quality film, so more Abbey Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Dec 31 2008
Abbey Brooks...
Wondering what everyone thinks about this buxom beauty....started off g/g, now getting into more heavy films.I personally think, she has star quality with all the obvious reasons!!!
Abbey Brooks sending mixed signals re: dongs?
Abbey Brooks makes me want to thrust.That being said, what the frick's going on with her?I've seen photos proving that she does indeed bang dongs on camera. But all her stuff I've seen in stores is either lesbianish in nature or it looks like she's only "involved" in a sex scene as a hanger-on or a "3rd wheel." Never the primary ...
Abbey Brooks or Amy Reid
This one is tough for me. I first thought Abbey. Then I thought Amy. Then I thought cointoss. I think Amy may get more votes here but mine is undecided. I can't pick between them.