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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Webmaster, Fan
Date Joined: November 2013
Location: San Pornando Valley
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  • 9/23/2015 1:48 PM
  • Newbie Elsa Jean
    We have had Elsa on the show a few times. OMG what a sweatheart! She is absolutely stunning and a game player! Did you know she grew up Amish?First episode she was on: episode she was on: also makes an appearance here: guest and so damn sexy!Enjoy~CoN
  • 9/23/2015 1:43 PM
  • Abella Danger fka Bella Danger, beautiful new star days after our 100th Episode Pool Party, the life of the party joins us! Abella Danger stops by, with AVN’s Peter Warren.. but first a pre “Podbomb” from show hottie Elsa Jean! Who updates us on the PDP Pegging Extravaganza!Abella is a great Guest to have! Energy for days for another 19 year old stunner. We get right into how many people she kissed at the party! With conflicting numbers, we get to the bottom of the rumors! Her road to sexuality is a great listen! A threesome right out of the gate? This Ukranian hottie is a rising star with great scenes! Peter Warren. Always a great Guest tells us more insight on his fav...
  • 9/23/2015 1:41 PM
  • New Hottie Aidra Fox
    We had a great interview with Aidra on the show. What a seruious heartbreakerWhat can we say, or our we left completely speechless? Aidra Fox joins us and blows our minds! This absolutely stunning 19 year old bombshell has our heads spinning!We talk about her career briefly, from taking a random flight to meet an Agent…. Only to have a hot civilian Podbomb, turn the show upside down.What does Aidra do? Is this a civilian’s chance to be with one of the hottest girls in Porn today? Will she be scared,or get it on right in the Studio? Porn Island gets outta control this Episode, with it reaching new heights of craziness. Enjoy!Pics and audio here:
  • 8/17/2015 7:28 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    We recently had Adriana on the podcast with Perer Warren of AVN fame. It ended up being a really funny interview where Adriana got teased a lot. She took it gracefully and dished some back.Have a listen:
  • 8/17/2015 12:33 AM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    Bond007 wrote:Porno Dan wrote:Check out Adriana Chechik in my newest release, Hand Job Winner 20Don't get what it is with this girl and flashing her bush. She thinks keeping full blown bush wins one the avnDeauxma's #1 fan!You understand that the photographer is the one that poses her in pictures right? AND she has little to no say on what pictures are used on the cover of the movie... So your theory is completely flawed.All the
  • 5/13/2015 7:00 PM
  • New SUPERSTAR Stella Daniels
    We had Stella on our show. She was great definately see the makings of a super star.. Smart, pretty, and sassy. Gotta love a girl from New England :)Listen here:
  • 4/23/2015 1:46 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    Bad news guysAdriana was in a car accident yesterday. Her car is totaled and she is suffering from some bruising, burns, cuts, and whiplash. When I last talked to her she said the whiplash was killing her and she was trying not to move and was icing her neck.. I hope she feels better soon. If I hear anything more I will update
  • 4/10/2015 12:51 AM
  • Jenna Justine Official Thread
    Jenna was having some family issues. She says she will return to the biz. She says she wants to come back on our podcast as she came on many times. She was one of our favorites.Her first appearance is a legendary show because of roxie are all the podcasts of ours she has been onFirst Appearance with Roxie DollSecond appearance with Katerina KayThird appearance with Jenna MynxWe call her on this episode she talks about returning to the
  • 4/10/2015 12:41 AM
  • Carter Cruise New hottie
    We had Carter on our show. She ws a great interview and we even got her a date :)Take a listen the
  • 4/10/2015 12:36 AM
  • Madi Meadows makes misbehavin' magic!
    We had Madi on our podcast with natasha white. Enjoy the listen: wore wigs on the show for some reason.All the best,
  • 3/20/2015 2:33 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    A-ten wrote:I never realized Adrian was as short as she is. I wonder how tall she is?Adriana always thought she was 5'2 but we recently measured her and she is 5'4. She laughes when people ask her how tall she is cause she now says "For 5 years I thought I was 5'2 but I have been 5'4 all along." It's
  • 2/9/2015 3:30 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    Also looks like Adriana is updating her blog more than we thought.This si a hot slo-mo ass slapping video.. Turns me on to see here butthole vibrate!
  • 2/9/2015 3:20 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    H1gh Contra5t wrote:On Twitter Adriana is retweeting a link to the Porn Podcast page where there is a video of her squeezing a giant gummy bear out of her ass but I can't view it or Save it. Can anybody give me some advice on what to do? I really wanna see the sticky mess ooze out of her asshole Hi H1gh The video is on her blog: The direct link to the mp4 file is: If you want to listen to the whole show it is located here (pics here too): is actually a great show. Adriana talks about having ...
  • 1/28/2015 3:58 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    Harri Patel wrote:Thanks, CoN. She was absolutely the POTY in my mind. I hope that whatever she did to her lips is reversible or will wear off, and I even hope that someday she will throw you a pity handjob or something.I agree Harri,She was very sad when she did not win. But I think she won 5 out of her 7 noms. So she cleaned house but she wanted POTY really bad.Hey! I got to dig a gummy bear out of her ass on my podcast and that was heaven. AND it was not the normal little gummy bear it was a big 3 inch long one :)(yes I know shameless plug)You can listen to me winning my date with her to the AVN awards and digging a gummy bear out of her ass here:
  • 1/28/2015 3:46 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    iNspiRa wrote:Really sexy pics! Whos that girl in the red dress? 7th picture from the top..Abby Lee Brazil!Great girl we have had her on the podcast twice: is also Adriana's roommate. If I am not mistaken Adriana has a story of raping (not really) Abby offcam for her first GG experience.Hope you enjoyAll the
  • 1/27/2015 8:26 PM
  • Pretty Adriana Chechik Perfect Tits & Great Ass
    I saw Adriana at AVN and I must say she looked beautiful all the days I saw her. At one point it looked like over 200 people in line to get her autograph. She was amazing out of all the other girls there she was the only one taking the time to talk to and be flirty with her fans. This girl has charisma like no other. If you ever get a chance to meet her it will blow you away as she seems to make a connection with everyone.Here are a bunch of pics from AVNHope you enjoy. She also came on our podcast while she was out there: Hope you enjoy as much as I did :)All the
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